Most Expensive Dogs in the World [10 Expensive Dog Breeds]

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No matter if it is the most expensive dog in the world or if it is the cheapest one. Dogs have always been loyal to their master.

And it’s coming run for centuries. They do this unconditional love or affection without any discrimination. Yes, however, man distinguishes the most expensive dogs of the world from others and places them on higher/lower kingdoms of Animalia.

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It is done on the basis of wise dog breeds, some breeds, those are actually the most intelligent dogs and that some breeds of the dogs are extremely rare.

So, you can say, there are some of the key factors that are considered in man’s best friends (dogs) and it is exactly what lead to the competition of most expensive dog breeds.

Curiosity grows, now that you must be thinking of if your pet also belongs to the world’s most expensive dog breeds? OR if I’m not wrong, you really want to know who the most expensive dog in the world is? And that how much does it cost? Etc. Etc.

The List of Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Alright, here I have the list of most expensive dog breeds. Ranking top 10 most expensive dogs from lowest to highest average price.

This average price suggests the price at which any of the dog listed here is reported to be sold, can be sold, or worth selling at. Let me make it clear to you that exceptions can exists and prices can vary. Puppies are normally cheap, so the stubborn and untrained dogs too. While the skillful and groomed dogs are rare to find, so gain in value.

And at no. 1 in the list, I have ‘Tibetan Mastiff’ which is not only a most expensive dog breed but also holds the record of the most expensive dog in the world. Keep scrolling..


10. Chow Chow –$5,125 Avg.

Chow Chow Dog
IMAGE: flickr

Chows or Chow Chow are an old breed that can be tamed to live with family if done in his early ages. Basically, it is well known for herding, favored companion on a hunt, and a strong guard.

Chows do not get a long stature but their hair coat is longer than usual, giving them a lion-like appearance. Another notable thing about them is their ‘Tongue’. It is either Blackish-Blue or Bluish-Black but beautiful & unique.

Don’t you go to their outward shape and face only. They may look cute to you in appearance but are very strong and tough in nature.

Chow chow Root back to china where it is also called “Songshi Quan” in general, means “Puffy Lion Dog”.


9. English-French Bulldog –$6,250 Avg.

English Bulldogs
IMAGE: stuckonmars/flickr

This chuffy fella is kinda different from all others in this list of priciest dogs in the world. Many of you will already be familiar with this dog breed. Lots of people like him because of its wide chest, small height, and the very social behavior.

They’re actually two brothers, mirror of each other. Apparently same but have slight differences in and around nose, lips, temperament, etc. One of which is referred as ‘English Bulldog’, ‘British Bulldog’, ‘American Bulldog’ or simply ‘Bulldog’ (that’s because he’s elder). While the other one is ‘French Bulldog’ or ‘Frenchies’.

This is an intelligent dog breed that can be a good friend in solitude, a babysitter (just saying because he becomes friend with the kids too), and a guard.

In short, he can truly be a great family pet if you make him your family member since his childhood.


8. Rottweiler – $6,857 Avg.

Rottweiler Dog
IMAGE: zkphotography/flickr

An intelligent and powerful dog, capable of making a serious threat to the strangers and irrelevant existence in his surroundings.

He was once used to pull the dogcarts due to its large size and muscular body. Besides his poor history, Rottweiler is now purposefully employed in police/customs in search, detect and rescue operations.

Not in constabulary only, it can also serve as a perfect family dog due to his dutiful and gentle nature. As all you need is a smart dog who is obedient, strong and adept in guarding your home. Especially in your absence and situational moments.


7. Löwchen –$7,500 Avg.

Lowchen Dogs
IMAGE: JWT7/flickr

The Charming Fido has a German background where it is known as a ‘little Lion’. In fact, his German name Löwchen is what means ‘Lion’ in English. Due to its small-size and beautiful dense coat (throughout the body) it is also referred as a ‘Toy-Dog’ on some occasions.

This sweet little lion is extremely rare and expensive type of dog in the world.

According to a careful estimation, only a few number of Löwchen are bred every year in the world.

Lowchen are usually frisky, sportive and wise. They demand a good care/attention and mind if you ignore or left them alone for a longer time. Though this doesn’t mean that they’re sticky but it is due to their sensitive yet happy disposition.


6. Akita –$7,600 Avg.

Akita Dog

Potentially dominant and fearless dog breed. It is a well-known dog (as featured in many super-hit movies) who at the same time a very popular (due to the doge meme mania) also.

Akita have got a reliable personality and you can’t doubt on his intelligence level. You’ll find that he always keeps an alert posture, as such he’s prepared for and aware of any unexpected danger.

An adult Akita gets the huge physique with a thick double coat and a long hanging tongue.

His place of origin is Japan but now can be found round the globe with Japanese/American variations. Buying a registered dog is always a good idea (so that you know the actual hierarchy of your pet). And I’d suggest, go for a purebred Japanese Akita if you’re going to have one as pet.


5. Samoyed –$9,400 Avg.

Samoyed Dog
IMAGE: jimzhanb/flickr

Essentially, Samoyed was bred by Samoyeds or Nenets (Samoyedic peoples of Siberia) to pull their sleds and to protect (watch out) their herds.

But this white little pup with a shaggy soft coat became a popular pet in the world, all due to his deadly smile. When he smiles, his lips get curled and the inner black part of them becomes obvious. It can be seen no matter if his mouth is closed or open.

‘Samoyed Smile’ is also a sign of his being a loving-heart dog. And all of it reflects in his nature too. He’s energetic, loyal, intelligent and a social dog. Equally gentle with all age groups i.e. adults, kids, even with infants.

He is also very smart in herding, playing, completing tasks and gets bored if he finds nothing to do. So keep ‘em busy, train ‘em well to avoid his stubbornness.


4. Pharaoh Hound –$9,500 Avg.

Pharaoh Hound Dog Breed
IMAGE: pharaohhound1/flickr

One of the quaint looking race of dogs mainly used for hunting. It has nothing much to do with the Egyptian Pharaohs, however, it is the national animal of Malta. Where in Maltese it is written as ‘Kelb tal-Fenek’ which means ‘Rabbit dog’ and is traditionally used to hunt the rabbits over there.

The title of a most expensive dog comes true on him (Pharaoh Hound) also because of his relatively one-off body structure. He is a light weight hound, can be able to move with a fast speed and take high jumps. He can rapidly chase any fast moving individual but dumb if you’re seeing him as a guard dog.

Due to his shy nature he takes longer than usual in embracing new things, people, places, sounds and faces.

Pharaoh Hounds can be more playful if you treat their humor ably.


4. Irish Wolfhound – $10,000 Avg.

Irish Wolfhound Dog
IMAGE: FBeer/flickr

It can be a bit more expensive to own a Dave-sized Irish wolfhound because his proud and airs are very high. This is one of the most expensive dog in the world side by side one of the tallest dog breed on the earth also.

They’re good runners, hunters, and guards. Gentle & calm in a favorable air, though not always but fierce & cruel in bad situations.

This giant, yet cutest dog needs a proper focus of mind to learn to make proper responses. Regular exercise, to stay healthy and polite gestures as a reward, because of his sensitive temperament.

He is cautious with visitors but also shows respect to them. Despite his massive height, Irish Wolfhound is greatly endorsed for his reliability & pliability as a pet dog.


2. German Shepherd –$11,333 Avg.

German Shepherd Intelligent Dog Breed
IMAGE: countryliving

The clamor and slander of German Shepherds fame are far and wide. He is a very confident, fearless and active dog breed.

German shepherd possess certain set of qualities that many other expensive dog breeds lack. He is a pure army dog that can be trained to work in critical situations to accomplish the complex military tasks.

He needs a plenty of physical exercises to retain his natural shape, control his vigorous temper and calm his athletic soul that is filled with lots of energy.

Because he can also think more smartly (at least more sharply than other intelligent dog breeds) he also always needs short mental exercises to nourish his intelligence.

Not really a social type at first but if trained, he can learn the social ethics and can do anything you teach him to do when in public.


1. Tibetan Mastiff  – $1.5 million Avg.

Tibetan Mastiff Brown Dog
IMAGE: hdwallpapers

The most expensive dog in the world is Tibetan Mastiff that can cost you around $1.5 million or more. This is a giant dog breed, having a lion-like appearance and found in Tibetan regions of Himalaya.

Tibetan Mastiffs have a long history of five centuries. This intelligent dog has been used to guard the livestock, crops, flocks, people and the lands. Deployed in wars and even worshiped by the age-old natives.

He is totally a watchful guard who stays calm, quiet and patrol his territory to monitor the circumstances. Moreover, he is a self-reliant and powerful dog who is capable of taking control of any severe situation by himself alone. Mastiffs are more active at night.

Thick double coat and heavy mane around the neck make it resembles with the Lion.  A completely grown mastiff can weigh up to 130kg or more.


Why Is He The Most Expensive Dog in the World

One of a Red Tibetan Mastiff is reported to be sold for $1.5 million in China. But the story doesn’t last on buying. The new owner still need lost of money to keep his Mastiff happy.

Because Tibetan Mastiff is a whole more of a dog, it is probably not a good option for an average (income) person to pet this animal. As it is not just about buying a Mastiff but feeding and handling a Mastiff.

It requires more food, exercise place, and a wide kennel. He can make high jumps, climb difficult hurdles and dig deeper holes when necessary. Obviously, you have to cast a lot, to keep him happy.