7 Bizarre Services You Can Actually Let On the Internet

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The Internet world is the full of mysteries, where you can expect anything, anytime, anywhere and by anyone. So, don’t bother and read on.

Fiver is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell your services for as low as $5. It could be anything you are willing to pay for or you are willing to serve for. Indeed, you will be amazed to know how madly people are busy to render some freakish services there.

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Fiver was founded in 2010. According to a study, it is now used in 200 plus countries. Offering more than 1.5 million services. Has raised about $20 million from Bessemer and Accel Partners. And now a day, is operating from its office in New York.

Irrespective of our feelings about Fiver as a marketplace, it seems that Fiver is doing something interesting and engaging. Which is more likely appropriate for the connecting generation.

So, what can you expect from Fiver for $5? Off course, nearly anything you can imagine. Interesting, Intriguing, bold, worthy, techy and of, out of senses.

Here are 7 out of sense services you will be given, exclusively at fiver.

1. Make her love you for $5

It is Maria who says, I will make someone love you for $5. If anyone needed his love to always think about him, heart about him and fell in love with him then Maria has learned that art to make it possible.

Make her love you image


2. Make her pregnant for $5

It is Cleopatra who says, I will be pregnant with your child after a night in Vegas for $5. She speaks in her video available on Fiver, that it will not actually be a rape or something kind of it but something non-traditional.

I don’t know then what this title suggests if she doesn’t mean it. Anyway, you may further read in the description, to know what she is talking about.

Make her pregnant image


3. Deprogrammed yourself for $5

It is Golden Lily who says, I will spiritually heal and deprogram you for $5. She claims herself to be a licensed minister from the Berkeley Psychic Institute and have some certain skills that can revitalize someone.

On being in business with her, she will remove your extra energy from your space. Which is not serving you and speed up the productive vibrations in the body, which you can felt after her meditation.

Deprogrammed yourself image


4. Win in court for $5

It is Blondey who says, I will cast a powerful spell to help you win in COURT for $5. Blondey further says, don’t put your future on risks if the ancient ritual can help you.

You can avoid Jail, Prison, Bail, Custody or Bond with the help of a strong magical spell. And all of this is possible for just $5.

It makes me insane, I don’t know how you will bear it. But the trust is that she is getting 99% overall rating with 91 clients.

Win in the court image


5. Know your true match for $5

It is Dwayne who says, I will tell you if he or she is right for you for $5. He has a system of matchmaking skills, where assists to choose the right life partner for you. Upon request, he also conducts the personality temperament test.

In his opinion, one should not waste the time in hits and misses of relationships. But to utilize his system to get to the right match.

Know your true match image


6. Interpret your dream for $5

It is Virginia who says, I will interpret your dream for $5. If you have believed in a dream and its interpretation, then Virginia got talent to interpret them using relevant symbolism.
Thou you remember the events or even emotions you saw in your dream.

Interprete your dream image


7. Get Mr. Eye Zoom for $5

It is Mr. Zoom who says, I will create an Eye POPPING message as Mr. Zoom for $5. In the description, he writes himself a World Record holder. And that he has the rare ability to pop out his eyes several centimeters.

Mr. Zoom image




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      George Gollin has been found in violation of the Illinois State Employees and Officials Ethics Act and fined $5,000. George Gollin “knowingly and intentionally used his state-provided email account to engage in prohibited political activity.” George Gollin admitted he knew he was misappropriating state resources when he sent “dozens” of campaign emails with his university email. The Executive Ethics Commission levied a $5,000 fine against George Gollin, the maximum allowed under the statute.