05 All Important Steps of Rational Decision Making

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Sometimes we all have to make difficult decisions to keep the train on track.

Life Turing decisions, game-changing decisions or hell whacking decisions for the survival of life. These decisions decide our future. They stake our tomorrow, our connections, our trade, job, employment, everything. You heard everything.

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And now, am going to share a proven formula to make this job done very easily. Take these steps carefully and see how useful this mantra is:


1. Collect Opinions take Advice

It is said, take advice before doing anything for good. Though from the wall, if not anyone else to give.

So, start by taking advice and collecting opinions from your well-wishers & advisors first. Meet your friends or family members and accumulate their suggestions.

Go to your colleagues then and see how they think about the matter for you. And lastly, grab the most appropriate person who is most closely attached to the market you are pondering.

Remember, don’t feel ashamed to talk with your competitors too. If you don’t think fit to disclose the whole idea, talk with covers. Don’t hesitate, go get complex and play around with your competitors’ bird of thinking. Trust me, this is an essential step of rational decision-making.


2. Call to intuition

Now that you have a box filled with opinions from others. It’s time to call your inner being and populate that basket with your own outthinks furthermore.

Call to intuition may refer as grasping the inner perception, examining the sixth-sense or perceiving the light of nature. Muslims have a special treatment for this called ISTIKHAARAH, “The discussion with God.

In ISTIKHAARAH, a nap is carried out after performing a special pray to Allah. And during that period of time spent sleeping in a special manner, God put His message to the performer’s heart.


3. Ponder for a while

Things started getting clear on this step. There are three major and clear paths for you to get in.

  1. Public Opinions
  2. Your general perceptions
  3. God’s message for you

Ponder for a while at this step. Spend a reasonable time in sorting the good and bad ideas from your collection and make a rational combination of choices from all categories.

Apply filters, keeping the current or past behavior in mind and minimize your list to the significant level.

Take a look at your market or what your area of work is and truncate the grimy impression. Keep repeating the process again and again until to get what you really want.

Here, stop by and make a plan from your cream ideas been left on your pan.


4. Take baby steps

It is clear that everything happens on your each single move. So every time anything good or bad happens to us, is just because of our good or bad decisions. Be careful and take some small steps with that pure thought you graded 1st previously.

If it works, great. If it not, no problem at all because you have some other bunch of good flavors to add before seeing the disappointments. Just turn back and pick up another nugget you have formerly segregated.

Take as many step-ins and step-backs as many you need.


5. Measure the progress & Speed up

Finally, you’d have left with only the noble directions purified from any kind of junk material. This is something that is backed by your whims, practices, and public polls. You have now learned a great way to take rational decisions in your life.

Execute your strategy and manage the control on it.

Remember, it is very important to keep yourself on the track for the future outcomes. Always assess your direction at proper intervals of time.



Congratulations! You have learned another approach to take rational decisions in your life.

Now is your time to speak. How is better this approach for you? How much are you getting out of it? Are you having the desired results?

Oh, come on! Share with us.