13 Highly Useful eBay Alternatives You May Try

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You may prefer to use some eBay alternatives due to many reasons. It might be their strict buying and selling policies, dump restrictions or you just want to change your taste by trying a few alternatives to eBay.

No doubt eBay is the giant enough to eat all his competitors, but there are some good places too on the internet that can be its alternatives in one way or the other. Hopefully, this list will serve you as a charm and will finish your needs in finding a useful eBay alternative for yourself.

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1. Amazon.com

Amazon claims itself as the Earth’s most customer-centric company. It is the name that comes into mind when one says to buy or sell something online.

As a seller, you can offer every type of unique new, refurbished, and used items in tens of categories to your buyers. And as a buyer, you can buy from millions of sellers including the Amazon itself at cheap prices.

Another good thing in Amazon is its support team. Which spreads around the world that provides fast and reliable services 24/7. Now it is your choice to add it in eBay alternatives or the very first option after eBay.


2. Etsy.com

After Amazon and Ebay, this is one of the biggest online marketplaces. Etsy is certified by B Corporation which makes it more powerful and authenticates source online.

Etsy comprises on three main head categories of Handmade goods, Vintage items and craft supplies. There are many sub-categories too. You might want to look into some famous products in Jewellery, Weddings and Art. The fun thing is that there is no boundaries limit. Where ever you’re whenever you want, you can shop or sell.


3. Walmart.com

Unlike other online marketplaces, Walmart is actually a retail corporation having its root in more than 26 countries. They were actually a chain of retail stores and then they took an initiative to serve their customers by offering them to buy from their stores or from anywhere they want with their mobile devices.

They are doing a really good job and could be the great alternatives to those where they are operating their businesses.


4. Bestbuy.com

This is almost the same case as Walmart is. They are running a retail business of Electronics in United States, Canada, Mexico and China in their retail shops. But side by side they present a valuable online retail experience which makes them add to eBay alternatives list.

So, you can finish your thirst by visiting bestbuy.com and can have the taste of some latest technology in mobiles and other electronic ornaments of your lifestyle.


5. Newegg.com

On looking superficially, this gives a glimpse of eBay (In future maybe a true alternative).

Newegg offers a wide range of categories where shoppers and sellers can play in. The products range is in millions and if you are a seller they charge a very little commission. This is also an attractive affiliate place for the bloggers.


6. Overstock.com

Products from Furniture, Rugs, Bedding, Electronics, Clothing, Jewellery, to Cars and Cameras can be a shop and sell easily here. Keep in mind if you want to sell something there, you need to fill up a form first and then they will contact you for more details.

Could be a nice and unique alternative if you are based from U.S.A. But don’t be worry about if you do not reside in U.S.A by their OGlobal program you are O.K to do nearly the same.


7. Sears.com

Sears is having all sort of things that some best alternatives should have in them. You can buy here, you can sell here and you can join as Affiliates. What else left in back? It comes next either you show trust on them or nor. As per my assessment, they are doing their business in a similar manner, the eBay and Amazon used to do plus you can opt. to pick up your online orders at Sears stores.

Most important one should know about them is their social shopping program (You heard?). One can earn the points while staying with them, which can next be converted into some physical benefits later on. Which is cool, isn’t?


8. Zazzle.com

The first thing you will experience about them is their very beautiful design and user-friendly panel. The remaining is to talk if it could take ebay space as its alternative? Well, you will decide yes or not. Let dig into right now.

Zazzle is for both, to shop as their customer and to be their partner to sell the new products. If you use eBay for the sale and purchase of products like Cards, Posters, Art, Pet and Postages with Electronics and Accessories then you are not going to eBay again. I’m sure you will be addicted to Zazzle once after having a business with them. (That’s ok if you won’t)


9. Rakuten.com

Rakuten was formerly buy.com This can also be included in eBay alternatives. The obvious reason is their wider variety, larger discounts and easy to navigate website.


10. Bonanza.com

Another good place for Fashion, Jewelry, Crafts, watches, Home and Garden.

They offer to import your data or products in case you are on Amazon, Ebay, Esty or Inventory file meanwhile. Otherwise, just create your booth and start selling the products there.


11. Squareup.com

Simple design and open deals make Square up a fair website after eBay to buy or sell.They provide the platform for a local seller to sell the customers of everywhere. You can make your hands dirty in selling or buying of Health, Beauty, Fashion, Tech and in some Food related categories.


12. Oodle.com

To buy, sell and trade. This is what the oodle.com is all about. Oodle adds the power of social media while shopping and selling online. One can have the user’s reviews, like the products as to like the Facebook status, Make favourites or share with others in you contact list.


13. Ecrater.com

Ecrater is something more than a mere online purchasing and selling in a sense of a web store builder.

The other delights remain the same as other online marketplaces. Just like bonanza you can also import your products from eBay. This might not seem to fulfil the eligibility of eBay alternatives but serve the same what eBay do to some extent.






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