A Rich mens Way of Avoiding Stuck in a Rut: 6-Step Mantra

Spy man stuck badly in tape

I wrote this article 1 year back when I myself wasn’t very clear what I was writing. I titled the article and left it on my desktop. Now I discovered I should complete this article right away.

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This was a whimsical exercise. I don’t know, but I guess perhaps it was. I needed, I thought, I practiced, I concluded and right now am completing the uncompleted job.

So if you really avoid to stuck in a rut, keep an eye on my email newsletters and read this article up to the end.


1. Always have a plan

Always have the plan to do something exciting, interesting, you know something mind blowing on the recurring basis. When I say always, it means always.

Let me explain, you had a plan in the past. You executed that plan successfully with a lot of fun and trade. And now, at this moment, the former plan has finished. Don’t relax here.

You must have another plan here awaiting you to do more fun, trade and excitement. A plan after the plan, just like the party after party.


2. Always be soaked in motivation

Motivation is actually the reason. Reason to do somewhat something. To avoid stuck in a rut always be soaked in it.

Always be connected to the high voltage source of motivation to keep your battery hell charged. For this, first of all, identify what motivates you the most? If this is love, always be loved. If this is drink, always drunk. Or if this is the pain, always be hurt.

I am writing this because people have strange things that motivate and keep motivating them. You can adopt little exercises to discover yours. Twist each cord one by one to discover your heart wire.


3. Keep your natural juices flowing

This is of utmost importance. When your natural juices stop flowing out of your minds, half a death of you happens at once.

You may have an experience of living without intellect but couldn’t name it. Now listen, this is what happens and you didn’t know.

So to avoid your unnatural impermanent fatality of intellect, try to keep your natural juices flowing. Perform small yoga exercises on the continuous basis. Always read or consume good stuff on the continuous basis. Continuous basis can be replaced with the word or mechanism you use to feed yourself with food twice, thrice or sometimes more a day.


4. Stay away from the stress

Sports, gaming, exercises, running, jogging or hiking are the best anti-stress activities. Be a part of any of them to stay away from the stress.

On the other hand limit your time with negative people, you will be safe. Stop thinking of the factors you can’t control will also be good. Above all, stay away from anything that can shake your psychology. Stay away from the stress.


5. Stop making wrong comparisons

This portion is directly linked with the previous section in one way or the other. I have my own philosophical thinking and insights on the matter.

You can try living in both environments and examine the truth. One where you are making wrong comparisons and the other where you aren’t. Wrong comparisons may refer to anything you can put forward for a comparison and your heart says, it shouldn’t be, but it should.

Perhaps it should be. Or would be, but how would be …. And in the end, you are left with your no-reason sadness, possibly stress. Stop it, people, avoid it.


6. Reward yourself

Am not sure how important this step is but sometimes it is seen working. In general, you can look into your past to see if rewarding yourself is going to work for you or not.

Rewind your life to your childhood when on doing something good you been rewarded by your parents? Was it increasing your proficiency in the past? I guess this method would be helpful. See if this was working in your childhood it must be working for you now. Go and get yourself rewarded occasionally on marking some successful events.

To reward yourself, you can get your family outside for a lunch. Call your friends for a party. Hang up with someone special. Go for a dance in the club. Arrange a travel, etc.