07 Emotions a Hug can Easily Convey

Fingers love hug

You are in a family event, dark sky, twinkling lights, glittery costumes, the abundance of colors, smiling faces, happiness around.

Sounds of striking glasses, joyful gossips & a light music coming from a little distance. You are embracing & hugging with everyone & anyone there in your manner. You are laughing, and yet broadcasting the contents of their thoughts unintentionally.

After that, you got a moment to sit down in your room. You reverse the film and try to translate the messages, transmitted in each cuddle.

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Hugs talk. They really do. Have you ever happened to get a spontaneous hug? From a stranger, a person you hardly know or someone you weren’t expecting?

This is an ideal environment to understand how hugs talk. You get into the similar situation when a person gives you a gentle surprise by touching physically (either hugging or snuggling) you feel that a tsunami of emotions has a stroke you with all its energy.

And the same time, you start censoring & comparing the true feelings with a perspective of your past exposure or current gestures. Yes, don’t you smile then?

Let me give you a psychological drive. You probably haven’t convinced yet.

Psychologist reports that hugging causes to release a set of hormones, producing several functions, towards the natural temperament of an individual.

For example, Oxytocin often called the Love Hormone, releases the depression and push towards the erotic pleasure. Serotonin, referred as a Happiness Hormone, relieves the stress and produces joyful sentiment. Dopamine, minimize the violent or aggressive behavior. It also activates the neurotransmitters like endorphins, having the analgesic properties.


7. Hug Can Communicate Affection

There is no better way to express the affection between two entities else the hugging. If you use to watch the Bollywood movies, you do know it much better than anyone else.

A song is playing in the background. The hero is standing in a meadow, greenery everywhere. The heroin comes running towards the hero and gives him a tight, juicy hug on reaching. The Camera moves to the air.

Stop laughing if you are, I told that you do know. This was just a practical example, directors used to do to express the affection in the motion pictures.


6. Transmit Secureness

A hug is also a gesture of trust, safety, security & belonging. The oxytocin comes involve here who evokes the feelings of trust.

A tot in his mother’s lap looks at a fellow person curiously. On noticing, that person passes the smiling gestures to the child. The tot smiles turn back and hug the mother tightly. She squeezes him for a while and then releases.

The tot feels secure with his mother at that moment. He is in his age that he cannot understand the words of mouth. And her mother transmits the secureness via her kind hug.


5. Sense of Sincerity

Hugging in front of everyone or public suggests that you are sincere with the person you are hugging.

When you are hugging to a person in public, it shouts out a couple of signals. For the public, that they are in love, must be in a good relationship. For the partner, it is the vote of trust. Vote for adoption. A public announcement. That affixes the stamp of love.


4. Abstract Sexual desire

Turnn Turnnn..!! The doorbell rings. The house lady looks into the lens that her husband is standing outside and looks a little tired. She opens the door, hug him naughtily.

What does this suggest? Oh, silly I am. Who using a vague example to camouflage the situation. Which is perhaps good to express this topic, safe for all type of the audience right?


3. Blurt out Emptiness

It is said, who sleeps hugging with the pillow is shown that he is a lonely person and feels emptiness. Not only that, the different hugging postures also express the spirit of cuddling to the next person.


2. A signal of common interests

Two strangers meet each other on a train, having seats beside on another.

After exchanging few words, the girl comes to know that she has the same destination as the boy have. That she is going for the same purpose as the boy. That …. And that … And then excitedly she hugs the boy on knowing that coincidently they have booked the same hotel and the room.

Ah, Awkward.. Nah?


1. Interpret Gratitude

You are late, you are running out of the time to meet your boss.

In a hurry, you tried several times but not be able to punch your attendance card successfully.

You’re still trying hastily but no luck.

Meanwhile, one of your colleagues comes there, notify your lapse and you done this. You knowing not what to do, hug her for a sec and run to your boss.

So, I conclude that hugging is the most sophisticated way to communicate your precious feelings to someone. You disagree? Come on! come up with the strong arguments.