17 Countries Where Poverty Doesn’t Mean to be Poor

Falling night at Damüls, Austria

Poverty is how you define poverty. Sometimes poverty is taken as the opposite of affluence. Intellectuals think it’s a general scarcity or dearth.

Whereas economists consider a couple of other factors. On the other hand, if you get a chance to explore below listed countries. You will find some other meanings of the poverty. Which is not to be poor right?

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I have listed the seven major factors of poverty. Experts think these seven components very crucial, in playing the role to uplift or downgrade an individual or a country.

Let’s start our journey. Let’s go:


17. Qatar

Doha at night

Qatar was once the poorest barren land in the gulf of Arabia. And now due to the discovery of worlds largest Oil and Natural gas resources, it’s one of the richest countries in the world.

With a larger proportion of 15% world’s natural gas resources, it’s becoming the top oil producer in the region. The small population, inhabitants are mostly foreigner workers. People are enjoying a standard lifestyle.

All this and the magnificent architecture of buildings there changing the meaning of poverty.


16. Luxembourg

Awesome view of Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg

Europe’s financial management giant Luxembourg is an ancient country, having its root back in the tenth century.

Steel manufacturing was the prominent business sector which now has minimized or replaced (to some extent) by the investment industry. And it was all possible due to the most powerful banking and taxation system of Luxembourg.

About 33% of the total population are foreigners. People mostly speak three frequent spoken languages in the Europe i.e. Germen, French & Luxembourgish.


15. Singapore

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, Singapore

The sky kissing skyscrapers, the lights, the colors, the happiness, the prosperity and the beautiful people all tie together to make one place, named Singapore.

Singlish is the spoken language of Singaporeans. This is a modified version of English influenced by Chinese and Malay.

Almost 50% of the whole population are immigrants from China, Malaysia & India. People mostly live in tall housing towers and enjoy hi-fi life standards.


14. Norway

Invigorating view of northern light in Hamnoy

The wow thing about Norwegians is their most disputable political issue that they don’t know what to do with their surplus money. Some of them believe that they should spend their money to improve the infrastructure, others thought to invest it for the future generation.

Above all, they are enjoying the high living standards. You might be thinking of, where all this money comes from? Thanks to their oil & gas reservoirs, discovered in 1960’s who make them the richest nation in the world.


13. United Arab Emirates

Arial view of Dubai marina, UAE

The United Arab Emirates is the union of seven emirates including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al Qaiwain, built a union in 1971.

The United Arab Emirates were based on its miserable fishing industry before the discovery of oil and gas in the 1950s. And now it is one of the most powerful economies of Asia. With Abu Dhabi individually producing the highest proportion of the oil and gas among all seven emirates.


12. Switzerland

Fraumunster-Zurich. Famous landmark of Switzerland.

Switzerland is the landlocked country, neighboring France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. In a general look, you will find it a land having massive bodies of water and hills all around.

But what about their world famous secret banking procedures, making it all possible? Switzerland comes under the most peaceful, wealthiest and happiest nations in the world.


11. Hong Kong

Amazing view of city lights in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the special administrative unit of China. Before its IT revolution and British occupation, Hong Kong was the land of junkies.

These junkies were living on the agricultural outcomes from their small cultivable farmlands. At present, Hong Kong is the country where there are sky-high buildings, lavish shopping malls, traditional temples, expensive yachts, lakes, boats, everything.

You can hardly find the signs of poverty there.


10. United states

San Francisco, United States

The United States or the USA is the center of present day’s global activities. Take any field of life, like entertainment, Hollywood is ruling in the world. Education, Massachusetts, Harvard and some other institutes are said to be the top schools of education. The American economy is counted in the first graded economies of the world. What else?

This is the land where opportunities take birth. The land where everyone live together. Hispanics, Asians, Australians, Europeans, Africans, all. All live together. The United States is also considered the home of world leaders.


09. Ireland

City of cork, Ireland

Irish have a literary taste. They are literary people. And literacy is their secret of success.

The story begins from the early 1960’s when Ireland was a sick and failed state. The Government was frustrated but wanted to do something. It finally took initiative and started providing the free education to the people throughout the country.

This technique worked and within few years, the results started bearing fruit. The government pushed up the middle class of the country and that middle class pushed up the whole country.

The literary work, the medicine, the pharmaceutical, the computer & mobile technology are some of the backbone industries of Ireland.


08. Brunei

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, Brunei

The nationals of this little country enjoy their freedom in two ways. No. 1, they do not pay the taxes at all. And no. 2, they consume their leverage in shape of high subsidies given within the country.

Actually, this kingdom was a part of Malay state occupied by Great Britain and remained under their dependency till 1984. Since then it is governed by their royals and is a progressed state, all because of the gas & oil reserves under this earth.


07. Netherlands

Beautiful homes in Netherlands

Netherlands is the beautiful combination of water, hills, and windmills. If you are a tourist, sooner or later you are going to explore and mesmerize into its magnifying beauty.

Netherlands is the dutch nation. They are usually taller and attractive. It is said, dutch kids are the happiest kids in the world. And there are many reasons behind.

Unlike other rich countries where poverty doesn’t mean to be poor, Oil & Gas resources aren’t the main cause of their richness. But it is the tourism and trade, the dutches mostly do.


06. Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

You will probably love to visit, see and then stay in this isolated continent. The land of Kangaroos is considered to be a perfect place to live in due to its ideal environment of living.

There are a couple of rich factors making Australia the wealthiest nation in the world. According to land mass, its 6th largest piece of earth. Rich in minerals. You can imagine a one, and that will surely be found there in Australia.

Diamonds, Gold, opal, aluminum, iron, nickel, silver, etc are some noticeable minerals. Natural gas and oil are also in abundance there that Australia is finishing the needs of other countries along with its own being the largest population itself.


05. Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland, the land of Ice, Volcanoes, Hot springs, Geysers, Whales and highest living standards.

Icelanders are the nation in the world who kill the whale for their recreation and food purposes. Whereas to kill the whale is thought to be almost the worst crime in other parts of the world.

Before its rise as the prosperous country in the world, Iceland was nothing but the poor barren rocks. Gradually they took part in the world trade and now enjoying the boom.


04. Austria

Falling night at Damüls, Austria

You will probably like this country. Or perhaps like to die in its mind blowing beauty which is not decreasing.

Austria is mostly known for its ostentatious mountains and surroundings. This is one of an amazing country where people want to own holiday houses, even though they know that they would have to pay a huge tax to the government for this.

Tourism is the central stream of all the business activities.


03. Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Canada, the Kingdom of Dreams. You may have hear a lot of people talking and wishing to settle there. Nah?

Basically, it is the largest country in the world after the Russian Federation. Canada is the global giant in some industries including the Forestry, Farming, Fishing, Trading, Mining, etc. Canada is famous to be the nation of middle-class millionaires.


02. Kuwait

An Incredible sight of Kuwait City

Kuwait emerged as the richest country in the early days of the twentieth century. And now is one of the important economies of the Arabian Gulf.

Might you be thinking about the reasons behind its richness? Well, it’s oil baby. Which was discovered in the early 1940s. And now the 90% of its exports are based on oil & its derivatives.


01. New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is the energy sufficient wealthiest European nation. It has a couple of mainstreams producing the major proportion of its income.

This country produces much of money from tourism. Its glaciers, mountains, thermal springs, unique lakes and outstanding beaches are of most attraction for the excursionists.

New Zealand is currently exporting the agricultural & manufacturing products to increase its richness.