10 Famous Drunks of Old Days Living With Times

Classic Celebs Alcoholism

Apparently, you don’t need to be drunk to become famous. Actually, you don’t even need to ponder on this factor.

History gives place to those, who give it some precious reasons to remember. Where it matters nothing that you are a famous because you are a drunk or you are famous and drunk. This list includes some famous drunks from almost every major walk of life i.e. Literature, Film Industry, Music Industry, Sports, Politics, Royal family, Journalism or Arts, Etc.

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You might remember them in one way or the other because they all were legends. But now you’re going to remember them all by another reason, perhaps more interesting, enticing and seductive. They all were the drunks, the famous drunks of their time.


10. George Carlin – Comedian

George Carlin - The Comedian

A former US Air Force technician and Radio Jockey, later on, became the most influential comedian celebrity of all the time. He won 5 Grammy Awards and his name is thought to be second in the hundred top stand-up comedians.

Wine and Vicodin were his favourites.


9. Johnny Cash – Musician

Johnny Cash - The Musician

Another former US Air Force recruit, who later, was the most influential Musician of the 20th century. He joined US Air Force as the radio operator from where he was fired or resigned.

Prisons and inmates were the primary subjects of cash’s music. His albums were most likely named on prisons like, “Folsom State Prison“, “San Quentin State Prison“, etc. The important thing about those albums was that, they all were recorded while performing live in front of inmates. This was a bit risky, but this proved to be a fortune for him.

Cash won 13 Grammy Awards, 1-lifetime achievement awards and 9 Country music awards. He was also elected to many other Hall of fame and honours. His life was filmed in a movie, by the name of “Walk the Line” which was released in 2005.

His habit of drinking trailed him to suicide by going into the cave “Nickajack”. It was an unusual method to attempt a suicide. After getting into the cave, he felt God’s existence, which lead him to left the idea of suicide. He somehow managed to get out of the trap he himself created for him. And then never tried to think of suicide again.


8. Elizabeth I – The Queen

Elizabeth I - The Queen

Also known as, “The Queen Mother” belong to British Royal Family. She was the lover of Albert the duke of York and the wife of King Jorge VI.

In World War 2, her war spirit was spectacular. She played a very important role to motivate and nourish her people against enemies. That is why her biggest enemy Hitler gave her the title of “The most dangerous women in Europe”.

She is still considered as one of the most popular and admired member of Royal family. During his regime, she enjoyed a good fame and more public approval as compared to other Royal family members.

There are various viewpoints about her drinking behaviour. According to an estimate from her guardian, the number of alcohol units she would take in a week were normally 60 to 70.


7. Mickey Mantle – Athletes

Micky Mantle - The Athlete

Mantle was a born athlete. In his early age thou, he played many games as football, volleyball, basketball etc. but baseball was his first love, who take him to the heights of fame where he account many success stories.

During his career, he won many major events and titles that include “Triple Crown”, American League, Most Valuable Player and All-star etc. He was also elected to the Baseball hall of fame in 1971.

Mantle is considered as the greatest player ever, who in the sense of baseball was an incredible switch hitter in the record.

Besides his victories, he was a notorious drinker. Not only that, his wife and sons all were famous drunks in their gatherings until they got sober. They also suggested him to go for a treatment, which exposed that he got liver cancer.

He was one of those few patients who got no complication during operation. But unfortunately, he could not survive more after his successful liver transplantation.


6. Charles Bukowski – Poet

Charles Bukowski - The Poet

One of the best-known American poets who was famous for his conducts, more than his work. Due to his immodest nature, many true or false details are connected to him. One interesting of them is that FBI once files on him on writing a column “Notes of a dirty old man”.

Another thought-provoking truth about him is that he was introduced to alcohol in his teen, where he meet an epiphany. And then this holy water became his escort.

Being a poet or author, his area of work was quite unique and fey. He mostly poet about the subjects like “Alcohol”, “Gambling”, “Prostitute”, “Relationship with women” and “Laborious work”, etc.

If talk about his early life, “Poverty”, “Poetry”, “Cheap roaming”, “Drinking” and some jobs like “Filling in letters” is all that can be seen. He did marry too. She was also a poet, but this marriage could not work for more than two years and they divorced.

Soon after completing his last novel “Pulp” he died of “Leukaemia” at the age of 73.


5. Pablo Picasso – Artist

Pablo Picasso - The Artist

There are some great artists in the world, whose name is an authority and certificate in the pertinent field and Picasso is one of them. He was the most influential Artist of the 20th century.

His father was an art professor. During his basic education, he did learn and adopt much of him. He was the pupil of his father but after getting the training, he left his father behind in sense of abilities and talent.

His unique nature of experimenting with various ideas, theories, techniques and ways made him an invincible artist. He did discover, adopt and left many things as the way to do with them.

He also spends his personal life in an artistic way. Where he had a secret affair, later, a secret love and two wives (After one another). The first affair was with her Model Marie who fell in love with him when she was only 17 and Picasso were 45.

She remained in love with him until the death of him, when she suicides on being lonely. Picasso had a daughter from her.


4. Winston Churchill – Politician

Winston Churchill - The politician

Churchill is one of the most famous and popular celebrity of 20th century. He was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the World War II. Hero of his nation who serve as per the expectation of his people, during the delicate moments of wartime.

It is on record that, he is the only Prime Minister of Great Britain who has the title of Nobel Prize in Literature. And the very first man to be the United States’ honorary citizen.

Along with his other busyness, it was in his practice to write about History, War and Politics. He is also the author of many books.

Churchill was having a revolutionist soul that wherever he gone, stayed, he left his marks on that part of the earth. He removed many conflicts and make many reforms during his stay in Cuba, India, Sudan, Oldham and the United Kingdom.

Historian says he was very bad in the case of drinking. As once, when he was asked to serve him with tea, he responded in such words: “No. Don’t be a bloody fool. I want a large glass of whisky.” On another occasion, he disclosed his favourite syrups list: Sherry, scotch, Champagne, gin and old brandy.

In last stage, he suffered from high depression and died at the age of 90 on getting a strong stroke. His funeral is regarded as the larger funeral of the history at that time.


3. Ernest Hemingway – Journalist

Ernest Hemingway - The Journalist

Hemingway is the Nobel Prize winner American Journalist, whose unparalleled style of writing and humour influenced the 20th century American and Britain Fiction.

He, in the beginning, worked as a reporter. Due to a defective eye, he was rejected by military services many times. But in World War I, he somehow managed to enter in the army as an ambulance driver. However this adventure ended soon in two months when he wounded and returned home back. He got the Italian silver medal of bravery there.

During his treatment in a hospital in Italy, he meets his first lover, a nurse. She dumped him after making a promise to marry. It was the point when he decided to dump every woman before she to him. Afterwards, he married to four women in 25 years and had three children.

Narrator says that he drank heavily to forgot his pain of injuries, he got during the world war I. In his last days, he strike with the severe mantle and physical issues and hence commit suicide. The sad part of his story is that he was not the only in suicide army but his father, sister and mother left the world in the same manner.


2. Marilyn Monroe – Actor/director

Marilyn Monroe - Actress

In the age of 1950s to 1960s, there were the stories about beautiful Monroe as a major sex-symbol all around. She was an excellent actress and a marvellous model. In 1999, she was awarded as the Sixth greatest female star of all the time by American Film institute.

Other than her appearance in movies, her personal life was quite tragic. Life happened to meet her very rapidly. It is said that death meet her once at her age of 2. She was raped at her age of 6 and then fucked in her age of 11. She was assaulted several time.

The only way she thought to come out of it was to marry someone. So she marries with her boyfriend at the age of 16. And then divorced very soon. She became famous at her age of 21 and then died when she was only 36. The cause of death is however not clear but optimal chance is that it was a suicide.

In his short life, she got very big experiences. She was one of the famous drunks in the film industry. She wedded three men in her life and got nothing much from them. Rumours were, she had a secret affair with President John F. Kennedy or his brother or some more names.


1. Edgar Allen Poe – Author

Edgar Allan Poe - Author

Poe was a famous drunk of 19’s, the most unfortunate thing about Poe was that he died very soon. One of the greatest writers of all the time died in his age of 40 with an unfavorable death – on the road side.

This was his heavy drinking habit that he was found on a street when he was drunk. On taking to the hospital, the doctor announced him dead. The cause and event, however, are not very clear but it is widely known, as it is stated.

It is also reported, that his father was an alcoholic too. And died right after the birth of Poe. And before he got his senses, his mother also gone. Hence, he spent an orphan’s life. He is thought to be the greatest influence in American literature.

His work featured as Film, T.V, Music and other possible ways. His mystery tales and macabre was the cause of his distinction and fame. Besides Novel, he also did experiment with poetry, reviews, critic and many similar forms of writing techniques. And proved to be a champion on all. What he just touched, became matchless.

Married to three girls, one of which is said to be the secret wedding with his 13 years old cousin at his age of 26. I am sad to write about that, stress, poverty, alcoholism and unhappiness couldn’t get far from him throughout his life.