9 Top Arousing Myths That May Drive You Crazy

Girl with light in hand

It is not very clear that how and when these myth stories or urban legends took birth on our planet but these were been with our antecedents like their shadows and now with us, like ours. You may disagree.

And the truth is, a myth story is a myth story, and an urban legend is an urban legend. There is nothing to do with it in or against reality.

Often these myths are spoken as an example to elaborate any natural or unnatural phenomenon, mostly related to human beliefs, perceptions and school of thoughts. Though these myth stories are not true but because they are endorsing or backing any of the other stories that are directly connected to the truth, we kept using these urban legends.

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Myths are sometimes interesting enough that you start enjoying, thinking and talking about it. Without even seeing their impacts in real life incase if it would be had happened in real.

The following are some of those selected myth stories that I found interesting enough, to share with you:


9. The Jackal and his Fellows

Jackal Howling

It is said that in the last hours of the night, A Jackal shouts out, “My Father was a king… My Father was a king…” And all others around him reply forcefully, “What is it to you..? What is it to you..?”

My grandpa (R.I.P) used to tell me this myth story in my childhood. He said, there are some moral lessons hidden under this urban legend. I still remember his words.


8. The girl on the gearshift lever

Teen girl in red car

It is said that A boy on his date, mixed some Aphrodisiacs (A kind of drug) in the drinks while they were on a drive to watch a movie. He unintentionally overdosed her girlfriend with the double amount that was needed.

On his returning back to the car after buying the popcorn, he saw that the girl had impaled herself on the gearshift lever in her sexual eagerness.

Oops! I don’t know. And I really don’t want to comment on it but this is kinda riveting story that is said ever.


7. The last kiss

Kissing couple

It is said that a workman was caught by a heavy machinery and his body was badly messed up with it. There was a situation with him that any struggle or movement could take him to death. He was given a heavy dose of painkillers and asked to stay calm & breathe lightly.

Somehow his wife appeared and approached him in tears to give him a kiss. In the meantime, the machine restarted and workman’s body cut into the pieces.

This urban legend is perhaps a warning to those people, who don’t forget to exchange kisses even if they undergo a delicate situation.


6. Shrink to fit jeans

Girl in watertub

It is said that a teenager was once meet to death when she sat in a bathtub, filled with water to shrink her jeans. She was wearing a new pair of Levi’s jeans and hoping to get it a snug fit. Afterward, her family won a huge compensation from the company.

Many questions arouse in mind after reading this sort of myth stories. Like why did no one rescue her on finding her condition getting bad? Why did she keep doing?


5. The stolen exam

Students in exams

It is said that a professor recounts the exam sheets, a few moments before the examination. And finds out that one sheet is missing. He then cuts all the other sheets in his hand, the single inch from the bottom. This is how, he cleverly identifies the stolen exam.

What, if this would your counting mistake professor?


4. Take my tickets please

Ticket on car

It is said a professional team of footballers of some American city was losing the game. And a man with two tickets but no desire to watch losing his team, wondering to get rid of the tickets. He placed his tickets to a noticeable area on the dashboard and went to a mall, letting the window open.

He was hoping that someone will make off his tickets and he will get a calm. But when he returned back, the disappointment was awaiting him. Someone had left two more tickets beside there.

This story sounds a joke more, less myth. The gentleman’s attempt to get rid of the tickets could easily be proved as an attempt to get rid of his car. I don’t know why the thief was so kind to him.


3. The unsolvable math problem

Math prob on hand

It is said that once a student arrived late in the mathematics class when an examination was going on. He then rushed to solve the questions written on the board and somehow he managed to solve a very difficult question that was not a part of the exam.

The further saying is, the question was complicated enough that even the Einstein could never have happened to solve this in his lifetime.

This is how the miracles happens, OK. The positive end of this urban legend is quiet strong then the mythological end.


2. The Blind date

Blind dating

It is said that once a young lady had to attend the hospital to remove a stuck tampon from her body. And the same evening she had to go on a blind date too. A few hours later, she discovered that she was on the date with the same guy, who have done her procedure in the hospital.

Awkward moment, girl. I am sure you gonna be all right.


1 The One-Word Exam Question

Question why

It is said that in a philosophy class, a professor asked a question “Why”? All class got mum but a clever student answered this. The answer was “Why not”?

I was thinking if “why not” really the right answer? I mean really..

Anyway, these myth stories are not only interesting to enjoy reading but they also have some other dimensions. Have an eye on it and if you find something worthwhile do share it with me. I’d love to get your input.