The Most Expensive Yugioh Card List Ever Gathered

Two of most expensive yugioh cards

Do you know which has been the most expensive yugioh card ever? If this is not – stick to this page and you will know all you need to know.

You are not or if you are a YuGiOh card player, what would curate your curiosity the more? Let me guess if this subject triggers your interest in any way, you must have some useful information to brag out in your community. The information something like: What is the most expensive yugioh card in the world? What made it the most expensive one? How much does it value? Where had it auctioned? Who currently own this?

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And why would someone tend to pay a huge amount of money for a piece of card if it is paid that huge?


Most Expensive Yugioh Card List

What if I say, the most expensive yugioh card worth about 12million USD? It’s all bullshit, it’s all nonsense, yeah.

When I thought of writing this article, I had no idea about the worth of world’s most expensive yugioh card. And It was just a ridiculous for me to think of millions of dollars for just a piece of cardboard. I continued my research and made a deep dive into this game.

In general, though I couldn’t found the obvious reasons to grade them as I did but this is my list of most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the world. I’ll speak my logics and opinions at the end of this article. But from now let’s start the countdown:

* The estimates show, either the card is sold, listed or can sell for that price.

12. Doomcaliber Knight – $475:$700

Doomcaliber Knight yugioh

Doomcaliber knight comes in the least position in the list of most expensive yugioh cards in the world. The estimated worth of this card ranges between $475 to $729. Just like many other popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, this card also republished several times with different codes, complexions or shades. And the one I’m talking about right now can be recognized from the unique code GLD4-EN023.

Doomcaliber knight as a character was exhibited in the initial Yu-Gi-Oh’s 5’Ds world championship marked on 2011. Later on, the character published on the cards in more than twelve different languages and released in twelve different regions.

Remember, if you are having such card in your hand, you still may need an expert for the confirmation. There are many other hidden mediate signs to judge before declaring.


11. Crush Card Virus – $600:$3500

Crush Card Virus Yu-Gi-Oh!

This is the most desirable Yugioh card for the trading card collectors and YGO lovers. Every player seeks to have this card in its yugioh deck which make this worth more than that you can think of. Let me tell you some backstage stories about this card and you yourself will commit to considering its worthiness. Or if you are a yugioh player also, you will definitely think of adding this card to your collection.

The very first thing which make this card a precious piece of paper is that it was a special granting to the Shonen Jump Championship winner. Its unique code is sorted as SJCS-EN004. Importantly, this is also showcased in yugioh anime series.

Crush Card Virus is always been an essential part of Seto Kaiba’s very rich POWER DECK. On some occasions, Seto Kaiba is also shown using this card himself.

Though, the Crush Card Virus kept a stable graph as a most expensive yugioh card throughout the time. But for some reasons it then added into the banned list of yugioh cards in September 2009.


10. Chinese Dark Magician – $800:$3.4k

Dark Magician Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Been published in the multiple languages along with the English, French, German, and Portuguese. Each one has its own specific value and worth, but the Chinese Dark Magician gets top in the most expensive list.

The card is derived from the powerful character Dark Magician. Others names included Black Magician, Burakku Magician, and some tongue versions.

This is a monster card released by Weekly Digital Manga Magazine, the very famous and the very popular Shonen Jump. The magazine sets it into the Ultra Rare category. And the more information is that the card was released in the year back 1999. More importantly, it was released in the quantity not more than 100 cards in total.


09. Dark Magician Girl – $1.1k:$6.8k

Dark Magician Girl Yugioh card

Again, another yugioh card from the black magic series. The card is reported to release in the year 1999 or before. This was a promo card and given to the tournament winners & participants only.

After that, it is only transferred. You may have seen the other version of this card too. And this is because the card may have republished in other languages with some tweaked gestures and expressions. But the rarity still remains, the card’s unique code is G3-11. There is no evidence of publishing the dark magician girl holding that specific code with the increasing figure of 300 but the lesser.


08. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – $1.3k:$3.9k

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Yugioh deck

Coming up this number, the amount becomes huge enough to consider and reconsider. This will be the big money if I say, it can happen to sell in more than 4000 USD. Huge Nah?

Well, it has some uncommon, unusual and exceptional details attached with this card. Let’s starts with the rare code of the card which is DDS-001. With this code, the card becomes a concealed matchless and valuable object on the planet. It was exhibited in the early series of the Japanese T.V. Animation serials. Usually referred as Anime or Anime series.

Exceptionally, the card was released for the promotional purposes of annual Manga event, JUMP FESTA held in the year 2000. The occasion was organized by a Japanese company Shueisha who do this every year to promote the Anime and Manga art in the world.

Ultimately, this card should really be in amongst the world’s most expensive yugioh cards ever known.


07. Shrink – $1.6k:$7.1k

Shrink Yugioh card

Falls under the mosaic rare category. The interesting fact is that you can buy this card easily from eBay or Amazon by spending few bucks. But still it keeps its position as one of the rarest yugioh cards. One of the most expensive one. You wonder why?

Perhaps because there’s one card with some unique set of codes, the set of details, the set of emblems exists there in the some part of  the globe. Though I couldn’t fetch more details about this card but It is the card found to be talked the most among the trading card collector communities. Even with such low or poor details, this card is still considered the pricier yugioh card. Strangely, up to 7000 USD.


06. Des Volstgalph – $1.9k:$1.9k

Des Volstgalph god card yugioh

A powerful card like Des Volstgalph has the power to destroy a monster. But this is not what make this item the most expensive intellectual piece of shit. Actually, this card was used in some Shonen Jump championship. Rare in the types of dragon cards that have been used, published and issued in the Yugioh cards history including the Promos and Prizes.

You may have also heard some more secrets about the card. One of the very famous secrets is that the card title is written with silver letters making it the secret rare yugioh card ever. Further, the card comes with the unique code G6-01 which make it different from others.


05. Gold Sarcophagus – $1.9:$2.1k

Gold Sarcophagus Yu-Gi-Oh! deck card

The old happy card is Gold Sarcophagus Yugioh Card. Being issued and played in the golden days of Yugioh’s history. The wonderful card was 20 in number when designed and released with the effect of two years (2005-2006). Afterward, two additional cards were published for the 50th Shonen Jump championship event, Costa Mesa. Aggregately total of 25 cards of the same kind is thought to exist since that.

The card was presented to the winners of two great yugioh championships of the world. The one is, Pharaoh’s Tour Championship held in December 2005. The other is all famous Shonen Jump Championship. The card keeps the unique code SJC-EN002 that creates a difference.


04. Cyber Stein – $4k:$23k

Cyber Stein God cards yugioh

Cyber Stein got many leverages. It comes in one of seven unique cards who operate unlimited in the system. This is the single and stand-alone characteristic having the ability to push up any piece of card on the sky of heights. However, it got the most, stay calm and read.

The card holds the unique code SJC-EN001. SJC shows its affiliation with the Shonen Jump Championship. Which is a symbol of distinction. Trusted sources tell that there are only 18 cards of this prototype exist in nature. No more than that. Again, another arbitrary sign of distinction. Rumors are that Cyber Stein was once bidding for 2000 USD. On another time, it was sold for 7000 USD approx. One of the Cyber Stein is also reported to sell for $23,000 in a charity auction. I would say, this must be the most expensive yugioh card charity auction anyway.

Just like Crush Card Virus, Cyber Stein was also banned after that. Together they make the genre of two Shonen Jump Champion Prize cards who were banned later for certain reasons.


03. BlueEyes Ultimate Dragon  – $500k:$1m

Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon With Armor god card

The rarest card in the Yugioh’s history, even whose existence is not clear up to certainty level or doubtful at all. Yes, don’t get fooled by the photo, I’m talking about the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon With Armour yugioh card. Reports are that there were only two copies of this card on the earth. When and where these copies were published, released or given, it is not clear, however.

The power of the card is explained as it can be used against the Gods of Egypt’s. You are right if you are thinking now. These may be Tefnut, Hathor or Sekhmet. Who knows, in fact, no one knows. There is a lack of clarity, chaos.

Although its existence is controversial but if this card is real, really exist and have survived over the time it should have worth 1 million, not less than that.


02. Black Luster Soldier – $10m:$12m

Black Luster Soldier - Yugioh Card

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship held in Japan during the year 1999 is considered the very first yugioh championship nationwide. It is mainly called the Asian Tournament and the Black Luster Soldier was given as the champion prize in that tournament.

Furthermore, the card owns the specialty in its stuff. The raw material used in the manufacturing of the card make it more expensive, rare and unique in look. The card is printed on a stainless steel body rather than the usual cardboard chaff. Fair enough?

The owner of the card has claimed that this card is only one of its kind. No other yugioh card printed on any other metal like this. He has demanded about 12 million USD for this trade. If it ever happened, Black Luster Soldier will be the most expensive yugioh card throughout the yugioh’s history.


01. Tyler the Great Warrior – $0:$Infinite

Tyler the Great Warrior Yu-Gi-Oh!

The wish card, Tyler the Great Warrior was a special releasing on the request of Make a Wish Foundation. Sources declare it was published for three in total. One of which was for the archives, the other one for the Tyler, on whose behalf it was created.

The card bears the unique code TYL-EN001. Because it was not a usual yugioh card hence it cannot be tailored in terms of money. But when It is weighed on emotional standards, it was much worthier than anyone else on the list.

That’s why I’m putting it on the very top of the list. With a price up to infinity level. Remember, this card has not been reported to sell or buy so far.


The Last words!

Yugioh is actually a card game. The trading cards game (TCG). A pure Asian game who took birth in Japan and gradually became popular all over the world. It is often referred as the collectible cards game. Basically cards, with various monsters drawn on them, involve in the game. So, as a trading-collectible game, it is both played and collected-traded.

But the question is that what makes it a high-priced game? What makes the most expensive yugioh card the most expensive one, right?

Alright, there are a couple of educated findings you may want to agree with them. Though there aren’t money magnets seen involve in this game who manage to raise the funds in the highest proportions to circulate the money. But there’re still some valid reasons for that.

Like as an LOT, some trusts or welfare societies organize auction events for fundraising purposes. And some yugioh card happens to sell for a big money. OR as an antique, some old yugioh card who is quite rare on the earth gets the attention of yugioh game lovers and turn into the most expensive yugioh card of the orb.

Sometimes these cards become precious becuase they were served as a winning prize in some bigger tournament. OR it may be played in some historical competition. OR it may have showcased in some popular contest. OR it may have played by some famous yugioh player. And lastly, these cards can be expensive enough just because they are signed by some celebrity, player, artist or institute, etc.


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    Be a littel more descriptive on the blue eyes ultimate dragon. Cause I have one and many others will have one

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      Not blue eyes ultimate dragon a legendary armoured beud. They don’t know if it exist so the use the beud pic.

  • Mathias Lundahl

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    I have about 2 one of the blue eyes and blue eyes ultimate white dragon. How can I sell them?

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      Thanks! for being here, Scotty.

      You need to showcase them on eBay, Amazon, etc. Share links to your social media accounts, let the world know what you have, and how valuable it is.

      Remember, selling is an art. More eyeballs, more chances of success.

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    Is it possible that it was just a fan art (blue eyes ultimate dragon)
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    Like I am dying plz tell me

  • BlueEyesUltimateDragonWithArmo

    I also had an eagle dude shiny and golden looking with ??? Defense and ??? Attack , what does that mean