Expensive Car Brands, List of World’s Luxury Automakers

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18. Tesla by Tesla –$35,000

IMAGE: tesla.com

Tesla is comparatively new in the line of expensive car brands but it embodies the whole more of luxury.

An American automaker Martin Eberhard founded this and put into the mass production in 2003.

In almost 13 years Tesla has made a huge history in the game of luxury motors. Especially, when to talk about the electric road luxuries.

At the moment, Tesla is offering three voluptuous models i.e. Tesla Model-S, Tesla Model-X, and Tesla Model-C. And starting from $35,000.

Tesla uses electric energy to save fuel, so it is a relatively power efficient luxury car.

Other significant features include Bio-Weapon Defense (minimize the exhaust pollution), Autopilot (automatic steering, lane changing, parking), touch screen controls, safety and a high-level of snugness in the cabin (interior).


17. Volvo by Geely –$35,090

Volvo S90
IMAGE: volvocars.com

‘Call of glory’ all the way from Sweden. This Swedish automobile manufacturing company is in the business from 1915. They made their way to luxury cars production in 1927 with Volvo OV 4 Series.

If talk about its history, the company first sold to Ford in 1999 and then to Geely Automobile in 2010. This was an expensive $1.8 billion settlement.

At now, Volvo is presenting the gorgeous models of SUVs, Wagons, and sedans.

The price you have to pay for to begin your journey to the heights of luxuries with Volvo would be $35,090 minimum.

This is a real trending in china and some other parts of the world. Volvo comprises of all the essential comfort zones, one luxury vehicle should have in.


16. Land Rover by Tata Motors –$38,450

Range Rover Windward Grey Duo Tone
IMAGE: landrover.com

Land Rover’s marque Range Rover is one of our personal favorites on the basis of its power (all-wheel drive), manly look (often referred as man-drive) and the clean looking luxuriousness (in its interior & exterior).

Also because it is so capable of surviving on rough lands & circumstances while enriching you with the ultimate luxury comfort.

This expensive car brand was first coined by ‘The Rover Company Limited’ in 1878 and then ‘Tata Motors’ took the charge of the responsibilities in 2008.

Land Rover mainly manufactures marques including ‘Range Rover’, ‘Discovery’, and ‘Defender’. These are all strong, tough & dependable vehicles with a nice touch of luxury.

A myth is famous for the Land Rover’s durability. That, the certain quantity of Land Rover produced today, 2/3rd of which will still be working after sixty years from their production.

And that’s the wow thing about this expensive car.


15. Jaguar by Tata Motors –$41,985

Jaguar XE Sport
IMAGE: jaguar.com

Jaguar is the second in the list by Tata Motors acquired in the same year when they purchased ‘Land Rover’ in 2008.

Jaguar as a luxury brand is known to the world since it was a sidecar in 1922. They extended their business in the lateral years and now also holds ‘Royal Warrant of Appointment.’ Yes, they supply luxury vehicles to the Royal personages of United Kingdom’s Royal Families.

Jaguar is presenting exceptional passenger luxury cars (Sedans/SUVs) at the moment. Their different models are named as Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar F-PACE, and Jaguar F-TYPE, etc.

To kick-start with Royal’s preferred luxury cars, you need fifty thousand dollars minimum in the pocket.

Possibilities are you have had heard this name in different rap songs but not aware of its exorbitant price. Let me tell you, this isn’t cheap at all.

It is beautiful, sexy, of a pretty color(s) and an expensive motor whose entry-level MSRP price is also a huge sum. Starting from $41,985 est. that goes up to $165,995 est. and more.


14. Porsche by Volkswagen Group –$53,150

IMAGE: Porsche

A German automaker ‘Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG’ laid the foundation of these high-end luxurious rolling devices in 1931.

Porsche also produced ‘Porsche Tiger’ and ‘Panzerjäger Tiger’ tanks during the World War II. This may sound irrelevant but what I want to establish is, the company has always been engaged in producing the high-end vehicles. And luxury is WHAT in front of them?

Hence, they seem aware more than others. And that they actually know what could be a reliable, a dependable and a luxury automobile.

Most popular Porsche are ‘Cayman’, Boxster (convertible), Carrera, Targa, Turbo, GT series, Macan and Panamera.

Unlike the other seductive ladies in this list, Porsches have got an intelligent appearance. I’m not doing just playwright but it is a thought that exists in the minds of people about this executive brand.

Alright now let’s talk a little about its extortionate prices. They’re expensive because they’re a modern blend of race cars that have always been expensive due to the use of expensive material & technology that is used to keep the weight light but strong and powered-high.


13. Maserati by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles –$71,850

Maserati Ghibli
IMAGE: Maserati.com

Maserati is an Italian high-priced brand whose totally focus is on the luxury lifestyle.

These vehicles are inspired by sports cars as you can see its style and shape is quite familiar with them. Originated in 1914 and they sum up their business model in their single tagline:

“Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars.”

Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte, GranTurismo, and GranCabrio are the dream-names of sports car lovers that the Maserati is producing at present.


12. Aston Martin by Aston Martin – $106,125

Aston Martin
IMAGE: Fotostation.ru

Aston Martin is created and designed by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford who were luxury extremists and sports car enthusiasts.

Eventually, they happened to bring a high-performance road car that has an exotic sporty look and is an ultimate luxury.

For those of you status-conscious people who love to quote special things and bragging talk about their luxury brand, I have something for you.

Your all-time favorite James Bond also love this brand. He’s seen using ‘Aston Martin DB5’ in his 1964’s mission ‘Goldfinger’.

Aston Martin specializes in making the supercars, grand tourers, and luxury sports vehicles. All of its latest models are really-really mind-blowing. Their VANTAGE and RAPID series are a true representation of royal grandeur with a modern blend of latest technology. These vehicles can travel with a high-speed and capable of mapping the longer distances.


11. McLaren by McLaren Automotive – $187,300

McLaren P-1
IMAGE: mclaren.com

Bruce McLaren started a company ‘Bruce McLaren Motor Racing’ at his age of 26 in 1963. Which leads to the creation of sensational sports car McLaren that creates the holy desires in the hearts of the sports fanatics.

McLaren and his team made the very first racing car M1A. Soon after that, this young man died in a car crash in 1970. But the cars he laid the foundation of whom, are still beating the hearts of millions of sports luxury admirers around the world.

So basically at present, they’re designing the hypersonic cars that are lightweight, kinda sporty, equipped with luxury.

Carbon fiber and lightweight alloys (i.e. Titanium) resembling with those that are used in the manufacturing of airplanes are deployed in it. It keeps their weight exceptionally low and hence it gains more speed than other luxury vehicles. That’s why McLaren can gain the speed from zero to 62mph in just 2.8 sec.


10. Maybach by Daimler AG – $190,275

Mercedes-Maybach 6
IMAGE: mercedes-maybach

The sizzling Maybach is a division of Mercedes-Benz acquired by Daimler-Benz in 1960. Though merged, Maybach kept her distinct identity throughout the time. The part of the reason we are ranking it in the top-10 irrespective of that we had already mentioned Mercedes-Benz at number 22 in the list.

A German engineer Wilhelm Maybach set up Maybach with the help of his son in 1909. He was a technical director in Daimer (DMG) who left his job to found Maybach.

Since then, Maybach has become a symbol of exclusivity and now a day it is the top choice of image-conscious richest people. Yep! Maybach is a white elephant, not everyone can afford but the richest rich only.


9. Bentley by Volkswagen Group –$201,225

Flying Spur Bentley V8
IMAGE: bentleymotors.com

Bentley is the sister project of world’s most expensive automobile brands  including the ‘Audi’, ‘Lamborghini’, and ‘Bugatti’ and definitely it is also the most expensive car brand that even an averagely rich person can’t afford.

Originally, Bentley was a making of British Luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors Limited, founded in 1919. Whose fate first sold at the hands of Rolls-Royce in 1931, then ‘Vickers PLC’ made her deal in 1980, later Volkswagen Group purchased its complete rights in 1998.

A high-end material is used in the production of Bentley. It also involves the hand-finishing and refinishing by Bentley engineers/workers. That takes time but help in standing Bentley from the crowd.