10 Insanely Most Expensive Magic Cards: The Hit List

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Imagine! You have the most powerful, the most expensive magic card in your hand and someone if not more-and-more people are willing to buy it.

For how much money would you like to sell it?

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Try making a speculation!

Speculations, Yes. This is where the magic gathering game begins. It is said that only a real jeweler can tell you the actual value of a diamond. This seems true in the case of Magic: The Gathering cards game.

The expensive magic card does not become the most expensive magic card right after opening it from the booster pack. But the time, buyers and the circumstances decide their value.

Richard Branson bought the Necker Island of worth $6 million USD for only $180,000 USD in 1978. What does this suggest to you?

Most Expensive Magic Card List

Well, stay tuned and look for my list of top 10 most expensive magic cards in the world. And I’ll see you at the end of the list with my question.

Meanwhile, if you’re prompted by some great idea, that you wanna share with me. You can always skip the shit and directly post it for me to look into it at the comment section. I want to know how planeswalkers think about the subject. I’d love to read your input, trust me I do.

One more thing, you might already know about the Black Lotus. If talk about the most expensive card In Magic: The Gathering, Black Lotus is always referred as the most expensive magic card of the world. But that’s not the whole story, you need to know more.

Alright, let get started.


10. Volcanic Island  – $4,399.99 max

Volcanic Island - Gathering cards

A dual land card, slightly rare, famous among the planeswalkers and the best fit in the list of top 10 most expensive magic cards in the world. Variations include summer Magic Volcanic Island, Edgar Magic Volcanic Island or Summer Edgar Volcanic Island. Right from the ABUGames.com a Volcanic Island by the artist Brian Snoddy could cost you $5999.99.

If you have the Alpha Volcanic Island Dual Land Magic: The Gathering card in your hand, you can hopefully sketch to have more money than I’m assuming here. Or Beta? Ok, it can also give you enough of the cash.

Volcanic Island is a well-liked magic card. A part of the reason, it was put forwarded for the Vintage Masters Edition on June 16, 2014. An online-only reprint in Vintage format for the magic online (MOL). The reprint is somewhat different from the original and designed by the artist Noah Bradley.


09. Demonic Tutor – $4,999.99 max

Demonic tutor - Expensive M-Card

A very powerful MTG card. Almost everyone will want to have it in their deck. And it is because of his having ability to work at any stage or level of the game.

Probably, it was first published when 1993 was ending or somewhere in 1994. Old and dominant, a deadly combination. Which make it more valued than itself.

Last year In 2015, Demonic Tutor Judge Gift Program (Special) is entitled to cross $800 USD twice in August. And on some other time, Summer Magic/Edgar Demonic Tutor (revised version) is ascertained for 2999.99 USD. Logically, it won’t gonna cost you $100 or something for Alpha, I mean where the less rare versions are performing quite great. Hard to beat the cup!

Unlike others, Demonic Tutor Alpha card is in more demand and has always been the most expensive magic card alpha. The better PSA scores chance to get a couple of more grands.


08. Sol Ring – $5,500.00 max

Sol Ring - Magic the Gathering card

Another early 90’s belonging. It is thought to have a big time in finding a real Alpha Demonic Tutor. However, the Beta Demonic Tutor is abundant and can be acquired easily by spending a couple of hundred bucks.

Sol Ring is banned/restricted in almost all great events like Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. But in collectors point of view, it still got a lot more value than you may think of.

Sol Ring gotta colorful price history. Just look at the most available versions, The Summer Magic Sol Ring, is priced at 2999.99 USD. Whereas another close variant from the Judge Gift Program set is said to worth $174.99 USD only.


07. Mox Sapphire – $6,592.07 max

Mox Sapphire - Magic Card

Mox Sapphire is a precious card, even an unlimited or revised version can cost you a huge money. Because being among power nine is itself awesome. Nah?

You can say, it’s extremely rare piece of Magic’s history.

Mox Sapphire and Mox Jet are those (Mox) found to be highest grossing magic cards throughout the magic days. Even the Beta prints are priced exceptionally high, as up as $7075.70 USD in January 2015. So, from the collectors standpoint, it’s worth grabbing it.


06. Tropical Island – $6,592.07 max

Tropical Island - Mtg card

Just like Mox Sapphire, it is also counted as most heavily cataloged magic: the gathering card. This is the second dual land magic in the list. Since Alpha Tropical Island is almost rare, you’ll find a very few people knowing its existence, talking about it. And hence, very few trading card collectors are found being involved in its trading.

For me, it was a strange signal on not to finding enough stats about this MTG Card. Yet, I’ll grade it among the most expensive magic cards. Less popular but expensive piece of card.


05. Mox Jet – $7,749.00 max

Mox Jet - Magic the Gathering card

Again, power-nine printed back in the year 1993. Off course, this number is widely considered as a rare rarity MTG card. Because of its powerful game functionality, all of its versions are revered. A perfect component of the great deck.

This is very expensive actually. A PSA 9 beta Mox Jet is reported to be sold for 150 USD in 2001, after that it had been sold for 750 USD or 1000 USD  in the year 2007. And now it is far much expensive than the past years.

Besides all, it is a great artwork also, a positive perspective that collectors consider.


04. Ancestral Recall – $20,000.00 max

Ancestral Recall - Magic cards

It’s rare, yes, Absolutely.

One of the most expensive cards listed with highest prices on various auction sites like eBay. Not all but definitely the power nine alpha is the highly desired Ancestral Recall.

Very powerful in the game. Players usually seek for having it a must in their decks in every game or tournament.


03. Black Lotus – $29,999.99 max

Black Lotus - Magic Gathering Card

The Black Lotus in question belongs to 1993’s Alpha Original set. The very first gear of Magic: The Gathering press run. Said to have 1100 prints only and never reissued ever after that.

Black Lotus has been very lucky as it has been and still a very popular magic: the gathering card. The most discussed one. And this popularity seems legit as it is one of the most OP (Overpowered) card in the magic the gathering history. So it will be very fair to say that this is the most powerful and the most desirable card in the magic: the gathering history. And because it got high scale on OP cards list, gatherers doubt it as the only most expensive magic card in the world.

It is reported that an Alpha Black Lotus is sold on eBay for 27k USD. In one of its article Ben Silverman also endorsed the sale of one mint condition black lotus with a price of 30k USD.

“This GEM MINT 10 Black Lotus is the Holy Grail for Magic: The Gathering collectors.” Says, Daniel Chang, an authoritative name in Magic: The Gathering card collection.

The unfortunate thing is that it can only be played in Vintage championship rest assured, it is banned everywhere else.


02. Time Walk – $39,000.00 max

Time Walk - Expensive MTG card

Time Walk also goes in P9 rare category. Rare and a very few of them are seen or reported in better condition which makes an extra push towards expansiveness.

Days are long gone when classic p-nine Alphas were listed for $1000+ or $2000+ not even $20000+ is a near shot. The estimated value of P9 Time Walk Alpha is about $39000 or plus. Time Walk Betas are a completely different scenario, though.

You doubt it? Must be, look at the price history of an Unlimited (edition) Time Walk. It was started from 682.45 USD in 2012 and now ranging between 1170.27 dollars to 1499.99 dollars.


01. Underground Sea – $50,000.00 max

Underground Sea - MTG Card

I’m listing Underground Sea on the top of all, even pushing Black Lotus on the back at 3rd, because there are some solid grounds. The Alpha Underground Sea is assumed to be the rarest rare MTG card, the meanings of which could easily be translated into ‘expensive’.

However, underground sea beta edition is also not far behind in the race of expensiveness. Before going farther, I’d like to give you a little glimpse of Underground Sea (Revised) price history.  An Underground Sea Summer Magic is on the list with $7999.99 USD.

Jared Yost explains that only 40 boxes were known to release which makes 1440 packs in total containing Underground Sea. What else makes MTG cards so rare?


The Last words!

There’s a saying, the people’s language is the drum of the God. These are the most discussed, titled, tagged, or talked about as most expensive magic cards. And we rationally derived the information available around the web to pile up our list of top ten most expensive magic cards.