10 Addictions That Will Cost You More Than Drugs

Drug Addict

Characteristically all humans are addicted to a thing or more. Society tolerates with some of them and gave them a sober name while some aren’t at all.

Here is the list of those addictions, sometimes costs you more than drugs:

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1. Time wasting addiction

This is the mother of all addictions. We fall addicted to this ailment when we feel savor once we did accidently. Time wasting then becomes the matter of time.

Whatever you would say in and against the favor of it, nothing is going to impinge on us. The only time wasting gizmo is effective.

This is not that after being time wasting addict one started evading all other things like drug addicts do, but her sentiment forbade to do those jobs who in her sense she must be doing.

You will find time-wasting addict doing all genre of jobs than the actual work. Because in her opinion actual work is tedious, which sometimes less what she is doing to waste her time.

2. Love addiction

Love was a real thing where you care someone yours, more than yourself, selflessly. But unfortunately after the happening of the 21th century it has now been eliminated.

In essence, it is considered that love is the heartfelt connection immunize by the God. Which means it is certainly not adaptive.

But the things are adverse now a day. Every sweetheart felt that type of connection for another sweetheart and spending time together each sycophant starting feeling that connection for another lackey. And then so on. In other words, it is a move to operate the nature. (If and only if the legitimate love really exists)

They name it the love. Which is a love addiction actually. Don’t dismay, you can have the practical example in Bollywood movies.

3. Food addiction

Food addiction may cite the fast food addiction, sugar addiction, chocolate addiction, cold drinks addiction, coffee addiction (I myself felt addicted of) or tea addiction.

It may be the habit of overeating, but it can assuredly push you to hell. You may imagine the food poisoning and its relevant chains with the picture of food in your mind, you are addicted of.

4. Porn videos & Sex addiction

Science says it is the need. Tenet says, it doesn’t (sex) exists, it is a procedure (breeding). The Principle says, don’t practice it. And what mind says? Do it, go for it, Ohh yeah, yeah. Bullshit.

You can catch by porn video addiction very easily, very rapidly and very unexpectedly. And if you are an internet user, I’m not pretty sure if you are still addicted or have shielded yourself from it.

Statistics is excessively dreadful about watching porn videos and then get into the sex addiction. The porn industry is now becoming the highest getting (in a sense of business) industry. From this, you can speculate the number of people in this business and their fans.

Do you think porn or sex addiction couldn’t hurt you or to anyone else?

5. Money & Gambling addiction

This addiction is where you are not addicted to making more money or you want to make more money for some reason, rather you are doing why because you don’t know either.

You are doing and just doing. If someone asked, why are you doing this rubbish even if you are getting failure predominantly? You will probably be going not to tell her that you have addicted to it. You then will probably say, just to meet the primary financial needs.

The reality is that, once you just started as an escapade then it will let you for nothing.

6. Technology addiction

Technology is the favorite querida of the technology generation. This type of addiction involves computer addiction, internet addiction, mobile phone addiction, video game addiction and now a day very popular android apps addiction.

It is very important that you use and adopt new and useful technology or may fell into the love of it, be a fan of it but don’t let technology craze drive you.

7. Movies & Music addiction

Where the movies like Step Up, Twilight, Avatar or some more will be made, who could stop the craving to watch them, right?

Well, I will also not blame the Broken Angle (am in love with) otherwise, Arash will burst on me. Nor many others who are doing fantastic work to soak in. (I can’t mention all of them)

But the thing is that overdose of both can seriously make you suffer. I mean naturally, the both have the spell you can easily get trapped into. Thou, this addiction may not seem to be normal to you. But those who are experiencing, are fully aware that how this make them less productive.

8. Crime addiction

Most of the bizarre crimes are done by Hobbyist addicts. It is the addiction force that stimulates them to commit these sins, which a normal person can’t think of. They name it excitement and daring.

9. Fame addiction

This subject appeals to almost everyone. Who not want to be famous?

People may have different captivating answers but logically, yearn for fame comes naturally. The feel of being someone special make people agree to get addicted to it.

The world’s, so-called VVIP Protocols are what? Is this what comes next to addiction or a reason for addiction? You must decide.

10. Sleeping addiction

Sleeping for a prolonged period is the addiction. Chances are, it is due to some physical or psychological disorders and the dominant chances are you have lost your dependency for it.

Do you have some symptoms common to you? Let me know you.