4 Dirtiest Ways of Making More and More of Money

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Take a deep look around. You will find out that all fair or unfair ways of making money are adopted now a day. Our lives revolve around one thing, Money. Yes, I repeat money.

We are Lawyer, not for justice but money. We are judges, not for justice but money. We are doctors, not for treatment but money. We are the politician, not for the state but money. Worst, we are bishops, not for religion but money.

The question arises, how is everything good happening in the world then? If Lawyer is not doing for justice but money. Judge, doctor, politician and bishops, in short, everyone is running behind money. Then who is doing ‘Their’ part of work?

Ideally, if everyone is running behind just one thing than their work. Then the earth should fall flat so far. And the runners should hold responsible for the lapse, should stop right? Are you thinking the same?

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Well, here is a twist on the game that BTW is very interesting. I’ll share it at the end of the article. But right now take a break & read on some dirtiest ways of making money that are being choose.


4. Flirting for Money

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Can you believe that it could be happening somewhere around you? It is a camouflaged operation, you can’t see it with the naked eyes. Whoa! Actually, I do know some of the flirts personally. And I understand their event method.

They don’t tell that they are flirt and flirting is their money making technique. But they will tell you some other stories.

Their event method is kinda appealing. They contact their target (often opposite sex), increase the affection gradually and then hang tight with their host like a parasite until they expose.

This is really a fun way of making money. Isn’t? huh!


3. False Witnessing for Money

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As the title suggests, people do false witnessing for money. This normally happens in backward areas where feudalism still exists. But this never means it is not anywhere else.

The strong party takes the responsibility of the false witness’s family. Like, to fed his family, to accommodate, to protect (for the whole remaining life), etc. Or sometimes there is a deal of certain amount of money among them, sometimes a settlement to some foreign country on dealing party’s expenses, etc.


2. In Lieu Charges for Money

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Another indecent way of making money. If you have done some crimes and want not to bear charges on you, pay for it. Someone else will bear charges on your behalf and you just have to pay for it.

You have to stay at your home and the bearer will be in the jail, in place of you. After his imprisonment, he will have lots of money you would have paid to him.


1. Selling Body Parts for Money

Human organ Kidneys
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If you are in full of your health and don’t use drugs, you can cash this in a number of ways. You own yourself, you can have all the ways of making money including selling your body organs.

Selling your body parts like Kidney is normally restricted by law but there are some other body organs that are allowed to donate to others. And that donation is becoming a business for money now a day.

Below is the list of some traded body units:

i. Blood Donation for Money

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Blood donation on the regular basis to needy riches is a regular income stream. You donate them blood, they need. They donate you cash, you need.

A win-win situation creates. You give them what they don’t have and they give you what you don’t.

On the other hand, you can also legally sell your colorless fluid of your blood, called plasma in the Unites States.

ii. Selling Your Body Hair

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Selling your hair is one of the mythological ways of making money. Wherever you base, you must have heard a story princes who sell her hair for the prince. And now it is possible in the real world.

Body hair donated for money can get up to $4,000 or more on each donation. Your hair must be above 10 inches or more. Must be in better condition.

Now a day you can also sell them using Hairwork.com or eBay too.

iii. Trading Your Breast Milk

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Brest milk is also traded for money. According to an estimate, if you sell a tiny amount of your breast milk i.e. 25 ounces each day, you would have made a brilliant amount of money at the end of the year $23,000.

iv. Sperm Donation as a Career

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You can kick start your career in United States or United Kingdom at a Sperm Bank as a sperm donor. The estimated average compensation would be b/w $50 to $1500 per visit, per week, per month or per contract. OR sometimes even more.

Once on becoming a qualified donor, one will get more leverage and incentives like gift hampers, movies tickets, meal cards or weekend rewards.

And now to complete the unfinished story as I promised. You see people adopting different ways of making money every new day. The question was If everyone is running behind money then how the good happenings occur in the world?

That’s right, this is because when every runner, runs fast, in a good manner or in a creative way, gets more leverage. Leverage in the sense of more money, respect and fame. And that’s the secret of life.