Finding An Easiest Way to Kill Yourself – The Secrets

Hanging body

You want to kill yourself and think, would there be the easiest way to kill yourself quickly and painlessly?

Do you want to know the easiest way to kill yourself because you have somehow made up your mind to quit? Someone has broken your heart and there is no reason for you to live. You’re writing a script and there you need to create a dramatic twist. You’re looking for, merely to finish your curiosity or you need to make a threat to someone.

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These are the few events that could trigger your inquisitiveness.

Killing yourself – The Secrets, The Myths

Before digging down, let me presume that you’re a polite audience and have a sensible level of inviolacy.

People who believe in trying this shit, shrug off the importance of their stay in this world, in their overwhelming situations. They thought everything gonna settle soon, by quitting here. Rather it does the worse.

Take any religion you think you have believed on or make any rational decision (If you do not follow any religion), you will find the answer. You’re here to perform the certain tasks until you meet the death naturally. But if you try to operate the nature, it will be a curse.

Often I think, we have entered into the closed street just after taking the birth. Wherever we will run, meet at the same point.

Suppose if you find some easiest way to kill yourself (it’s not a big deal with a little effort you can) and be killed. Then what will happen? You will leave this world but will have entered into another life again (called the eternal life), then what? Will you need to find some other easiest way to kill yourself again (due to some other reason there in the life-after-death) that could riddance you from that life? And so on.

The last words!

Hence, in our logical assessment this subject (easiest way to kill yourself) seems to become less important for what it was crafted for. The other dimensions still are valid.

You can still imagine (not for death purpose) the easiest way to kill yourself if you would yourself had the option of joining the death. Even thou if you’re not in actual. This is just like how you do imagine and act to be in Heaven or Hell even thou you can’t put yourself in the hell nor in the heaven.

The Ways of Killing Oneself

The Traditional ways

Here I have grouped some traditional ways of killing oneself. These are normally popular among the public, most widely know or adopted to kill oneself. Look into it:

  1. HangingTo hang oneself
  2. PoisoningTo poison oneself
  3. ElectrocutionTo execute oneself by electric shock
  4. DrowningTo drop oneself into some deep water
  5. ShootingTo shoot oneself
  6. ExsanguinationTo cut one’s own vein
  7. BurningTo burn oneself
  8. JumpingTo drop oneself from a high place
  9. Vehicular ImpactTo execute oneself by some vehicle
  10. SuffocationTo suffocate oneself
  11. OverdosingTo overdose oneself by some medicine
  12. FreezingTo freeze oneself

The Funniest & Easiest

You can still kill yourself in your imagination to create humor and blah blah blah.
Here are some interesting and captivating replies caught by our radar. You will definitely have a fun reading with them.

The Fictitious

Here I’m going to add some fictitious ways, some of the best authors work. You may recognize a few of them if you had read those popular novels.

[quote] Take sleeping pills (plus painkiller if you can’t bear the pain), switch on your AC. Cut your wrist (vein) and go to your bed to have a sleep. You will be dead before you know. [/quote]

[quote]Just live and you are going to dead soon. Maybe in a few years. You took birth and the phenomenon of killing yourself has just started. [/quote]

[quote]Tie some weight (more than your own weight) with on the end of the rope. And a slipknot with another end. Now, put weight on the side and your hand & foot in the knot. Jump into the river.[/quote]

Public opinion

Look up what people are tweeting about the subject. Here are a few funniest & easiest ways to kill yourself tweeted so far.

So, Now is your turn. I hope you will be creative in telling how would you like to kill yourself? What easiest way you’d adopt? And on what reasons you’d like to off if you were given the right to off yourself?