Money Can’t Buy Happiness but it Improves Bargaining Position

Money can't buy happiness image

Money can’t buy happiness just like happiness can’t make money. You agree, no?

Well, I think that’s a never ending debate. Meanings of happiness are different from people to people and from time to time. But the role of money in happiness is far deep and weird.

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There was a time in my childhood when happiness for me was just to play marbles in the street. When at the teen, it totally changed. And now, it is far opposite.

Sometimes we are happy in some meaningless things and sometimes we try to find the harsh corner in a meaningful revenge that could make us unhappy in the happiest event. That’s weird, yes. As I said.

Let’s talk if money can’t buy happiness then what money can do to mark happy occasions or, at least, nourish our mood towards happiness. An English playwright says,

“Money can’t buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.” –Christopher Marlowe

Also, in my defective opinion, if money can’t buy happiness it then, at least, having the ability to turn our mood towards happiness and perhaps that is how it buys that happiness.

Researchers shows, being a human three things make a person happy. Money, Fame, and love. If one is carrying the first one, this means he is happier among the 93% of others who aren’t. And now if he or she still thought that money can’t buy happiness. I’ll suggest buying (Not as an essential, but as an experiment) anything you can imagine and having the ability to buy and try to squeeze those bloody happiness. See what you can come up with.

Here is the list of those magical things that could be the powerhouses of happiness if we squeeze them:

Buy a bride

Weird? Well, attract someone rather than buy. Whatever you do, it is the surety that you are going to be happy thou for a short period of time for some people.

Bride kissing image


Buy a ticket to Mars

If your world of happiness has shrunk on this planet then believe it that universe is not very small. A Dutch company Mars-one is starting a human settlement to Mars with the effect of 2024. Look up FAQ for more details.

Ticket to mars


Buy lunar property

If you are a type who ever wished to be there, lying on the earth and piningly looking at the moon. It is the time to make your wish true by being the owner of the moon.

Lunar property for sale


Buy a wearable technology

Technology has been changing out the lifestyle since it’s been known. And now a day wearable technology is trending.
You will never regret after buying Google glass or any other.

Google Glass


Buy a beautiful sculpture

Sculptures do not bring happiness its true. But I can bet you will have the feelings something like happiness. I mean don’t know why and how this happens but happens.
You can explore the history to find the answer. The reality is, this ancient art always been something for people.

A beautiful sculpture image


Buy an exquisite painting

Paintings depict a culture, thought or sensation. An exquisite painting may sometimes have the ability to magically bound someone in its spell. If you’re an artistic person you are well acquainted.

An exquisite painting


Buy a private helicopter

This is how you can fly by yourself any time exploring the nature of a cuckoo bird. Will saunter fly not make you happy?

Private helicopter


Buy a private island

Buying a private island will not be like buying a house anywhere in some city or corner. It will add more relish and more of all. Is still a thing one can ever desire.

A beautiful private island


Buy some pharmaceutical drugs

Money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy drugs. lol. You do know who can say like this.
Anyway, thousands of people including some world genius deploy this to either go next to ecstasy or just for vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment purpose.

Pharmaceutical drugs


Buy a membership in casino

Casinos are considered the hub of all bullshit like activities, human do or like to do for whatever they called joy. You can make tons of money and lost the same for the single purpose.
Their money is made to be happy and spent to be happy alike.

Worlds beautiful casino monte carlo image


Buy a beautiful apartment

You always be happy to buy a luxurious apartment in some beautiful and world famous building. What else will you need?

A beautiful apartment image


Buy a sailboat

If you are knowing not where to spend the money that makes you happy you can rather buy a sailboat or a yacht.

A sailboat


Buy some licensed weapon

ٰI used “licensed” so that it may not mislead you. People felt happiness in auxiliary activities most of the time irrespective of the nature of gadgets.

Dangerous weapons image


Buy a lovely pet

Who can deny this idea? This ‘d be the best option to do if you’re not having a pet, already.

A lovely pet image


Buy to visit your religious monuments

Happy is one, who has a #faith. (Tweetable) If you have a faith, visit your religious monuments to heal your soul and definitely you will feel light and happy ever than in your life.

Religious monuments


Buy four wheels

Buy a four wheel is not a bad idea if you think nothing to do when your money can’t bring happiness to you.

A beautiful four wheels - Lamborghini image


Buy a ticket to your fav celebrity concert

The height of delight for celebrity conscious people is when they somehow manage to get the autograph of their favorite celebrity or, at least, be able to shake hand with her. If you have a lot of money, you can never lose a single concert you meet with your celebrity live.

Buy a concert ticket image


Buy a movie costume

For some occasions, you can buy a movie costume to look comic or weird. This can make other people happy and you be able to squeeze some or more for yourself too.

Movie costume image


Buy a wrist watch

Even if you don’t like to wear a watch on your wrist but believe me. You will feel a consciousness, you can name it. Try once, yes.

Wrist watch on wrist


Buy a smartphone

I don’t say with certainty it will make you happy or not but I have seen some guys been happy on getting this thing called smart phone now a day.
The more costly will it, the more chance of yours to be happy. It’s not bad what am saying.

A smart phone


Buy some precious Gemstones

It is believed that gemstones have some natural powers. Like some make you an attractive personality, some are regarded as luck and some for a better life partner.

Precious Gemstone


Buy wardrobe accessories

Shopping! Shopping! and Shopping!
This is how you could accomplish this. And please don’t tell me, this is not going to change your mood towards happiness.

Wardrobe full of accessories


Buy your favourite beverage

This is the brilliant idea for the drinkers. Not specifically alcoholic drinks but whatever you would like to drink in your sad span of time.



The above were the few things I particularly arranged where most of the money is being spent. Because it make people happy. And what that mean is, each person who is spending her money on few of above things is actually buying happinesses.

What are your opinions on the topic? Do you think money can or can’t buy happiness? or it is the thing that doesn’t belong to this world but the world after. I’d love to get your inputs.