Top 10 Expensive Clothing Brands of Europe Popular in USA

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Europe is the origin of expensive clothing brands where 9 out of 10 luxury fashion brands come straight from Italy and France.

Both these countries are actually the hub of these most expensive clothing brands. You’ll pull a stone there and tens of expensive clothing brands will pop up from the bottom.

Most of these clothing brands are so American that they seem like a pure American brand (which they’re in one or other way). So here I have a list of those expensive clothing brands that are well liked and praised throughout the United States.


List of Expensive Clothing Brands

A race, a competition always exist between high expensive brands. A race to stay up front, a race to collect more revenue, a race to be in the discussion, and a race to cover bigger events, etc, etc. So, it would be hard to define which brand is more expensive and which one is less.

On an average, they all will cost you the same. Therefore, we’re ranking them on their overall popularity, expensiveness, brands recognition and past sales of their certain custom made dresses.

Stay tight/cool and have a look at them.


10. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

A brand whose fan list moves from Olympics athletes to some hottest Hollywood sensations. Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga like beautiful celebrates are said to be their private clients. Former Olympian Michael Phelps is also reported doing Louis Vuitton.

It is undoubtedly a very big and old name (since 1954) in the race of luxury fashion accessories. High fashion bags, watches, shoes, glasses, travel legacies, and iconic ornaments are some of their exclusive luxury beauty products.

Louis Vuitton also offers their upper-crust costumes, tops, suits, and ready to wear luxe dresses.

They’re keeping their hand on the pulse of luxury since 1954.  And now more than 450 flagship stores are opened in more than 50 countries across the globe.


9. Fendi


Founded in 1925, Fendi is one of those renowned expensive clothing brands that are in business for quite a long time now.

Although Fendi has a wide range of expensive clothing products but their main reason for fame is their fur clothes that can be found no elsewhere. In fact, fashion-pundits acclaimed Fendi the pioneer in the fur fashion industry.

Other noteworthy items are their Baguette series of women handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, leather articles and extravagant ready-to-wear dresses.

All of these and many other beauty products including jewelry, perfumes, and watches that are making waves in the luxury fashion market.


8. Burberry


British luxury brand who also owns British royal warrants for clothing is in the game for more than a century. The very first store with basic but high-end outfitters range was opened in 1891. The company then expanded its reach in 1980’s and now you’ll hardly find any big city in the United States with no Burberry outlet.

Their modish trench coats are still known to be a trend. And Burberry Runway’s (formerly Burberry Prorsum) world-famous peacock feathers’ coat is a story in itself. It is said that the coat was sold for a whopping price of $35,000.


7. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce And Gabbana

Another big name in the line of expensive clothing brands. D & G or Dolce & Gabbana is a brain child of two Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Basically, both designers were designing and working for the same fashion house for a while when in 1982 they decided to open their own consulting studio to provide consultation to the luxury clothing brands. It eventually turned to become “Dolce & Gabbana” in 1985.

After it successful launch, Dolce & Gabbana are winning one award after another and crossing one milestone after the other. The company won the Woolmark award in 1991 and then “Most Feminine Flavor of the Year” in 1993.


6. Dior


Founded by the French fashioner Christian Dior in 1946. Their stores opened their doors for the luxury seekers by providing an ultimate luxury clothing brand. Since then Dior keeps on evolving and launching many of their daughter brands and divisions under the supervision of the parent company Dior.

At present, lots of divisions can be seen working mainly, Dior Couture Division (operates in high-fashion custom wearable), Dior Homme (deals in menswear), and the baby Dior (functions in children wear).

Dior offers high-end leather products, jewelry, perfumes, shoes, fashion ornaments, and very popular ready-to-wear dresses. Along with that, their custom made high-fashion luxury bags are also in great demand.


5. Versace


An enthusiast fashion designer Gianni Versace established the company in 1978.

To get on the radar of international luxury fashion admirers he started targeting the celebrities to wear his brand. For this, he designed many sensational costumes inspired by the industry fashion trends with a sexy glamorous touch.

He could manage to attract some very big names to try and wear his fancy dresses. Including Elizabeth Hurley’s famous 1994 gold safety pin dress and Jennifer Lopez’s green silk chiffon that took his clothing brand to the heights of success.

With their eye-catching gowns, power party dresses and high fashion accessories, Versace is now one of the world’s most preferable expensive clothing brands.


4. Prada


Comes in today’s most widely recognized expensive clothing brands. It was once nothing but a leather bags manufacturing company when started in 1913 by the founder Mario Prada.

And now they’re not only providing the top-of-the-line leather handbags, footwear, travel & fashion embellishments but also setting trends in ready-to-wear clothes, fragrances, watches and male-female eyewear.

Prada specializes in creating rich fashion material for the super-rich fellows.Their proposed designed are always unique, new and sophisticated. And so the very first choice of every early bird.


3. Gucci


Gucci is yet another name of luxury when it comes to leather goods, clothing and fashion accessories.

Their journey wasn’t any different from other expensive clothing brands. Guccio Gucci started the company in 1921 to provide the premium leather goods to their customers. The company took a turn and launched their very famous Bamboo Bag. It was a big hit and a huge success.

They then enhanced their existence and stretched their stores throughout the country. In 1990, they opened many stores in Milan, Rome, and Florence. A lot of big names, a lot of respected fashion designers joined Gucci afterward and completely changed the way Gucci was presumed before.

Present-day Gucci is different, it is one of the most selling clothing brand, one of the most profitable clothing brand and one of the biggest trendsetter brand in the world.


2. Chanel


Chanel is setting trends in luxury fashion line since 1920 when Coco Chanel thought of building another taste of luxury and hence she built Chanel.

Little Black Dress, Chanel No. 5 and Chanel suits are some of Chanel’s iconic products who have been proved to be a real fashion allure.

Chanel is presenting some of the world’s most luxurious and fine quality perfumes, Jewelry, haute couture, sunglasses and other fashion products.


1. Armani


Armani is one of the most popular, famous and expensive clothing brands in the world. That an average Armani suit can cost you a minimum of $2,995.

Established in 1975 and as a record the company had opened a total of 2000 retail stores around the globe by the year 1990. Since its launch the company is enjoying a huge success in the field of high fashion costumes, dresses, suits, jeans, Jewelry, watches perfumes and bags.