Most Expensive Apple Watch ‘The Lux Watch Omni’

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Currently, the most expensive apple watch of all is ‘Lux Watch Omni’. A 24 karats pure gold and 12.8 carats of studded diamonds make it the most valuable apple watch ever. That can cost you the incredible $114,995.

Apple has always been known for making expensive iPhones, iPads and the most expensive apple watches. But Brikk is a brand that takes this luxury to the next level.

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In fact, Brikk is not affiliated with Apple in any way. They just make lavish customization in Apple Watches and eventually turn them into the most expensive apple watches of the world.


The Lux Watch Omni by Brikk – $114,995

The Lux Watch Omni by Brikk
IMAGE: Brikk

This is a premium Apple Watch customized and modified by Brikk. Covered with flecked patterns of diamonds along with a beautiful combination of the gold.

Depending upon client’s preferences, diamonds of 12.3 carats to 12.8 carats and gold of 18 karats to 24 karats are used in its preparation. Brikk takes the latest edition of factory assembled Apple Watch when it hits the stores and break it into its shells.

The next step is to inlay the precious gemstones, pearls, and diamonds on every possible place of the Apple watch in each possible way. It is then carefully assembled again the way it was used to before.

Upon completion, it regains its original shape with some minor changes. And turns into a kind of most expensive Apple Watch which is an incredible piece of jewelry also.



Brikk Omni Front-Back
IMAGE: iphonelatest

Hundreds of diamonds in several shapes/sizes are studded to this Apple Watch in many rows and arrangements.

You’ll hardly find any free space on its face, strap clasps, strap, and even buttons. Where either a diamond, gold or any other precious pearl isn’t used. The interior and technology are, however, as usual, the same (unchanged).


Lux Watch Omni by Brikk Straight Trio
IMAGE: Businesswire

At present, Brikk is offering Lux Watch Omni in many different colors and adjustments. That mainly includes Lux Watch Omni 24K Yellow Gold, Lux Watch Omni 18K Yellow Gold, Lux Watch Omni 18K Pink Gold, and Lux Watch Omni 950 Platinum.

Colorless diamonds of D-Scale with VVS clarity are used to customize this priciest Apple Watch. In a manner, 11.30 carats for 38mm and 12.30 carats for 42mm.

The price of this most expensive Apple Watch also varies. Contingent upon the size of the watch, the purity of the gold and the usage of diamonds.

It, however, can cost you between $109,995 and $114,995.


Zero Halliburton Aluminum Case
IMAGE: Brikk

For protection purposes, a special aluminum case of Zero Halliburton will be given along with the diamond authenticity certificate, user manual and charging appliances.

You’ll also get a cool one-year international warranty by the Brikk Ltd.

Here are the other cheaper alternative offered by Brikk is:


The Lux Watch Deluxe by Brikk – $49,995

The Lux Watch Deluxe by Brikk
IMAGE: Brikk

Deluxe got all the qualities/characteristics identical to Lux Watch Omni else the difference in usage of diamonds & gold.

You’ll notice that there’s a little use of diamonds as compared to Omni. The watch front is treated with the similar layers of diamonds (as in Omni). The buttons also carry an equal amount of stones. And the strap clasps have a single layer of expensive rocks.

But no use of diamonds on the straps. Which in the case of Lux Watch Omni, the whole strap is filled with many layers of diamonds all the way from top to bottom. This is what makes Lux Watch Deluxe a little less expensive than the Most Expensive Lux Watch Omni.

Besides, You can also choose from the available display sizes; 38mm, 42mm. Colors; 18k Pink Gold, 18k Yellow Gold, 950 Platinum. Straps; Black, Gray.


How to Order this Most Expensive Apple Watch?

If you really want to purchase this priciest Apple Watch then you need to make a pre-order. It can be done by making a deposit of $10,000 (non-refundable) from their website. In the case of Lux Watch Deluxe, the pre-order deposit will be $3,000. The balance amount must be paid within the 10 days of Apple Watch official release by Apple Inc.

On receiving your order they will start customizing your Apple Watch, keeping your preferences on the front.

Remember, if you’re pre-ordering to Brikk, a newly released apple watch. Then you may have to wait for about 4 to 6 weeks after it is officially released by the Apple.

Once done, they’ll share all the necessary information with you i.e. the actual/estimated weight of gold, purity and type diamonds, the colors, etc.


Why is this Apple Watch So Expensive?

The whole idea behind taking Apple’s wearable technology. And then turning it to a most expensive apple watch was just to make enormous money for charities. In other words, “To collect the wealth from the world’s richest and to deliver it to the poor via charity donations on the recurring basis.”

It was also to convey a solid message (plan) and encourage world’s big brands for the charity donations. Cyrus Blacksmith from Brikk Ltd, explains in his interview given to the New York Daily News:


“The whole reason I created Brikk was to convince other luxury brands that they can raise their prices without seeing a drop in sales and give the difference to charity.”


As per their CEO’s plan, Brikk donates 10% of their sales from the most expensive Apple Watch ‘The Lux Omni by Brikk’ to a charity. The further information and plans aren’t disclosed, however.