10 Biggest Houses in the World You’ll Wish to be Yours

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Making the biggest house in the world and then exhibiting it to the public is a very godly thing and so the human nature.

As, according to some biggest religions, God created this biggest home of humans (the earth and thus the whole of the universe) just for the SELF expression. Since, us humans are the real inheritors of the divinity, we possess some of those qualities in us too.

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Apart from that factor, making the biggest house in the world has some other objectives too. i.e. beauty, grandeur, memorabilia, a big place serving more room for living & gathering, and more functionality (as compared to an average house).

Shah Jahan made one of the biggest house in the world (Taj Mahal) in the memory of her beloved wife Mumtaz. Buckingham Palace, to show off the royal prestige and the White House …you name it.

The List of Biggest Houses in the World

Situations differ but the purpose of making the biggest houses in the world has always been similar (to some extent). And that is self-satisfaction, self-promotion, self-expression, etc. Please put more focus on the words connected with the ‘self-’.

And here on the list, I’m going to rank the biggest houses of the world that are owned by the filthy rich people of the world. These houses are beautiful, they’re mind blowing, expensive and are stretched over a large plot of land.

*This list is ranked on the basis of total area covered by the main body of the house and not on its total cost. But an estimated value of each house is also mentioned along with that.


10. Franchuk Villa –24,756 ft²

Franchuk Villa
IMAGE: strongestinworld

The businesswoman Elena Franchuk is the proud owner of this biggest house situated in the west of London.

It was once a girl’s preparatory school which was purchased and turned into a large, luxurious country residence in 2006.

The beautiful building of this Villa now has five stories in total. And every story has some special stories inside it. There are ten bedrooms, a health center (gym), a sauna, home theater and an indoor underground swimming-pool.

The on record selling price of the Franchuk Villa is 80 million pounds, which is equal to approximately $129 million USD.


9. Fleur De Lys –35,046 ft²

Fleur de lys Mansion
IMAGE: billionaireaddresses

Often referred as Fleur De Lys Mansion or Los Angeles Super Mansion of Beverley Hills.

Forbes listed it as one of the most expensive and the biggest house in the world with an estimated worth of $125 million.

The mansion was previously owned by a Swedish socialite, Suzanne Saperstein. She received this mega mansion from her ex-husband David Saperstein as a divorce settlement in 2006. She first listed that Versailles designed house for $125 million in 2007 when it remained undone. Fleur De Lys Mansion hit the market second time in 2014 when a Financier Michael Milken bought it for $102 million.

The house is adorned with 12 bedrooms, massive ballroom, library, theater, music room, wine cellar, and a biggest of the tasting room.

There is 600 feet tree-lined driveway to reach out to the house entrance and a splendid lawn linked with a tennis court, pool, and spa.


8. Antilla –48,780 ft²

IMAGE: isprava

Antilla is the home of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani based in south Mumbai.

The Pierre Penthouse (which is 525 feet high above the sky) have had the status of world’s tallest home before Antilla. But with a 550 feet height and 400,000 ft² of living space, Antilla is also the tallest house in the world.

This skyscraper house has 27 floors. The top six floors are reserved for the private residence. From the seventh floor on, there are private theaters, car service centers, powder rooms and indoor-outdoor bars.

It also has an ice room, a garden, a temple and the biggest ballroom equipped with crystal chandeliers.

There are three helipads in total, hanging in the air.

1-6 floors are set out for the parking purposes with a 168 cars parking capacity.

600 man power is required to maintain the house all the time. And for this, there is also a big entourage room to provide the space to the staff members.

According to Thomas Johnson, the marketing director of Hirsch Bedner Associates, the estimated cost of making Antilla was assessed nearly $2 billion.


7. The Manor –56,500 ft²

The Manor
IMAGE: curbed.com

The Manor is one of the biggest & most expensive house in the world that worth about $200 million and comprises on 56,500 square feet. Which is actually bigger than the White House.

It was constructed in 1991 on an expensive estate of Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. The house is furnished with multiple rooms, gardens, staircases, inside-outside ceilings, fountains, circular driveways and giant closets.

The important building blocks are a wine cellar, swimming pool, bowling alley, salon, massage room and a spacious parking lot.

At present, Petra Stunt owns the property who bought the house from the previous owner Candy Spelling for $150 million in 2008.


6. Maison de L’Amitié –62,000 ft²

Maison de Lamitie
IMAGE: publika.az

Due to its unique location by the Palm Beach, Florida, Maison de L’Amitie also becomes one of the biggest beach house in the world.

Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev acquired this beachfront house from Mr. President Donald Trump in 2008. It was a $95 million settlement whilst the trump originally bought this house for $41 million back in 2004.

The Maison is fully armed with a load of luxury ingredients.

A big parking lot that can accommodate nearly hundred motor vehicles. It has 18 bedrooms, 22 baths, and 3 separate lodges for the guests. Diamond and gold fixtures are used to decorate its interior and there’s also a huge ballroom that is attached with a large conservatory.


5. Pensmore –72,215 ft²

IMAGE: skywirenow

One of the most mysterious houses in the United States of which plenty of rumors became known during its construction. And when built properly, it became more suspicious.

It was all because its design is quite odd and the material used in its construction was of peculiar nature also.

People started staying whether if this house will be used as an army banker or blah blah blah!

Steven T. Huff, the homeowner however explains:

“We are in the process of building both a home for my family and, more importantly, a living laboratory for energy-efficiency and disaster resistant technology for years to come.”

Thus, Pensmore completed in 2012 with an estimated cost of $150 million. It has all kind of energy resources that can be used as alternatives. And that it can sustain for a longer run even in severe conditions.


4. Updown Court –230,000 ft²

Updown Court
IMAGE: homesoftherich

This mega-mansion home is accounted as one of the most expensive and the biggest house in the Great Britain. It is situated at Windlesham, a distance of 30 miles from London. The mansion has 24 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a shooting gallery and the big lawns/gardens.

It has three outdoor swimming pools and two indoor pools (one of which is attached to the master room) that are quite similar to the Roman bathing system.

You can also imagine having tennis courts, water lake, guest house, helipad, panic room, home theater, bowling alley, and the squash court inside the house.

Moreover, the lights and the temperature of the Mansion can also be controlled remotely from anywhere.


3. Fairfield Pond –250,000 ft²

Fairfield Pond
IMAGE: pmansionhomes.com

Fairfield Pond is the place of residence of an American billionaire Ira Rennert.

Rigged with a lot of greenery, chimneys, courts, gardens, lake and pathways. Fairfield pond is the biggest house in the world that have the biggest beachfront ever.

29 fully furnished bedrooms, 39 beautifully tiled bathrooms, a big dining hall, basketball court, tennis court, squash courts and a bowling alley all under one title making it such a dream home in the world.

With the effect of 2012, Fairfield Pond was valued $250 million in worth. Because the price was estimated years ago and I’m sure it have now gained more value during the years.


2. Hala Ranch –380,000 ft²

Hala Ranch
IMAGE: travelchannel

Billionaire John Paulson bought this priciest house from the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan in 2006. Although the property was listed for a $150 million but the deal settled for a cool $49 billion. It wasn’t really a loss as Prince Bandar bin Sultan bought this massive mountain house for just $3.5 million in 1989.

Hala Ranch is the biggest house in the world that is built on the mountain slopes. It is stocked with a number of smaller-bigger structures connected with each other. There is an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, indoor pools, stables, and lawn areas.

The mansion has its own water treatment plant, gas station, mechanical workshop and a highly sharp security system.


1. Villa Leopolda –784,080 ft²

Villa Leopolda
IMAGE: welt.de

Villa Leopolda is topping the list of biggest houses in the world. With an area of 784,080 ft² it indefinitely becomes the biggest house in the world and the biggest marketable property.

Villa Leopolda was one of that residence of Belgium King Leopold II which he built along with many others for his mistresses. This one was decided to be sold in 2008 when a Russian billionaire tried to buy it but can’t meet the luck. Then finally new owner Lily Safra exchanged hands for $1.2 billion.

This villa is endued with all sort of nuggets suit to the Kings only. The major limestone of the royal residence are a big swimming pool, beautiful gardens, wide-spread lawns, world’s finest plants, and the massive ballroom, etc.