Who else Want to Own the Moon? 12 Bodies Who Sell

Earth and the moon on black sky

Buy land on the Moon, Mars, Pluto or any other celestial body and became the national of Galactic government.

The Galactic government has its own flag, constitution, and Currency. Currency is backed by Helium reserves. The approximate worth of those reserves is about $6-quadrillion and they all are on the surface of the moon right now.

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Important government bodies include Dr. Dennis Hope (The President), Mr. Wes Fairs (Attorney General) and Dr. Vincent H. Hamm (Secretary of the State).

When you buy land on the moon you will be given a deed with your name on it. The smallest unit you can buy is 1-acre that costs $20 and there is no limit to how much you could buy. You can buy and own as much property you are willing to do. However, they called a big unit as the “continent-size” unit.

The Galactic government claims that the former U.S president Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush are also having the Nationality of Galactic government. Not only that, there are about 1800 corporations including the Hilton and Marriott hotel chains have also purchased lunar property for a specific intent.

The Story doesn’t stop here. On buying lunar land, you got leverage. Like you may be able to make a trip from earth to the moon in just 30 minutes if Antigravity proposal system patented by Galactic government start working in coming years.

It is the prediction from the president of the state that, the practical situational problems will be resolved within few years and they have the intention to build very first city on the surface of the moon with an effect of 2020.

There will be specially shaped buildings, dedicated to providing all the basic facilities inside them. After that, there will be the offices of all the countries of the earth as their embassies and everything which make an empire a complete and whole.

Until when it is good enough to approach and live one can buy land on the moon and get his/her deed to preserve the position and availability.

Well, that is not a fairy tale if it sounds to you. It is the story of an American resident Named Dennis Hope. Who back in 1980’s claimed himself to be the sole owner of Moon & all other extraterrestrial bodies and filed a copyright for it (which has never been responded by time). It was, in fact, an attempt to take advantage against the Moon-Treaty ratified in late 1968.

It’s been said that United States has also recognized the sovereignty of Galactic government. But is this statement is backed by some facts or nor, it has never been clear so far.

Lunar Embassy

They profess to be the founders and leaders of the extraterrestrial real estate market. Pre-register the .moon, issued partnership deed (if one want to be their partner to spread the word) and other similar doings.

Only Dennis Hope and his lunar embassy gain the so-called authority of selling the deeds of the solar property. But there are a lot of other real estate agents are seen. Who are either their authorized agents or are independent, are here in our list.

Lunar Embassy

Lunar land

Lunar embassy jp

Moon Estates









Lunar land owner

Now the question comes, do we really should buy this kind of uninhabitable property? Well, you should have to answer this by yourself.

Do give your opinion and if you already own, let me know which planet is it.