Ten Most Expensive Engagement Rings Bought to Celebrities

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If most expensive engagement ring of the world is nothing but the display of the wealth? OR Is it really to show the worth of the girl?

In this post, I’ll talk about the most expensive celebrity engagement rings on the planet.

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Forget it if you’re thinking that the world’s most expensive engagement ring cost a few hundred thousand dollars. On the contrary, the world’s most expensive engagement rings are weighed in millions of dollars.

That’s right, these engagement rings are much more expensive than one can imagine.

The rings that are/were particularly bought and given to the celebrities by the celebrities. And perhaps the reason they’re so much expensive and hailed as the most expensive engagement rings in the world.

The celebrities are always the most special humans. They’re popular, and they’re famous that even if they touch a simple, random engagement ring, it’ll become the most expensive ring in the world. But what about those engagement rings that essentially, belong to them? That are resting on these celebrities’ beautiful fingers from always?

Absolutely, the world’s most expensive engagement rings befit their (celebrities) dignity. They deserve it because they’re beautiful, they’re great, they’re smart and most importantly they’re lovable. The whole world loves them.

But still there can be two opinions: these engagement rings are expensive because of the expensive material being used in the making. Which is a measure of the girls’ love. Because of their relativeness with the celebrities. Or both, anyway.

The Most Expensive Engagement Rings List

Here, I have some special celebrities in the list and their most expensive engagement rings of all, that are top of the way.

I’ll try to bring those facts into the topic that make these engagement rings the most expensive one. The reasons, the logics and all the interesting stories attached to them.


10. Jacqueline Kennedy –$2.6 Million

Jacqueline Kennedy
IMAGE: Femalefatal.com

In 1968, a renowned businessman Aristotle Onassis proposed Jacqueline Kennedy for the marriage. Seeing her willingness, Onassis gave her a beautiful diamond ring of 40 carats.

The ring was made from a famous diamond ‘Lesotho-III’, discovered in 1967 at Letseng-la-Terae, Lesotho. Harry Winston was the company (jewelers) who designed this ring by shaping that rough diamond (Lesotho-III) of 601.25 carats.

It is said that Jacqueline Kennedy wore this ring only a couple of times during his lifespan. And the rest of the time it remained in a bank locker till the date of its auction.


9. Melania Knauss –$3.0 Million

Melania Knauss
IMAGE: businessinsider.com

The U.S. Presidential candidate (maybe president) bought this most beautiful engagement ring from the world’s most phenomenal jewels ‘Graff Diamonds’. At a most expensive price of $3,000,000 and for her beautiful lady (maybe first lady) Melania Knauss.

This a 15-carat diamond ring with a pure platinum arrangement, molded in a delightful design. Trump presented this exceptional ring to the very gorgeous Melania Knauss (a Slovenian Model) on his engagement ceremony in 2004. Soon after their commitment, they got married on the starting of the next year. Melania is Trump’s third wife after Ivana & Marla and arguably the luckiest one among all three.


8. Vanessa Bryant –$4.0 Million

Vanessa Bryant
IMAGE: elitegemjewelry.com

The backstage story of this most expensive engagement ring, often referred as the ‘apology ring’ is quite interesting.

The Los Angeles Lakers football player was charged for raping a teenager in 2003. And because he was already married to Vanessa Bryant in 2001, he bought such an expensive diamond ring of 8 carats for his beautiful wife to make an apology for cheating her.

Here is Kobe’s apology to his sweetheart Vanessa Bryant:

“You’re my backbone. You’re a blessing. You’re a piece of my heart. You’re the air I breathe. And you’re the strongest person I know, and I’m so sorry for having to put you through this and having to put our family through this.” — Kobe Bryant


7. Jennifer Lopez –$4.0 Million

Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony was the third husband of Jennifer Lopez and the first man to buy a high-cost diamond ring for the lady.

It was a Neil Lane’s diamond ring of 8.5 carats, worth about $4,000,000.

Anthony married two girls before and another one after Lopez but none of else received a pricey engagement ring as she did. They got married in 2004 and unfortunately this highly admired marriage couldn’t last for more than a decade.

Before this ring, Jenifer was attributed to a $2.5 million worth engagement ring from Ben Affleck. They announced their engagement in January 2004 that couldn’t lead to a marriage.

This ring was a beautiful pink diamond ring by Harry Winston of 6.1-carats precious stone.


6. Grace Kelly –$4.6 Million

Grace Kelly

Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco asked Grace Kelly for the marriage in 1995. On seeing her willingness, Prince gave her this magnificent ring to occupy his bride in a traditional way.

This is a 10.47 carats diamond ring by the Cartier Jewelers with an estimated price of $4.6 million or more.

The ring is bearing two baguette-cut diamonds studded in a platinum 950 base. And being an actor, Grace had also worn/displayed this ring in her movie “High Society” released in 1956. So, basically, this ring is priceless in a way but yeah.


5. Paris Hilton –$4.7 Million

Paris Hilton
IMAGE: Pinterest

This rectangular shaped white gold ring that is customized with a 24-karat gold and 25-carat diamond, was given to Paris Hilton by his EX, Paris Latsis.

The ring is huge enough that it once reported to hurt her beautiful finger also. We all know that this engagement couldn’t survive for more than a quarter of a year. And eventually she sold the ring in an auction to raise the money for ‘Hurricane Katrina’ in 2005.

Sources tell that the lot received comparatively low bids as expected and the ring sold at a realized price of $2 billion. Where on the other hand, Paris Latsis is reported to spend a huge $4.7 billion on its purchase. Such a great difference, nah? However, it can cost you even more than $4.7 billion now.


4. Beyonce –$5 Million

Beyonce and Jay Z
IMAGE: elle.com

Beyonce and Jay Z is a special couple among all celebrity couples. They’re happily married since the year 2008. And the ring that Beyonce received from Jay Z isn’t a random one. It is also the most special, the most expensive engagement ring, the world has ever seen.

Designed by the top Jewels Designer of United States ‘Lorraine Schwartz’. She is one of the most preferred jewel designers of the Hollywood celebrities.

An octagon-cut 18 carats flawless diamond is studded into the beautiful Platinum base of the ring. Making it the most adorable jewelry on the earth.


3. Kim Kardashian –$8 Million

Beautiful Kim Kardashian with Kanye West
IMAGE: people.com

With a spectacular $8 million price it becomes the third most expensive engagement ring in the world. On the other side of the picture, Kim as a girl, is one of the luckiest girl who happened to receive a huge love at two different times, from two different people.

First, from the NBA player ‘Kris Humphries’ in 2011 when Kris proposed the beauty queen on a reality T.V show. That was a 2 million dollars ring, designed and developed by the very famous ‘Lorraine Schwartz’. A total of 20.5 carats of emerald diamond was used in that engagement ring.

That relation couldn’t last longer but there were many lovers still in the queue line. Kanye West, the famous Hip-hopper proposed the hot Hollywood girl in 2014 with an ostentatious 8 million dollar diamond ring. The ring is embellished by a cushion-cut diamond of 15 carats. And again, it comes directly from ‘Lorraine Schwartz’ who gave the flawless diamond of the ring, the optimum cut & clarity.


2. Elizabeth Taylor –$8.8 Million

Elizabeth Taylor Showing Krupp Diamond
IMAGE: celebuzz.com

Richard Burton, married twice to Elizabeth Taylor and presented her the world’s most valuable engagement ring. The ring is mostly referred as, ‘Krupp Diamond Ring’ that has always been the most expensive celebrity engagement ring from ab initio. It is an Asscher-cut 33.19 carats diamond ring based on a beautiful platinum bottom.

Their engagement and marriage as a whole is itself an interesting story. Now either if should I praise this or rate this, I don’t really know. But it gives a strange feeling always. The man bought to girl a huge expensive ring to make her feel special but what? Though it was a second time but this love story could last for merely one year only.


1. Mariah Carey –$10 Million

Mariah Carey with James Packer
IMAGE: nydailynews.com

The top most expensive engagement ring in the world was given to Mariah Carey by the Australian businessman James Packer. With a cool $10 Million, it becomes the single most expensive celebrity engagement ring in the world.

Its actual price is however still controversial. It has seen a lot of contradictions and variations in price tags quoted by some most popular and famous online publishers. One of them valued this engagement ring to be around $5,000,000 while the other thinks it worth $7.5 million. And so the many others who reported this to be near $10,000,000 in value.

The ring itself is beautiful and tantalizing, designed by the world famous ‘Wilfredo Rosado’. Where an emerald-cut 35-carat diamond is used to magnify its beauty.