15 Most Expensive Items on Amazon Currently on Fire

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It says, money can’t buy happiness. Sad! But don’t you be worry. Here are some of the most expensive items on amazon your money can actually buy.

Perhaps! Only your money can buy. Because, from today’s luxuries to the ancient items of Adam’s age, Amazon has much to offer you. Some of them are rare enough that you can’t find them anywhere else. Other are weird enough that sellers exclusively choose Amazon to sell their items with a huge price tag.

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Pinpoint is if you have money and lots and lots of it. You can make any of these most expensive items listed on Amazon, YOURS. F_ck the rest (love).


List of Most Expensive Items on Amazon

Let’s take a look at the top most expensive item on amazon, from different product departments. You may find that certain items in the list are carrying nothing but just outrageous price tags.

Why is so? We’ll try to analyze it here and you’ll  also observe some criticism as a taste.

Let’s jump into the very first.


15. Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy: Bye Molly –$600

Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy; Bye Molly Video
IMAGE: Amazon

We choose 15 major categories to determine the most expensive item on Amazon’s each product department. To find out what people are selling / buying / listing on Amazon. At what prices and what are the most expensive things one can possibly buy on Amazon?

Consequently, this thing took our attention very first.

Truly speaking, we can’t find out why people would like to pay $300 just to watch this video and $600 to own it. Seriously, why?

Just  because it’s too funny, hilarious or what? We still need to figure out this dilemma. But if you know, what you’re doing, you can spend your money on it. And take the video away, based on some comedy scenes/moments for $600.


14. Human Skull Head Healing Reiki –$2,280

Handmade Human Skull Head Healing Reiki
IMAGE: Amazon

Anyone who is affiliated with ‘Reiki’ healing procedures would be interested in its purchase.

This is just a whole lot of weird and a whole lot of most expensive item on Amazon, available at $2,280. But he/she should be bold enough (rich & brave) to spend such a big money on a scary piece of decor.

The seller calls it ‘Head Healing Reiki’ which basically means, this handmade human skull is somehow linked with the Reiki healing procedures if not.

This is huge, large in size (11.1″x7.68″x9.06″) and heavily weighed (13193g 29.32Lb) skull. Amethyst geode agate is used in its preparation. And have been carved on a crystal rock.


13. 46″ LCD Video Wall Display –$77,814.64

46 LCD Video Wall Display
IMAGE: Amazon

Samsung manufactures expensive tech products and this is the one example. What we found being sold on a sky-high price via Amazon and so, adding in the list.

This is totally ridiculous why a 46 inches LCD video Wall display is nearly a hundred thousand dollars in price? The worst part is, it is a used item of Amazon listings. Maybe you would consider buying this high-priced LCD wall display at that price if it would be a new one. But in-case here, it would definitely be what we call ‘Stupidity’.

Yet, you can afford this stupidity if you own the bulk of the money. No one will stop you, come on!


12. Jesus on the Throne Painting –$100,000

Jesus on the Throne Handmade Painting
IMAGE: Amazon

An oil painting of Jesus Christ, painted on a canvas of 36″x 48″ by the year 2008.

Artist Natalie, the person behind this artwork says that it takes 21 to 30 days to make such painting from start to finish.

If you love Jesus Christ (I mean who not?), having some sense of artwork (especially in oil paintings) and don’t mind spending one hundred thousand dollars. You can order one “Jesus on the Throne” for you directly from Amazon.com.


11. 1984 The Book Game –$218,447.75

1984 The Book Game
IMAGE: Amazon

This expensive book from 1984 has about 4,000 questions on the Holy Bible. Out of which almost 1,000 are particularly intended for the kids.

But for this, you probably need a rich friend (or you yourself need to be as rich as your rich friend would be) who wanted to gift you something and you say, “1984’s The Book Game from Amazon please.”

Wait! What about sacrificing your home for a religious book? Go ahead sell your home first, only if you’ll have no regrets in future. Because this is really a most expensive item on Amazon listed at $218,447.75. All of that just for 4,000 questions game book.


10. Jules Audemars Grande Complication –$275,500

Audemars Piguet Jules Grand Complications mechanical-hand-wind mens Watch
IMAGE: Amazon

Audemars Piguet (AP) is the other name of luxury when its hot watches come in question. And this used Mechanical Hand Wind, Jules Grande Complications by Audemars Piguet isn’t cheap at all.

The seller does have a pre-owned certificate by WatchFacts, Inc. that carries 98 scores and mint condition for sure.

‘Large square scale’ crocodile leather is used in the straps, Sapphire in the dial, white gold in the hands, and the Titanium in the case.

It uses striking mechanisms, capable of doing short-time measurements, Jumping, repeater, standard hours and astronomical indications. But the price, absurdly high.


9. Organic Neroli Essential Oil Blend  –$394,187.70

Organic Neroli Essential Oil Blend
IMAGE: Amazon

Have you ever thought that an oil could be that expensive? Yes, this is the most expensive item on amazon from ‘Beauty & Personal Care’ category.

If this is not a common oil then what could be so special in it? That demands a large sum of money from your pocket, right? Here’re a few details we’ve fetched about this high-priced Amazon listing.

Product catalog states that this oil is a blend of Neroli oil (found in orange flowers) with a definite percentage of sunflower. Whose botanical name is “Citrus Aurantium Var. Amara”.

Having a fine floweret-citrus fragrance and is distilled from the flowers at its origins of Moroccan regions.

It is said to be a very effective operative agent for the anxiety relief, digestion, skin, depression, and for the other psychological disorders.

Besides Amazon, it is a most expensive beauty item also and sells for $215.40 per ounce at regular price.


8. Montague Dawson – Up Chanel “The Lahloo” –$450,000

Montague Dawson - Up Chanel The Lahloo
IMAGE: Amazon

An oil painting of a sailing ship surrounded with the cyclones is surely going to break your bank account if interested.

This is an original and signed canvas copy of the painting that can make your room a tasteful place. Aside from that, there is so much money on the one side and this stormy boat in comparison? Wow!

It is listed for a six figured price at amazon with an incredible $450,000.


7. Manuscript Annotated/Signed By ‘Bat’ Masterson –475,000

Manuscript Annotated And Signed By William Barclay 'Bat' Masterson
IMAGE: Amazon

The manuscript, annotated and signed by a legend is available on Amazon for $475,000.

This 6-page document was typed by the William Barclay “Bat” Masterson for the Robert M. Wright’s autobiography book ‘Dodge City, The Cowboy Capital.’

The content of the script is based on a concise biography about William Masterson and his brother Ed Masterson.

The script was probably written in 1913, has only four corrections, William Barclay ‘Bat’ Masterson’s full-long signatures and is apparently in a good condition.

The seller is also providing the Certificate of Authenticity for the item.


6. 1907 Indian $10 Dollar Coin –$656,300

1907 Indian $10 Ten Dollar Coin
IMAGE: Amazon

A $10 Indian coin from the past that worth only equal to 10 USD in 1907. Now it is the most expensive item on Amazon, selling for a startling $656,000. What an amazing growth it is, a royal development mapped by a tiny piece of metal.

It holds MS 67 by the NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). NGC certifies that this coin is affected to a lesser extent by anything throughout the time. Which is the least probability one can imagine happening in almost 116 years.

Above all, this is the only known ‘Rolled Edge’ currency type from 1907. Which definitely suggest it is really a rare item on Amazon.


5. 1932 The Old Dark House Movie Poster –$750,000

1932 The Old Dark House Movie Poster
IMAGE: Amazon

Horror movie poster from 1932, displaying the outrageous horror price on Amazon.

We cannot understand how much and what kind of happiness a disgusting piece of paper (27 x 41) can bring in someone’s life by shedding a gigantic amount of money on Amazon.

However, there’s no problem for betting on this frightening poster via Amazon that is a single left in the stock. But there’re two conditions a must:

  • You’re a filthy rich movie geek.
  • And you have no difficulties in turning a greater number of currency papers to a single daunting poster paper.


4. 1975 Topps #221 Willie/Parrish  –$766,010

1975 Topps #221 Willie Buchanon Football Card
IMAGE: Amazon

Trading cards, whether of Baseball trading cards, Football trading cards or the most expensive YuGiOh cards. All of them are a serious and massive money.

People from all over the world, have been collecting-trading them. And keeping the sports cards as a hobby for a long-long time.

And right here we’ve found such example being traded at Amazon also.

We presume, that a true football (soccer) fan could fritter away all of his/her fortune for a single card if. It is really rare, and serve as a great memorabilia.

For all that reasons, this card here doesn’t sound that rare and valuable. Even after that, it is one of the top most expensive items on Amazon. We also examined that many other sellers are also selling the identical card on slightly cheap prices meanwhile.

Now, might be the reason that this seller is just bragging more than card’s actual value. Trying to cheat the people or the shown price is just a kind of bug in Amazon system. That haven’t been identified yet. God knows better!


3. 1930 Freaks Movie Poster –$850,000

1930 Freaks Movie Poster
IMAGE: Amazon

This is the second (movie poster) on the list and hence we found an item on Amazon being labeled with a ridiculously expensive price label another time.

This is crazy that people tend to pay off a handsome amount of money for a crap movie poster that means nothing. Although, the horror movie “Freaks” was a great hit in 1930 but what it has to do with at present?

All the logics on the side, we found that the phrase on the poster is really attractive and attention grabbing, though:

“Can a Full Grown Woman Truly Love a Midget?”

But is this what makes a buyer shell out a big sum of his/her pocket money for just to have a movie poster that reminds him/her something from the past?

Probably, yes. But in order to do that, you need a billionaire’s affiliation and hurry because the description says; “Only 1 left in stock”.


2. An Explanation of the System of Strategy –$1,000,000

An Explanation of the System of Strategy
IMAGE: Amazon

If that’s true then “An Explanation of the System of Strategy: Advanced Tactical Training” with a $1 million price, is one of the second most expensive item on amazon and the top most expensive DVD in the world.

The editorial reviews of this amazon item suggest that it really worth million dollars.

The DVD contains the precious information about the war strategies, modern and classic arts of the warfare. And the life study of some notable warriors in the war.


1. 1960s Vintage Bicycle –$75,000,000

1960s Vintage Bicycle
IMAGE: Amazon

The single most expensive item on Amazon we found; is a 1960’s Vintage Bicycle that can cost you an astounding $75 million.

Can you believe that with the money for which this most expensive item on amazon is listed. You can buy 30s ‘Ferrari F60 America’, 22s ‘Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere’, and 16s ‘Lamborghini Veneno’?

But we know priorities matter. So, if you’re having that much of money by your side, you can move ahead and cut your deal with Amazon’s vintage bicycle any time soon before the listing ends.