How to Stop Being a Time Wasting Geek

A student who looks tired

It is a common problem of every internet user. Mostly the new blogger and computer geeks are affected by this.

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Here is a simple formula to avoid being a time-wasting geek:


6. Avoid multi-tasking

Remember early days computers? They were smart, they were gentle. Their processors had adopted a mechanism that they put each of new task given to them in the queue and keep doing what they were doing.

And after finishing the first task, they took the responsibility of the other, very next in the queue. This is how they speed up the whole process.

Am not sure but I guess the present day computing still works on the same principle to speed up the efficiency. And if the computer is built up keeping a human brain in the view, then imagine that the human brain must not be able to have the multi-functioning attitude.

So avoid it. multitasking not only make your processor slow but also tend to hit your whole system with boredom.


5. Stay focused

When you are online, there are many things to shift your attention and grab your energy resources. It happens sometimes you are trying to accomplish a task but end up when suddenly something more interesting pops up in your browser window and hold all of your attention till your session ends.

To stay focused during online, you can have many practices in your routine that are thought to be tested. Like if you happen to meet anything out of the blue, send it to the certain folder of your bookmarks to head into it later.

Most of the time, this unexpected finding seems valuable at the time, but it takes all of your valuable time. So in case it is really of much importance, you can have it during your free times.


4. Deal with socializing

According to Ipsos, every internet user spends an average 3-4 hours daily in socializing online. These online social activities cut much of the precious time on daily bases and stand at the first position on the list of crazy time-wasting tools available online.

Now that if you really want to avoid yourself as a time wasting geek, look into your previous routine with online socializing. Remove or hide the unnecessary social applications from your device. Limit your time with them or reanalyze your way to interact with them.


3. Listen to your BGM

Avoid playing any background music while working. Especially when you are doing a creative work like writing or designing. Background music that you play on your computer hinders the process of playing the Background Music in your mind.

BGM of your mind is the BGM that starts beating when you set yourself on a creative work. You may call this the whim, the inner sound, the inspiration, vision or revelation. This is an important diet of your creative sense. And the more important is to keep getting and listening to the new supply of it.

But when you start listening to the outer BGM it distracts the inner BGM to reach you. Sometimes it creates difficulties and you can’t be able to get the proper sound of it.


2. Sticking to the plan

Obviously before sticking you should have one. So first of all, make some plans, divide it into the parts, array them in the executable tray, pick up a bite and stick to it.

Primarily, your plans must be of two types. Long term plans, contain your long-term goals and objectives. Short term plans contain your daily goals and objectives.

In your short term or daily plans, your routine of the whole day must be planned. Everything, everything must be planned, how and when you going to spend the time of your day in what manner. Here, assign reasonable tasks, prioritize the work and schedule your daily jobs.


1. Sand Jar technique

Sand jar technique is actually the time allocation of your daily jobs. You have to allocate a proper time limit to each of your routine tasks and then examine how you meeting those time limits.

This makes you punctual and saves a lot of your time and energy being engaged in nasty exertion.