Expensive Car Brands, List of World’s Luxury Automakers

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The expensive car brands of the world enjoy/catch more fortune than all other car brands combined in the world.

According to a rough idea (can differ), it is probably an 81:19 correlation between them and others. 81% fortune for world’s expensive car brands that are 10% of total car brands. And 19% fortune for world’s other car brands that are 90% of total car brands.

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But what and who make these expensive car brands the most expensive car brands of the world? Certainly, many factors involve in here. And varies from the comfort level (i.e. control, speed, power, rarity, etc.) with these beauties to the desired level (grandeur, gratification, etc.) to be with these hotties.

Above all, they’re manufactured to make human fantasies come true, to make one feel like much out of this world. To feel like superior over the rest of the world who is busy in driving the average wheels.

And what actually are the world’s expensive car brands? Well right here are our top 28 picks.


The List of Top Expensive Car Brands in the World | Luxury Automobile Manufacturers

These are the most beautiful, hottest, sensational and luxurious motor car makes in the world. And I’m sure your mouth will fill with the water after having a look at these wonderful rolling machines.

They’re hot, they’re sexy, and they’re mind-blowing. It is not possible for us to grade them on their beauty (because we want them all 🙂 ). But because their manufacturers suggest a price (MSRP) to retailers/dealers. We’re sorting them on the minimum entry-level prices from lowest to the highest.


28. Buick by General Motors –$24,990

Buick Avista Concept Concours 05
IMAGE: buick.com

The American luxury brand ‘Buick’ is in the business since 1899. Producing mid-size/full-size sedans and SUVs.

Buick Verano with an entry-level price of $21,065 is a good start if you’re just entering into the Buick luxury world. Buick Cascada is, however, more beautiful, it is a convertible car and the most expensive one among all other Buick models with a starting price $33,065.

Buick is a luxury yet a tested reliable road car. JD Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) graded it among 2016’s most dependable brands of United States.

Its interior is amazing, enriched with latest technologies to provide a high-level comfort to the driver as well as to the passengers.

With its customizable climate-control feature, you’ll feel like in a five-star restaurant or a theater or in the space where no bad sound of the outside. Since this feature is adjustable, you can also change it to synchronize with your mood anytime.

Buick’s all wheels drive and so all wheels control the speed (all-wheels break system). Further, it has an outstanding navigation system, safety system, entertainment, and fuel-efficient power engine that make you travel more with less fuel.


27. Hyundai Genesis by Hyundai Motor –$27,845

The Genesis g90
IMAGE: genesis.com

Officially launched and made available to the public in 2008, while it was first showcased in New York International Auto Show held in 2007.

From that time to now they’re continuously producing sensational sports sedans.

Genesis was called the Hyundai Genesis before 2015 when the company thought of separating it as single under the division of Genesis Motors. Which is, in turn, a branch of Hyundai Motors that exclusively produce luxury vehicles under the brand name of ‘Genesis’.

Hyundai Genesis has two beautiful models. I.e. Hyundai Genesis G80 and Hyundai Genesis G90. They’ve also showcased two concept vehicle so far, Genesis Vision G and Genesis New York Concept.

Genesis G80 is an entry-level Genesis car, with a starting MSRP $41,400.

If talk about Genesis’s interior it is totally mind-blowing. It has a premium interior layout with an optimum level of comfort, placing each certain organ of the car at a great convenient distance.

Having coverage of everything and a strong grip on the drive will instantly make you feel smarter than others. Genesis use a linear braking system and HTRAC all-wheel-drive system that is now a part of every luxurious vehicle.


26. Acura by Honda –$28,840

Acura Precision Concept
IMAGE: acura.com

Acura is a Japanese high-performance luxury car brand by a very well-known (parent brand) Honda. Launched in the United States in 1996 and then in other major markets (countries).

There are three magnificent models of Honda sedans you can choose from i.e. Acura ILX, Acura TLX, and Acura RLX. But if you have your mind with SUV’s you can go for Acura RDX, Acura MDX or the next generation supercar Acura NXS.

Luxury has many names and one of it is exclusive Acura by Honda. If you want it, you have to be with $28,840 that’s is just an entry-level amount. But if you really want to enjoy a sense of rich, affluent & UNIQUE, you may still have to gather more than that.

The driver assistance technology used in Acura is awesome. It can help in the critical situations on the road by providing the necessary information/alerts to the driver.

The collision mitigation braking system is another wow factor. It alerts the driver whenever or any necessary event occurs.

Having concerns about the music while on a drive? Acura’s ELS Premium Audio System is absolutely amazing.

And when the luxury gets deep they take it pretty seriously for the disable drivers/passengers. Acura made it possible with its mobility programs if necessary.


25. Infiniti by Nissan –$30,945

infiniti q70
IMAGE: Infiniti.com

This is another luxury car brand from Japan, controlled by Nissan group.

The world knows this grandeur beauty since 1989 when it first hit the United States’ Luxury markets. And now it is winning the hearts of luxury seekers and connoisseurs in more than 15 countries worldwide.

It is expensive, yet best-selling luxury car brand. About 191,998 vehicles were sold in just Europe, Canada, United States and China by the year 2015.

Infiniti Q Series come in Sedans & Coupes, QS series are for Crossover & SUVs, while some selected models of both series are also available in Infiniti Hybrid cars.

Infiniti QX30 is the model for those who’re just entering into the Infiniti’s luxurious rolling wheels club. And QX80 for those who’ve already addicted to it and now ready to take that relish to the next level with better and more lavish Infiniti machines.


24. Audi  by Volkswagen Group –$31,825

Audi R8 Supercar
IMAGE: audi.com

Audi is not only one of the most expensive car brands but also one of the most popular one. But why we’re ranking it on 24? It’s because Audi is a client-oriented brand.

It was even existed as a premium luxury brand back in 1930 but not under the current brand name (Audi). After going through the various stages and changes it emerged as a major luxury brand in 1965. When Volkswagen Group acquired and launched it with the current brand name.

Audi manufactures a variety of luxury sedans, SUVs, Sports cars with the model names like Audi A1, A3, A4 …A8, Q-series, RS/R Series, TT series, and eTrons. Out of which Audi A1, A3 come with the least price of $31,825.

When you’ll see its exterior, you’ll start liking this more than ever. As soon as you’ll put your first sight on its interior you’ll fall in love with this sexy bitch at once. And after enjoying a test drive, it’ll just become hard for you to imagine your life without it.

It has a mind-blowing design, comfort and the right mix of technology, rendered in the right way. Limited editions of ‘Audi’ are the craziest ones and the overwhelmingly ‘sumptuous automobiles’ the world have available so far.


23. Lexus by Toyota –$32,225

Lexus LC 500h
IMAGE: Lexus.com

Lexus is amazing, no matter if it is a sedan, SUV, coupe, hybrid, a future car or any of convertible opulence. It has everything that a luxury expensive car brand should offer to you as a delight.

Lexus is the luxury cars division of a widely known Japanese automaker Toyota. The third road luxuries maker from Japan in the list so far.

It is considered a reliable luxury brand on the basis of its longer performance over the time. They’re producing multiple models of Sedans, Coupes, and SVUs. And $32,225 is your entry-level price if you’re getting serious for a dashing Lexus.

Lexus has a refined interior covered with a fine quality leather. And instead of plastic, an extremely expensive wood is used where necessary.

This beauty comes with the very powerful V-type engines V6, V8, etc. Some features are truly powerful, inspiring, like in Lexus LS one have the facility to auto-park her car, slow-close doors, soft-close locks, and other driver-related assistance.


22. Mercedes-Benz  by Daimler AG –$32,975

Pagani Arnaud Taquet Huayra
IMAGE: Nedlend

Again, this is the client-oriented expensive car brand. And probably one of the most sought-after luxury brands. People always remember this brand name since 1926 and quote it for an extremely luxurious lifestyle.

It has its roots back to 19th century when the world’s first gasoline-powered car, ‘Benz Patent-Motorwagen’ came into being in 1866. Perhaps, that exactly was the reason of today’s more modern ‘Mercedes-Benz that’s equipped with all the nail scales of state-of-the-art luxury.

It was a real craze in the early 1990s and was (but still) a sign of a status class.

They’re also the pioneer in using traction control, anti-lock, anti-skid braking system, and airbags like safe-drive technologies in luxury vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz sorts its models into class. You’ve had heard about Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class and Mercedes-Maybach. Beware, Mercedes S-Class is the most expensive class that can easily empty your bank account.

The interior is, in fact, nothing but a highly comfortable lap of luxury with the sense of being safe & sound.

Like I said earlier, they truly take it necessarily more important to create a secure vehicle, a powerful transport, an innovative machine and a truly great conveyance on the road. You might also have heard their slogan: “The Best or Nothing”. And that’s exactly what it is, the best. You can always expect an innovative technology being employed in any of Mercedes-Benz’ upcoming model.


21. BMW by BMW –$33,845

BMW 1 Series F20
IMAGE: bmw.com

BMW is favorite among pleasure-seekers from the time of its birth. Founded in late 1913 by a German automobile manufacturer Bayerische Motoren Werke.

These three magical letters are the symbol of expensiveness, sumptuousness, and stylishness. Among a few of the world famous expensive car brands that can be counted on fingers. And even if you’ll say ‘BMW’ in front of a school going kid. He’ll response you that it is an expensive car brand that he wants to have one after completing his/her studies (and who tells them? we don’t really know.).

Any of BMW’s model (series) is better than the other and hence each one is expensive than the other. But we suggest going for BMW 1-series or 2-series if you’re just getting started with this terrific lure.

Otherwise, be ready to be exposed (spoiled) because this thing is really not made for every random one.

BMW has got an exceptionally functional interior with a wide space and a relaxing feel.

Entertainment equipment’s and technology is awesome, power is backed by twin-power v8 engines, and safety measures are also greatly admirable.


20. Lincoln by Ford –$34,185

Lincoln MKZ
IMAGE: lincoln.com

Actually, Lincoln is an old American luxury car brand which keeps on evolving, have been and yet a contemporary fashion automobile. Is that because she’s hot? Absolutely! And also because she’s smarter one.

Established in 1917 by an automotive machinist & engineer ‘Henry M. Leland’.

Because, for many people, their car is their love of the life, the matter of the life & death. And Lincoln’s stunning pieces of art met this statement properly.

At present, they’re producing sedans (in MKZ and Continental series), Crossovers (in MKC, MKX, MKT series) and the powerful sports vehicle ‘Navigator’.

Lincoln use Ford SYNC technology in all of its vehicles. What SYNC really means is, you’ll have the idea in next two lines.

With SYNC you can make/receive hands-free calls and bark voice commands to control music and other functions of your rolling charm.


19. Cadillac by General Motors –$34,210

Cadillac ATS V series
IMAGE: cadillac.com

Cadillac is just another brainchild of Henry M. Leland but in contrast to ‘Lincoln’ it is now owned by ‘General Motors.’ It came into being after a dispute emerged in 1902 between the partners of ‘Henry Ford Company’. Later in 1909 ‘General Motors’ acquired ‘Cadillac’ and since then it is working under the flag of ‘General Motors’.

Undoubtedly, Cadillac is a first-class American luxury car that is not only a widely-known dependable vehicle but also represents the majesty of US armed forces.

It recalls the golden past of its war-days when it served the army officers in the France.

Cadillac is extravagantly expensive brand. As the cheapest of Cadillac can cost you as much as $34,210.  And to be noted, that is your entry level for these magnificent cars.

Available in coupes, sedans, crossovers and escalade sports utilities.