10 Ridiculously Most Expensive Pokémon Cards Ever

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Are you high? I mean seriously ..who is a real stupid fool that will buy these most valuable, the rarest, whatever, but highly most expensive Pokémon cards?

These are some responses you’ll receive on telling people about these most expensive Pokemon cards. Because it does not meet any logic on them. They’ll reject it, that why would someone spend a huge amount of money on a few pieces of paper. So, they doubt on their (Pokemon trading cards’) value, prices, rarity, anything.

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And right here I have 10 of the most valuable Pokémon cards of the world. That are going to inspire you with their skyrocketing price.


The Most Expensive Pokémon Cards List

FoxBusiness recently published a report about pokefever and the most expensive Pokémon card listings online.

According to that report; on online auction sites, any of the Pokémon-related items sell after every 12 seconds somewhere in the world. Which is the highest selling rate with 57% increase from the historical average selling rate.

What does this all suggest to you about these most expensive Pokemon cards?

1Well, be with me until the end and you’ll get to know some more interesting and sense-opening facts about these Pokemon cards.


10. Shining Card – up to $699

Pokemon Shining Celebi Neo Destiny 106 Card
IMAGE: bulbapedia

This is the only most expensive Pokémon card in this list with an average high price. The rest of all have huge price tags.

Shining Pokemon cards are those where the word shining is found along with the other name. A few examples are Shining Charizard, Shining Celebi (the one you can see in the photo here) and Shining Darkness, etc.

The category of these Pokémon cards is considered as the most expensive category of Pokémon cards.

Take any of a shining Pokémon card from the first edition, with PSA 9 or more, in standing condition (mint at least) and you can easily sell it for thousand dollars on eBay. Don’t you believe? Alright, look into some completed listings on the auction sites and their massive sold prices will surely blow your mind.


9. Ex Full Art – up to $1,000

Pokemon Ex Full Art Entei Card
IMAGE: bulbapedia

Full Art Pokémon Ex cards are the earliest expansions of the Pokémon’s history. The very first English expansion is called Black & White and then Next Destinies followed by the Ex-Pokémon or Pokémon-Ex. And those Pokémon-Ex who have a full art printed on them are referred as Ex Full Art Pokémon cards

Full Art Ex-Pokémon cards section is also full of the most expensive Pokémon cards. A couple of reasons attached to it including the old age, the beautiful art designs covering the whole of the card and few (rare) in amount.

In English set, they are 27 in number but again, not all of them are equally rare and valuable but some of them with exceptions. Like almost all of the Japanese Full Art Ex-Pokémon cards are secret rare.


8. Raichu – up to $1,200

Raichu Prerelease (Base Set 14) Card
IMAGE: bulbapedia

Pokémon Raichu is the part of Pokémon base set 14 which was an expansion (derivation) of Japanese base set. Raichu also holds the history of expanding in other English and Japanese base sets one more times. However, those expansions are regarded as non-holographic and probably are less valuable in terms of money.

But there were also some limited (said to be only 8 or less) copies of Raichu that were published with a label of pre-release on it. That is why Raichu is sometimes also called Pre-release Raichu.

Now that because you can’t find more of such cards (prerelease Raichu) due to their small number of publication, it is considered one of the rarest Pokémon card in the world. And resultantly, the most expensive one. Pre-release Raichu is also the most popular Pokémon BTW. Even more popular than the holy grail of Pokémon cards, the Pikachu illustrator, which is the most expensive Pokémon card in this list.


7. Venusaur – up to $1,500

Venusaur 6POP Series 2 Pokemon
IMAGE: bulbapedia

Venusaur cards are not only the rare, the most expensive but also the oldest Pokémon cards.

Just like Charizard, it was first introduced in early 2000, 2001 and has been a part of some very important Pokémon events and campaigns.

Venusaur PCG-P promo 3 and Venusaur POP Series 2 6 are both most valuable Venusaur Pokémon cards. The latter was awarded in 2004 to those participants who redeemed the Pokémon tickets published in the Japanese manga magazine named CoroCoro or Comic CoroCoro.


6. Pokemon star – up to $2,500

Pokemon Star Card Regirock Gold Star
IMAGE: bulbapedia

For how much money would you like to sell any of this Pokémon star card if it would in your hands? I’ll tell you some important statistics about this card and let YOU tell me the whole sum you’d prefer to settle for.

They are also referred as a Pokémon gold star cards due to the gold (golden) color of the star printed on the left corner of the card, right beside where card name is written.

First introduced in EX Team Rocket Returns and then EX Deoxys, EX Unseen Forces,   EX Delta Species, EX Legend Maker, EX Crystal Guardians, EX Holon Phantoms and many others. This makes a huge list of events where one or the other Pokémon Gold Star card was either released (new) or enhanced.

So in this group (gold star Pokémon) you can expect to have lots of promos, prizes and first place awards that are not only rare but also less common expensive rare. Like the one you can see in the photo is a promo Pokémon card of Meiji Chocolate’s promotional campaign, issued in 2005 in Japan.


5. Magikarp – up to $6,000

Magikarp University Promo Card
IMAGE: bulbapedia

Magickarp is a University promo card issued in japan in 1998. It was awarded as a first place prize during the Tamamushi University Hyper Test campaign.

Undoubtedly, its old age is an open secret of it is being one of a most expensive Pokémon card (shit) on the earth.

Magikarp was reprinted a couple of times after Hyper Test campaign and because of that, it got public attention slightly diverted (turned-off) from it.

This is also a most controversial Pokémon card. Some people think that there were only 30 copies of University Magikarp disbursed in the participants where others believe that the number was 100 (copies). Nobody is completely sure, even after that, it is thought to be the most sought-after Pokémon card.


4. Blastoise – up to $8,000

Pokemon Blastoise Card
IMAGE: bulbapedia

This is yet another Pokémon card from the Expedition Base set of Japanese Pokémon-e Starter Deck. Later, it was reprinted as P Promotional (TCG) card during Cosmos Holofoil.

Blastoise gain more value (becomes most expensive) than one may think as it was among those three Pokémon cards that were actually a key to go for the legendary Starter Triple Get Campaign (the Red Green Course). As to qualify in it, one should have any of those three cards with them.


3. Trainers – up to $12,000

1991Pokemon Trainer Card Tropical Mega Battle 1
IMAGE: bulbapedia

Pokémon trainer cards have a huge history in 20 splashing years of Pokémon and these are extremely collectible trading cards.

Different kinds of Pokémon trainers (here it means trainer cards, not the trainer characters) were issued in Japan for different smaller/bigger events before they get their real identity in Pokémon world championship (formerly tropical mega battle).

So, those trainers that were released as a winner’s prize in Japanese Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament held between 1997 and 1999 or even up to 2001 are truly most expensive Pokémon cards.

They get ludicrously high in prices if they secure a good rank of PSA standards (Professional Sports Authenticator).


2. Charizard – up to $30,000

Charizard EX Dragon 100 Battle Road Spring 2004 Edition
IMAGE: bulbapedia

Charizard here is referred as the first edition Charizard shadowless (shadow less) Pokémon card.

It is extremely rare card among all other listed before. And please don’t go on the photo here, I actually can’t find a trustable photo of first edition Charizard. So I posted this one. If I found such photo meanwhile I’ll definitely update here.

Other important cards (Charizards) in this genre are Charizard EX Power Keepers 6, Charizard Expedition 39, and Charizard EX Dragon 100 (the one you’re looking here).

Ex-power Keepers 6 was released in 2004 during Meiji Chocolate campaign, Expedition 39 was the part of expeditions base set rooting in the Pokémon e-starter deck of early 2000 or 2001, while Ex Dragon 100 was awarded to the winners of Battle Road Spring 2004.

All of them are either rare or holo rare. And can give you a handful of money if you somehow manage to put them on the right front (right people).


1. Pikachu Illustrator – up to $100,000

Pokémon Pikachu Illustrator CoroCoro Promo Card
IMAGE: bulbapedia

Now I have the one hundred thousand dollars card on the list. It is the only card in my list of most expensive Pokémon cards that is most widely praised (talked about).

Illustrator Pikachu or Pikachu Illustrator came to the public in 1997 when three selected contestants were given three Pikachu Illustrator to each as a winning prize of the illustration competition (Pikachu in the Illustration).

Afterward, twenty more of Pikachu Illustrators were awarded as an excellence award on an occasion. And on some other occasions, the total of 16 more copies of this card were disbursed among the public.

This way there were only 39 of known copies of Pikachu Illustrators, exist at that time. Nobody knows how much of them are still in good condition. But the one that was sold for $100,000 on eBay were the luckiest copy of Pikachu Illustrator as the seller says.

Overall, it is a very rare, very beautiful and the single most expensive Pokémon card in the world. Having a couple of distinctions, including the pen symbol at the bottom of the card, that is never seen on any other Pokemon card. What else are you looking for?