Most Expensive Beanie Babies – 10 Most Valuable TY Toys

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Give your babies a time and they will become the most expensive beanie babies after a while. Well, this is an old story now.

It is said, the madness goes down over the time. Which seems to be true with the craze of TY beanie babies. Those who were the most expensive beanie babies in 90’s are now having deep fluctuations in prices.

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The madness was running deep in the early 1990’s. And gets dim when Ty inc, announces the beanie babies retirement. TY pushed the last nail in the coffin releasing final beanie baby named ‘The End’.


The Most Expensive Beanie Babies List

The classification of world’s most expensive beanie babies is simple. Let me tell you the science behind this theory.

The beanie babies will be the most expensive beanie babies if and only if, they belong to the ancient times. OR rare for any reason. OR miss-tagged miss-spelled versions. OR serve as a memorabilia of any great event. OR link back to a popular celebrity.

Due to certain variations in prices, beanie babies popularity graph, trends, and the number of people interested in it at certain periods of time. It is really hard for us to assess and propose a specific price tag or a price range.

Yet, we are attaching an estimated/overrated price with each beanie baby here. This reflects the price/value/worth for which each relevant beanie baby either have sold or could be sold.


10. 1998 Billionaire The Bear –$675

1998 Billionaire The Bear
IMAGE: lovemybeanies

With the effect of December 2012, they are only 15 exist in nature. What I mean to say is, Ty Inc., has produced 15 different versions of Billionaire the Bear. Out of which “Billionaire the Bear 1″, 2 and 3 are considered the most expensive beanie babies. Released in 1998, 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Estimates show that “Billionaire the Bear 1” beanie babies were produced 1400 in total and were not available to the public. They were presented to the ty inc workers only.

Billionaire the Bear 2 were 475 and 650 Billionaire the Bear 3 were produced and disbursed.

This 9 inches tall bear has a green dollar sign on the left side of its chest that distinguishes him from other beanie bears.


9. 1993 Brownie The Bear –$1,200

1993 Brownie The Bear
IMAGE: Picclick

One of the earliest productions, most rare and slightly expensive ty beanie baby.

Soon after its production as Brownie the Bear beanie baby on June 16, 1993 ,it was declared as retired and then re-released as ‘Cubbie the Bear’ beanie baby in March 2006.

It is believed that Brownie (and Punchers) were produced in 1993 along with or most probably before the original 9 beanie babies.

Both, the Brownie and the Cubbie look identical but there is a first generation swing tag that makes a difference in them as the most expensive beanie babies and the regular beanie babies.

However, Brownie is tagged with the name of “Brownie the Bear” whereas the Cubbie is tagged with the name of “Cubbie the Bear” the rest is just as same as it is.


8. 2010 Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair Bear –$1,500

2010 Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair Bear
IMAGE: lovemybeanies

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) organizes a world’s largest toy fair every year named Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. And Ty’s those releases specifically produced for and exhibited in the HKTGF are thought to be the most valuable releases.

Because those exclusive beanie babies were only available during the fair, limited stock and no availability elsewhere with a historical event, making it the most sought for memorabilia.

Currently, there are four beanie babies (bear) that link back to the Hong Kong Toys & Game Fair. And the one, the rarest (also the very first in the fair) is a red bear with a yellow ribbon around its neck. It does not have anything on its chest that the other three Hong Kong fair bears do have (dragon or other objects on the chest).

A Hong Kong Fair Bear 3 is reported to be sold for $1,205 in 2012. Similarly, reports a Hong Kong Toy Fair 2010 Bear to be sold for $1,000 and Hong Kong Toy Fair 2012 Bear for $349 in Nov-Dec 2013.

I’m sure it gives many clues to you about the worth and value of these (Hong Kong Fair Bear) beanie babies.


7. 1993 Pinchers The Lobster (Punchers) –$2,500

1993 Pinchers The Lobster (Punchers)
IMAGE: eBayimg

Another baby from the original 9 beanie babies of 1993 when TY Inc., started their production.

Actually, they proposed its name as ‘Pinchers the Lobster’ but a typo occurred and it became ‘Punchers the Lobster’. The error was rectified on the time but the (finished products) beanie babies with the wrong tag ‘Punchers the Lobster’ also hit the market.

Like I said, the only difference is of corrected and miss-spelled words between ‘Pinchers the Lobster’ and ‘Punchers the Lobster’ nothing is changed in shape, color, etc.

They are few, and hardly available. As everyone knows that all the remaining production is with the right tag ‘Pincher the Lobster’. So, Beanie baby collectors found it worth to have in their collection. And for this, they seem to be willing to spend huge money on it.


6. 1994 Mystic The Unicorn (Miss-Tagged) –$3,750

1994 Mystic The Unicorn (Miss-Tagged)
IMAGE: Picclick

TY produced this baby (Mystic the Unicorn) in 1994 the next year after its wonderful debut. But when you’ll look at its (Mystic the Unicorn’s) tag you’ll feel like we’re lying. But that’s where Mystic the Unicorn enjoys edge over the hundreds other beanie babies.

Exactly, it was miss-tagged at the time of production. It took birth in 1994 but the tag in fact miss-tagged reflects another date of 1993 (a year before its birth).

Since its birth, it went through many small but clear changes in its horn and hair. The first generation Mystic the Unicorn are however considered the most valuable among all.

If you’re having this strange creature in your closet? Believe me, it’s a big money hiding in there.

People on different online auction sites are seen listing/selling this for $500 to $2,500. We tracked a few of those auctions/listings for a time to have a better idea if we really should add this to the list of most expensive beanie babies. And that, how it is performing in the secondary market. Well, not bad.


5. 1993 Patti The Platypus –$4,000

1993 Patti The Platypus
IMAGE: Ecrater

Patti is thought to be an important beanie baby as its manufacturers (TY, Inc.) think it important. I’ll tell you some facts and you yourself will be able to judge this within a second.

It was the part of TY original first generation beanie babies’ package in 1993. And when McDonald’s promotions started in 1997 TY put it forward as the very first Teenie baby. Not only that, it was also part of those troops, TY introduced as Beanie Buddies in 1998.

Remember that, these comparatively giant toys (beanie buddies) were derived only from the award winner beanie babies. Which make it clear that Patti the Platypus was also from the award-winning cabinet of beanie babies by TY Inc.

And now the biggest open secret, the word Patti was derived from the (TY Inc. owner) Ty Warner’s girlfriend Patricia Roche.

So Patti, simultaneously appeared in Beanie babies, Teeni babies and Beanie buddies. For that reason, the first generation Patti the Platypus are extremely rare and expensive.

Comes with four different colors, fuchsia, magenta, maroon and raspberry. Out of which the first generation, tush tagged, Patti the Platypus Fuchsia (often referred as Patti the Platypus deep fuchsia) and Patti the Platypus Magenta are of much importance.


4. 1995 Nana The Monkey (Bongo) –$4,000

1995 Nana The Monkey (Bongo)
IMAGE: bbtoystore.

In essence, nana is bongo and bongo is nana but there’re a couple of small differences. If you found them (differences), you can’t say that nana is bongo and bongo is nana.

Because nana is far more expensive and rare than the bongo that can be easily acquired/found. No 1, nana has a tail slightly different from his other body color (tan color). Whereas, Bongo has a same colored tail just like his other body color. No 2, nana has a tag with the name ‘Nana the Monkey’ as compared to Bongo whose tag suggest ‘Bongo the Monkey’.

When we looked around, we found Nana the Monkey with tan tail listed/sold (not on the eBay only. that is just a small signal we use to compile our list) on high prices as we were expecting. And the Nana with the German tags is unique where it is referred as ‘Mitch’.

Moreover, due to Nana’s rising popularity in 1990’s, its Teenie Beanie and Beanie Buddy versions were also made.


3. 2006 Chef Robuchon Bear –$7,354

2006 Chef Robuchon Bear
IMAGE: TYcollector

By reaching so far it is confirmed, as we can say with certainty, that those beanie babies that were named or linked to some notable personalities or legends are the most expensive beanie babies of all.

Like here is another one after the Patti (named for Warner’s G.F. Patricia). Chef Robuchon Bear was named in the honor of French chef Joël Robuchon.

Robuchon Bear was produced particularly for the promotion of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon restaurant.

Round about 200 Chef Robuchon Bear were presented to the participants. Mainly the guests and other invitees (including the journalists) at the time of opening.

This limited edition of beanie babies is truly rare to find. And collectors weigh it as an expensive rare beanie baby. This baby is wearing a white chef uniform and hat. In his hand there is a book contained Chef Robuchon’s exclusive Potato Puree recipe.


2. 1995 Peanut The Elephant (Royal Blue) –$8,695

1995 Peanut The Elephant (Royal Blue)
IMAGE: Picclick

This beanie baby is seem like the super hero of these most valuable beanie babies. Also appeared in Teenie babies and beanie buddies version with its actual color, light blue. Collectors say that the Royal Blue color was actually the result of a lapse. Once detected, all the lateral production came with the light blue color. But those with the Royal Blue color eventually turned into the rare pieces of Peanut the Elephant.

The very first known most expensive deal of the Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant was cut in 2000 for the $3,005. The auction was held by the Smart Collecting Auctions that lasts for the seven days, attracted four bids and one cool buyer.

Though the beanie babies craze was in the sky at that but keep in mind that almost 16 years before, the inflation rate wasn’t so high. And $3,005 was a huge amount for a small piece of a toy that can be bought for a few bucks.

The information is that there were only 200 Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant were produced during the June to Oct 1995 and then retired. Hence they are rare, the toy itself is beautiful and worth receiving high bids.


1. 1997 Princess Diana The Bear –$502,000

1997 Princess Diana The Bear
IMAGE: Picclick

Princess Diana Bear was the hot popular and top 1 amongst the most expensive beanie babies in the world. This was arguably the most valuable beanie baby with an overstating selling price of $502,000. And an estimated realized price $9,000.

They relate this baby to the Diana, Princess of Wales. Just like its character princess Diana, it is also the mysterious one.

Many think that Princes Diana Bear that was originally produced in 1997 is a rare piece of beanie babies. Other contrary the opinion that it is not rare but the result of a situation. Those who deny Princes Diana Bear’s rarity give many explanations something like the speculators spread the rumors, etc,etc.

But the thing is, it had been talked about as the most expensive beanie babies in the past.