10 Ways How to Make Your Parents Happy

Angry parents with grand childern

How to make your parents happy when you, yourself aren’t? Well, let’s make this debate simple and jot down the tiny ideas that could make a win-win game, where both will be happy. You and your parents.

First, we have to realize that money can’t bring happiness. Happiness isn’t for sale either. Thou money triggers the happiness mechanism in some cases but not always.

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We can compare its importance as the salt in the food. If you have not the proper quantity of it, then you still can add, what you already have. And once you became the habitual of using moderate salt, you will definitely find the way to squeeze a bulk of happiness from the available quantity. And then, you still will be in a position to increase its amount gradually on getting more. (without losing your taste)

Secondly, don’t think that if your parent are unhappy with you today due to some reasons (like, lack of money, etc.) and you will make them happy tomorrow by finishing the reasons. (On getting a lot of money, etc.) Just try and focus on making your parents happy for today. Who saw tomorrow?

It may be, all the reasons aren’t in your control but you should utilize the things that you have access on with ease.

Thirdly & lastly, if you have a lot of money (inherited or self-generated) and still your parents aren’t happy with you. You should scrutinize your behaviour with them. Don’t think that, it is because your parents actually want not to be happy and let you to happy. Reconcile your deliberations here and read the post to full.

In short, to make your parents happy you must adopt any method you have your hand on. Because it’s time to buy-back. You need to make your parents happy now, as they did to make “YOU” happy in your childhood.

Here is a 10 stepped simple formula that can be followed to make your parents happy. Let’s head to it.

1. Respect them

Do they don’t deserve it from you? Respect can be given in any manner that is preferable and that is doable. You can give them respect by endorsing their opinion. By showing satisfaction with their decisions. By giving them the first right to do anything, etc.

And, you know better how in other ways

2. Give them dignity

Possibly it would become the reason for them to be happy with you. Naturally this element can mold any person’s behaviour towards you. And what event will occur resultantly?

I have tried this formula to my parents and elders. Believe me, I get a very good response and enjoyed a lot of happiness’s and love as an on the spot get back.

3. Secure them

Your parents may feel insecure about you by just a single and logical reason. You have a non-serious attitude.

This sounds simple as it simply makes your parent glum. But do act serious attitude and measure the results by yourself.

4. Treat them as a child

There is a child inside of every person. If you will remain successful to cheer that child up. I bet that will applaud your parents. And you will be the winner.

5. Don’t steal their power of attorney

This is not for all but for those who think, that their parents are old now. And they haven’t enough power to make difficult decisions so they shouldn’t have the power of attorney (of their home) with them anymore.

This may be the laugh, but you can still win their hearts by not shifting the power of attorney with your influence. On the other hand, you can win their trust by suggesting them the right choices.

6. Demonstrate they are smart

It is the matter of age and generation. Every new generation is smarter than the previous. But here by demonstrating that your parents are more smart and strong than you and that they are having the ability to beat you, can give a good single to them.

You know a thing, your parents also. Then what’s a big deal to not discuss it deliberately? I hope you get my point.

7. Multiply their strength

Before words make you fool, let me clear. This is not by giving them the food supplements but the supplements of your good acts.

Act and really act as you are the parents or soon to be parents and your parents are now your children or soon to be your children. Show them as they are more strong now than the previous because they are having you.

8. Finish their loneliness

Share a reasonable amount of time with your parents daily or if not so, at least twice a week. Giving your time to someone make her, yours.

Similarly, if you will give an adequate amount of time to your parents they will happy with you. It is a sure way to get their happiness back. Keep in mind, they need your time now, as you were in need of their time in your childhood.

9. Express your love with them

Express your love with them as often as you should give a unique feel to them.

My Papa is the unique papa of the world or My Mama is the unique mama of the world are not merely the words. You have no idea how this simple utterance can take your parents happiness to infinity.

10. Increase their tribe

Finally, this is the most appropriate wish of your parents and the only expectation they are bind to expect only from you.

You may have some other priorities restricting you, like to achieve your career level, finish your studies, match your partner criteria, etc, etc. But with all of that, if you could take a time to attract your life partner and give them a grandchild, there will be no end of their happiness.

This was a simple formula you can apply to make your parents happy from you. Irrespective of what are the challenges in your life, what is your culture or what is your age. Just skip those point or alter who may not appropriate for you or need some adaptation.

Do tell me how you use to make your parents happy? God bless you parents.