10 Extreme Water Activities for a More Wonderful Summer

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Summer is when you see light dresses with enchanting colors. When cold drinks with hot-suns. When small nights with long days and when sustained-vacations with a-lot-of-fun.

You can concede this colorful season with any event of your choice. As I do, summer is when sweet-mangoes with a lot-of-count.

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As this season brings a bunch of saccharine fruits, there also comes a lot of healthy, sometimes crazy and adventures activities to do.

With the happening of summer, people mark many destinations to visit. Some plan to go for fishing, some for hiking, camping, climbing, biking & stuff like that. And I forgot the swimming. It is considered the most intrinsic activity for the summer.

In hot summer days, you will hardly find a social or water club with low attention. There will be a pitiless crowd on beaches, rivers, canals, lakes or any of water body they will find. They do many exciting and romp activities with water.

Here in the list, there are some of the extreme water activities that can make your summer, a memorable ever.

1. Flow riding

Flow riding is to ride on the gushing tides with a special flow riding boat. The flow riding boat is quite similar to the board used in many other water chills.

The waves in this game are normally created artificially, but the riders also ride on the natural waves where the waves flow through a curve getting a sustainable level of speed.

A man in flow riding action


2. Kite surfing

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is the magic of wind and water. Where you will need a powerful but controllable kite and a board to skim through the surface of the water.
This is really a fun way to spend your energy, summer and vacation.

A man in kite surfing action


3. Rafting

Rafting is also referred to snow rafting, sand rafting, etc. But here we are particularly talking about river rafting or white water rafting.

If you are not familiar with the term then let I make it more interesting by giving the reference of world famous “Wrong turn”. The third in series starts with that activity.

Rafting in white water


4. Scuba diving

The word scuba gets the things clear by just its name. Scuba is said to be the acronym of Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
Where you, by a life cylinder can go and see the worlds, buried under the waters. You will love this extreme water activity if underwater things appeal to you.

Girl scuba diving


5. Surfing

Surfing is to ride on a powerful incoming wave. With a surfboard, the rider has to join the breaking wave and to ride on it towards the shores.
It was a long ago activity but now getting popular in the youth. And is used to done in many styles and actions.

Girl surfing


6. Skimboarding

It is quite similar to surfing, but the factor that distinguishes it from that is the time you stay in water and level of water. This is a full of fun extreme water activity.

Skim bording


7. Cave diving

This extreme water activity involves more risk factors than any of others. This could be challenging, but I swear you’d love doing that if you think you are a daring person.

In cave diving, you have to dive deep into the oceans, somewhere inside the cave under the water. Although you go with your life apparatus but the physical conditions may take it to beyond the danger level.

You may get stuck in the cave, you may lose your path and may need to swim several hours to get it back.

Cave diving


8. Free diving

Free diving is the kind of game, you may have tried and played with your family or friends to see who can spend more time under the water without breathing.
Unlike scuba-diving here no life apparatus or under the breathing equipment is used. A Diver has to go by holding her breathe.

Free diving girl


9. Wakeboarding

This is very popular in Switzerland. In wakeboarding, you will be pulled or dragged by a motorboat and you have to float on the water with a board. Sometimes, the skiing boot sticks are used rather than board but it totally depends on your level of experience and your grip on both.

So, behind the motorboat, maintaining your balance is really an exciting activity. Isn’t?

Wake bording man


10. Wave ski

This will be a thrilling activity for you if you have never done this before. You will be given a surf board to a seat on it and you will be the whole crew of your voyage on the brutal waves.

The interesting thing is that you will be in a position to handle the board by gesticulation and repositioning of your body.