What Highly Successful People do is Living With their Fantasies

A sleeping girl tied with balloons

We belong to it, but we do not want to live with it.

It’s reality – And we want to live with the fantasies. If choices are given, we will be definitely going to prefer it.

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Because of fantasies are more amazing, more charming and more glamorous than the offbeat realities. Who are not always amazing.

The narrow difference between reality and fantasies can be precise with the example. What we are now, is the ‘reality’, and what we want us to be, is the ‘fantasy’.

By essence, the fantasy is more interesting than the reality. The undeniable reason why it appeal us more than the reality is that, we can craft it to any direction, at any level, with any recourse, and by any ease. We unconsciously, feel ourselves free from the spell of any divine power.

Unmindfully, we become the habitual of it and then it become the part of our life. On getting what we first fantasize about us, our hunger increases and we fantasize another thing more than the previous. And so on. We keep fantasizing as we keep breathing.

We can be addicted to fantasies in many ways.

While Sleeping– where we are automatically connected to fantasies, to what we call now “Dream”. Praying – where we unfold our fantasies before our God to what we term as “Wishes”. Reading – Where we are yearning or sowing our fantasies to what we name “Hope”. Flirting – where we are practicing our fantasies to what we dub as “Love”. And many other ways, you can identify now.

After the man of the cave, we have evolved our fantasies too, just like many other areas of life we did. We have now the super-rich fantasies like Avatar, Twilight, etc the most superhuman fantasy-persons like Herry Potter and the big powerhouses of fantasies, like Hollywood. They keep us fantasized by manipulating our desires.

On seeing closely, it appears to be true that the key idea of creating this universe was Fantasy. Like many religions believe in the life after death. If you will ponder a little on this ism, you will open your eyes to the world of fantasies. You will definitely start creating images of you, to be in the Hell or Heaven in your after death life.

Take some real life examples.

  • You see someone in a good lifestyle and fantasize about that lifestyle to be yours. Where you are as handsome as he is. And having as beautiful, romantic girlfriend as he is having for him. And As precious four-wheels for you as he is driving for him.
  • You see someone very likable. And you try to search & match a few qualities of him in you. And then fantasize to treat yourself as everyone is treating him.
  • You read a fiction or watch a movie and then fantasize about you to be the victor of that story.
  • You watch WWF and then fantasize to be as strong as the wrestlers in that game or a particular one, whose style you want to own.

That is fantasy. And we are fantasized people.

We all are living on the edge of fantasies. Where we’re addicted to it and couldn’t live without it. Worse is that it is also not coming to an end. Might until when this world will meet to its end.