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  • Aston Martin MA-RB 00

    10 Most Expensive Cars That Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

    Ultra-expensive luxury cars are an area of fascination for every petrolhead, and the spectacularly high prices make one wonder what insane features or technology is this new machinery is equipped with. It is the fantasy of every car enthusiast to sit in a high-end vehicle, cruising along the highway while everyone else gives you the […]

  • Jewel Royale Expensive Chess Sets


    The 10 Most Insanely Expensive Chess Sets In The World

    Chess is one of the most popular pastimes in the world and is played by a large number of people (especially in the US, UK, Germany, Russia and India) on a competitive level. The deep-rooted admiration for the game stems from its attributes of intelligence, strategy and complexity, and as a sophisticated medium to showcase […]