15 Recreational Drugs and How They Set You on Fire

Youngsters Inhaling Nitrogen Gas

Recreational drugs fashion is turning into a need now. At present, people around the world are using these drugs to boost their productivity.

What is wrong, what is right, It is appropriate to the certain level. When the point comes where the priorities are more important, and purposes are more holy then who cares the rules?

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Here is the list of those recreational drugs getting consumed widely. You must avoid them. (or if, try on your behalf) Otherwise, these drugs could become a big deal for you.


15. Cocaine

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Brain, Lungs, Heart, etc.
How it works: After entering into the body, it mixes with the blood and then reaches the brain. Where it meddles the usual process of the nervous system and increases the efficiency.

Boy inhaling Cocain

14. Morphine

Legality: Illicit.
Kidneys, Intestine, Nervous system.
How it works: After getting into the body, it goes to each and every part of it. But in some organs, like Liver and Kidneys, it stays with more concentration than others. It heals every corner of inhaler’s body and gives a brand new feel.

Morphine bottles

13. LSD

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Schizophrenia, Psychosis & poor judgement.
How it works: LSD is the powerful hallucinogen agent that creates very robust feelings like visual or somatosensory hallucinations.

LSD sticker

12. Amphetamine

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Heartbeat, Sexual.
How it works: Just like all other stimulants, it produces sturdy feelings. On taking amphetamine, a person feels mentally alert, energetic, euphoric, talkative, etc.

Amphetamine on the table

11. Ketamine

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Neurological, Urinary, Hepatotoxicity.
How it works: On taking the dose of Ketamine, the dope-fiend feels detached from her environment and body. Ketamine interferes glutamate receptors and distorts the perceptions of sight & sound.

Ketamine with rolled currency

10. Heroin

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: HIV, Hepatitis, etc.
How it works: After absorbing in the body Heroin creates some rich feelings identical to euphoria, relaxation and pleasure. It is considered one of the most expensive recreational drugs.

Melted heroin

9. Opium

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Lung oedema, respiratory and cardiac.
How it works: On dissolving in the blood, it reaches the brain. Where it attaches to the special receptors, sometimes called opioid receptors. And slows down the nervous system. Resultantly it causes the marvellous happiness like feelings.

Opium seeds

8. Cannabis

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Judgement, Motor coordination, Attention.
How it works: Also known as Marijuana. After activating in the body, it creates psychoactive effects and gives super rich feelings. It also reduces the emotions of pain and swelling.

Cannabid Grass

7. Peyote

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Nausea, High heart rate & Numbness.
How it works: It creates the similar but less uptight sensations as LSD creates. After taking a dose, the user feels the auditory & visual hallucinations that reflect the inner musing.

Peyote of 20 days old

6. Psilocybin

Legality: Illicit.
Disorders: Derealization, Paranoia & Heartbeat.
How it works: It refers to the Magic mushroom. It increases the brain activity by binding the serotonin receptors. Unlike normal, it increases the rate of adjoining neurones. Hence, the brain starts work more speedily.

Psilocybin buds

5. Obetrol

Legality: Prohibited.
Disorders: Hypertension, Infection, Intestinal Obstruction, etc.
How it works: Obetrol is the company name of an allowable medicine. Actually, it is the admissible amount of Amphetamine & its derivatives, mixed in a certain ratio.

Obetrol drugs

4. Quaaludes

Legality: Prohibited.
Disorders: Nervous breakdown, Comma or death.
How it works: It is a sedative-hypnotic drug that rushes on central nervous system and activates the GABA receptors. These receptors slow down the blood pressure, breathing, etc which cause an immeasurable elation.

Girl taking Quaaludes

3. Barbiturates

Legality: Prohibited.
Disorders: Depression and other directed dependencies.
How it works: It impact on central nervous system of the brain and creates a state of anaesthesia. The in-taker feels the deep relaxation without losing the consciousness.

Barbiturates injection

2. Nitrous Oxide

Legality: Unfavourable.
Disorders: No direct jumbles.
How it works: Basically it is a gas. Usually called as the laughing gas. It is also used for the recreational purpose as an inhalant drug.

Youngsters Inhaling Nitrogen Gas


Legality: Prohibited.
Disorders: Blood pressure & Sex relating, etc.
How it works: Normally known as ecstasy. It dominates the sensations that correlate the intimacy and credence. It works as a therapeutic agent, the continuous use of which cause serious threats.

MDMA drug


Legality: Unfavourable.
Disorders: All effects of LSD and MDMA.
How it works: Essentially AMT is an anti-depressant doer but broadly use as recreational drugs. It simply formulates the sensational feelings and overdose of which variegated the sentiment.

AMT drug