The 10 Most Expensive Colleges in the United States

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The most expensive college in the United States is currently said to be the ‘Scripps College’ of the Claremont city, California. Where an average fee or cost of attendance (COA) for the academic year 2016-2017 is $71,917.

That’s a huge sum. Nah?

Along with that, we have ten other most expensive colleges in the United States on the list. Where the average tuition fees are simply the way higher than buying a Porsche.

I.e. The highest tuition fees & the other required deposits. Plus the living expenses that the students should have to bear in order to complete their degree in these colleges are absolutely more than average. And all of it make these posh American schools the most expensive schools in America.


The List of Most Expensive Colleges in the USA

Before jumping into the countdown let me give you a brief note about the ranking of least to most expensive colleges.

The numbers suggest the average cost of attendance for a whole academic year, proposed by the relevant college. It may or may not include all the other prerequisites (Room/Board/Health/Books & Supplies) as many colleges state their COA as a single sum and few of them break this into the categories.

There still other charges/expenses can occur. So, the actual cost may vary and the amount mentioned here could differ.


10. Bard College –$67,627

Bard and the Liberal Arts Bard College
IMAGE: simons-rock

One of the oldest college in New York, having its roots to 1860 when it was founded as ‘St. Stephen’s College’.

As compared to the first year students, the fees for the returning students at Bard College is slightly low. But it is also as much as $65,924 for the college residents. And $51,716 for off-campus returning students.


9. Sarah Lawrence College –$67,823

Sarah Lawrence College NY

Sarah Lawrence is a private Liberal art college in Bronxville, New York.

One logic that’ll make sense to you about Sarah Lawrence being a most expensive college in the town is their optimum faculty.

There, you’ll have one faculty member available to you after every 9th student in the row.

Also, the college offers ‘merit scholarships’ based on the academic performance of the student. And the Sarah Lawrence gift aid, etc.


8. Claremont McKenna College –$68,255

Beautiful Campus of Claremont Mckenna College
IMAGE: ipernity

It is situated in Claremont, California. Comes in the counting of a few notable undergraduate schools of the city.

Apart from the tuition fees (which is not that small either), charges for room and board are also very high there. And if you’re thinking of living outside the college hostel, then off course you can also opt-in. But you may still have to pay $100 per semester as an Off-Campus student fee.


7. University of Southern California –$69,711

University of Southern California Campus in Evening
IMAGE: huffpost

Lies in the center of Los Angles, CA.  It was founded in 1880 and has the main focus on the study of medicine, journalism, and cinematic arts.

No doubt, University of Southern California  (USC) is a big name in private sector research universities of the United States. And just like its high fame, the fees too are high there.

For an undergraduate course, the students must have to pay not less than $69,711 per year.


6. Dartmouth College –$69,879

Baker Library Dartmouth College in Winter

Dartmouth College is the eight’s gem of the iconic Ivy League schools. Established in the year 1769 and base in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Though it is a most expensive college where the fees are quite high. Yet, the college will charge you nothing if your family income is less than or equal to $100,000. Not a single penny as a college tuition fee to the eligible students who have awarded the admission.

The college also offers easy loans, abundant scholarships and claim that the 50% of the students at Dartmouth study on scholarships.


5. New York University –$71,754

Stern School of Business New York University

The college of 35 Nobel Prize winners is located in the heart of New York City, NY. Founded in 1831 and often labeled as the non-profit research institute.

But on seeing its ‘Cost of Attendance’ sheet, it doesn’t seem so.

However, New York University (NYU) provides the financial assistance to the needy students (freshman).

And around 25,500 students are awarded admission in undergraduate programs every year.


4. Harvey Mudd College –$71,917

Harvey Mudd College Campus

Harvey Mudd College (HMC) started its services as a science & engineering college in 1955. And now other colleges in the vicinity depend on it for certain things.

But that doesn’t cut the cost of studying in this most expensive college of Claremont, CA. An average of $71,917 is needed in order to secure your admission in HMC.


3. University of Chicago –$71,935

University of Chicago's Campus Life
IMAGE: Yahoo News

Another big name in our list. U of C or University of Chicago started its journey in the 19th century (1890). And now holds a great position among top medicine schools of the USA and hence the top most expensive colleges.

Unlike the previous years, the fees are slightly increased and have raised from $67,584 per year to $67,584 per year.


2. Columbia University –$72,110

Columbia University Butler Library

The priciest of the world are the Ivy League schools. And the priciest of Ivy League is the Columbia University.

This was one aspect of the picture. Come let me show you the other side of the same picture now.

Columbia University offers and grants lots of study scholarships to the students under different names and quotas. If a student’s annual family income is less than $60,000 he/she doesn’t necessarily need to pay anything to the University. They name it ‘0 contribution program’.


1. Scripps College –$73,010

Students in Scripps College Campus
IMAGE: Odyssey

Scripps College is topping the list of most expensive colleges in the United States for the session 2016-2017.

It was previously ranked as 6th most expensive college with an average cost of attendance $66,664. This way it also becomes the single most expensive women college in the United States.

Again, these are the most trusted colleges of not only the US but of the whole of the world. Their fees are high, I don’t know why, many reasons involve. They’re expensive, this is a fact. But don’t take their huge COA as the symbol of their bad repute.