Billionaires’ Most Expensive Yachts That’ll Make You Stunned

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Do I own the world’s most expensive yacht? If my home is among the world’s top most expensive homes? I drive the world’s most expensive cars, and do I surely eat the world’s most expensive food? And other things that not everyone else in the world is doing ..

These are some questions that the world’s richest people ask to themselves everyday, every single day.

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Even from the watch on their wrist to the other expensive wearable, they care about everything connected to them. If something expensive doesn’t exist, they’ll definitely produce it. And so in case of most expensive yachts of the world that I’m going to write about today.


The list of World’s Top Most Expensive Yachts

Just like many other expensive things, world’s most expensive yachts are also a lap of luxury. What do you think what role do the most expensive yacht of the world play in their life? It’s uncertain but obviously, it’s a code of luxury.

Just a minute before buying, they must be thinking of, “Oh! let’s have another most expensive yacht if nothing. Why not!” When got nothing to do, they buy another most expensive yacht. And beat their own record of owning the most expensive yacht in the world.

And Arabs are found more involved in this race. Let’s figure this out ..


10. Al Said –$300 million

Al Said Yacht
IMAGE: yachtharbour

As reflected by its name, Al Said belongs to Sultan of Oman, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said.

This most expensive yacht is also one of the largest, the biggest and the luxurious private yacht in the world.

Launched in 2007, have aluminum structure (15,850 tons), 508 feet in length and can travel with a comparatively high speed of 22 knots.

More than 150 crew members are needed to look after and run the operational activities. The yacht has a big concert hall that can accommodate a bigger orchestra and around seventy guests at a time.


9. Radiant –$320 million

Radiant Yacht
IMAGE: yachtcharterfleet

Though the Radiant is currently owned by an Emirati Billionaire of Al-Futtaim Group, Abdulla Al Futtaim. This Yacht has a twist in the story.

The German shipbuilding company Lürssen received an order to build a fully luxurious yacht for a Russian business oligarch, billionaire Boris Berezovsky.

The company started the production of that yacht. The world’s famous yacht designers Tim Heywood and Glenn Pushelberg designed a 110 m long vehicle, who had 8 suits, and multiple cabins in each. It was named as ‘Darius’.

Upon completion, Boris Berezovsky went out of the money and eventually Abdulla Al Futtaim took it away for about $320 million. And this way it became Radiant (He renamed it to Radiant from Darius or perhaps he wasn’t informed about the yacht’s history or something, anyway.)


8. Serene –$330 million

Serene Yachtt
IMAGE: yachtcharterfleet

Serene, whom the world knows as Serene today, was actually planned to be named as Serena.

It was built by an Italian ship manufacturing company Fincantieri, for a Russian businessman Yuri Shefler who owns and runs a famous Vodka brand in Russia.

Espen Oeino International prepared its sketch and Reymond Langton designed its very luxurious interior. The yacht has an internal water pool, helidecks, spa, sauna, snow room and 42 cabins for the guests and the crew.

It is said that the yacht has recently been sold to a royal family member of Saudia Arabia, prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud who also owns another luxury yacht, Pegasus.

It was also formerly been in the use of Bill Gates in 2014. Gates paid $5 million every week as a rent to use Serene on his summer vacation.


7. Superyacht A –$332 million

IMAGE: gtspirit

A rich Russian couple (Andrey Melnichenko & Aleksandra Melnichenko) is a proud possessor of this most expensive yacht. Its name, in fact, is derived from the common initial of both love birds.

This is built by the German shipbuilding company ‘Blohm und Voss’, who turned a 122 meters long yacht into a load of luxury.

Superyacht A has a beautiful and fully comfortable interior. It holds a master room of 2,500 ft² space, an internal glass bottomed swimming pool along with two others, a disco, a helicopter hanger, speed boats and guest cabins.

It has movable walls that can be used to increase or divide the given space of the guest suits. The yacht has the capacity to host 14 guests along with the 42 active crew members.


6. Dubai –$400 million

Dubai Yacht
IMAGE: pinimg

At present, Dubai yacht is under the proprietorship of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Who rules over Dubai, and also the Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE.

His Highness purchased the yacht from Platinum Yachts which was initially assigned by the Prince of Brunei Darussalam, Jefri Bolkiah. Sounds a similar story like Radiant Yacht right? Well, the matter maybe or may not be the same but the thing is that the Dubai Yacht couldn’t meet to the original buyer who ordered this most expensive yacht even before 2006 when the yacht launched on the port.

The Yacht has its own internal swimming pools, wide lounges, VIP suits, helipads, and stretching sun bath areas.

Sheikh has decorated the whole yacht especially its interior in pretty much in his own way.


5. Topaz –$520 million

Topaz Yacht

Just like many other prominent Arab personalities, this largest yacht belongs to the deputy prime minister of UAE, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan.

Lürssen Yachts built the main infrastructure of the yacht from where Tim Heywood and Terence Disdale designed it and gave it an ultimate luxurious shape.

Launched in 2012 and with a length of 128 meter, it currently presents the fifth largest yacht in the world. Topaz has the ability to sail with a speed ranging from 22.9 knots minimum to the 25.5 knots maximum. It has powerful stabilizers, navigation system and other security equipment.

Topaz has lavish cabins, meeting rooms, gym theaters and huge conference rooms. In addition to that, there’re two helipads, several sun bathing areas and decks.


4. Azzam –$650 million

Azzam Yacht
IMAGE: forevermogul

Azzam gets the top in the list of world’s most expensive but the largest yachts in the world.

The name behind this biggest floating vehicle is Abu Dhabi’s Emir and President of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan who owns it.

Azzam is 590 feet long, fully luxurious and a high speed yacht that can get 30 knots and more, reaching to the maximum. It is widely expressed as the most powerful, complex and the sustainable yacht in the world.

Built by the very well-known shipyard, Lürssen Yachts whereas the French designer and interior decorator Christophe Leoni, embellished its beautiful interior.


3. Streets of Monaco –$1.1 billion

Streets of Monaco Yacht
IMAGE: Yahoo News

There was a time when the Streets of Monaco was said to be the upcoming and most probably be the only most expensive yacht in the world with an estimated cost of $1.1 billion.

As you can see, all of the remaining yachts in this list too, carrying a tag ranging in millions. And the Streets of Monaco is obviously the only yacht so far that is hitting a Billion dollar limit.

Unlike other traditional yachts, it looks like a complete city on the water who has everything including the trees, parks, roads, building, courts, artificial lakes, boats, waterfall, and helipads. It also has casinos, cafes, swimming pools, living quarters and underwater occasion views.

In short, it is a lot more of Monaco on water and truly present the on water copy of Monte Carlo.

The one other difference between the Streets of Monaco and the other superyacths in the list is that the Streets of Monaco has yet to find its owner.


2. Eclipse –$1.2 billion

Eclipse Yacht
IMAGE: pinimg

As much of the thing is clear, Eclipse is the second most expensive yacht in the world.

The yacht is built by the German shipbuilders ‘Blohm und Voss’ and a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns it at the moment.

Eclipse yacht is 536 feet long, means there can be lots of things to load onboard. The internal swimming pools, hot bath tubs, disco clubs, living cabins, helipads, launching boats and the capacity to submerge up to 50 meters under the water, all can be expected on the yacht.

The security and detection system of the Eclipse is also pretty amazing. It won’t allow the intruders to get near the yacht, side by side it protects the whole vehicle from the random photographers to shoot the yacht.

Other notables include the missile defense system of the yacht and the bullet proof doors and windows.


1. History Supreme –$4.8 billion

History Supreme Yacht
IMAGE: alux

With a price tag of $4.8 billion, History Supreme is the single most luxurious, the most expensive yacht in the world.

Designed by the Stuart Hughes and acquired by an unknown Billionaire from Malaysia.

Lots of precious metals (nearly 100,000 kg in total) are used in the preparation of the yacht. Anchor, stairs, deck and lounges are some areas you’ll find Gold and Platinum used in abundance. Further, there’s a wall aquarium in the master suit that holds 68 kg of 24-karat pure gold, a liquor bottle of 18.5 carats diamond that solely worth $45 million.

This and many other distinctions featuring gold, diamond and other pearls to decorate its interior and exterior.