You can Multiply Any of Your Skill in Four Easy Steps

Skillful people

You are a skilled person but not getting all of it? By skills, I mean your abilities to produce solutions in your industry. Your skills are more profitable for you than you think but for this, you have to take appropriate steps.

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If you are suffering from low productivity or feeling non-inspirited, you need to take the following course of actions immediately to boost your expertise.


1. Automating the system

Your skills are more profitable for you as well as your work, when you automate the mechanism. Automation replaces your laborious engagements of work with your creative involvement. And the chances to bring some innovation or revolutionary work done increases.

If you are a blogger, you can automate your job by scheduling your blog posts, auto-piloting your social media accounts, setting auto-email responders, automatic monetization techniques or by setting self-controlled SEO (search engine optimization) blogs, etc.

If you belong to some other industry, you can dig and discover the ways to polish your adeptness by adopting & creating the automation in the system.


2. Outsourcing

There is a saying, “if you can have the fresh milk available at any time you want, then why did you need to keep the buffalo at home?”

The above example explains everything about this step. If you can obtain some goods or services from outside then why to waste your precious time and abilities on creating those good or services on your own? Rather save your potential and spend it on some other things.

So the very next step in automating the system is to stop wasting your energies in making all the things at home and outsourcing some of these goods or services. For this, you can establish some good relations with other skilled persons or firms. These relations sometimes serve more than the expectations.


3. Division of work

For firms, the division of work may refer to the act of dividing the job responsibilities among the associates of the team.

For individuals, the division of work may refer to dividing your work among the working hours. Or to divide the workload among you and your tools. You can also say, it is the use of right tools to minimize your labor and save the precious time to spend on some other things more important than what you do.

If you are a writer, you can divide your job by creating and keeping templates for different purposes i.e. Title templates, for naming the Articles in article-writing. Vocabulary templates, for using the right kind of words in right kind of articles, etc.


4. Proper Planning

Have you done automate the system? Are you doing some outsourcing and saving your precious time now? And that have you established some working parameters to let the job done? Great! now is the time to sit on your desk and make some plans to increase the efficiency.

Proper planning starts by setting some goals. First of all, you have to define your goals for a specific period of time. Proper planning may also refer as to have an appropriate approach to complete your assignments. A system to analyze and evaluate the behavior of your products and services.

Here you have to identify the nature of your work, break it down into the small tasks and assign an appropriate energy resource.

For the bloggers, proper planning would be to achieve higher rank in google. A good stand in search engine result pages (SERPs). Establishing a fan list or audience and productively engage them. Building valuable contents. etc, etc.