7 of The Best Online Payment Systems Dealing with eCurrencies

Human hand making a payment

Online payment systems, often called payment processors are used to process the payments online. All they do is to deal in electric money.

If you are a vendor from China selling something to someone in the world online or you are an expert giving your services online to a person whom you could never meet in person, then how will the payments between both the parties be taken place? Moreover, if you are fond of shopping and are buying something from and online store like Amazon, out of many other online payment systems, which name will come first in your mind? (I know many of you are having Visa cards but right now we are talking about more secure ways of payment)

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Though the purpose of every online payment system is same (to process the money) but yet some of them take the cake by offering unique services to facilitate their users.

Here I am listing some of the best online payment systems that are most widely used worldwide.

1. Paypal

Paypal is one of the most largely used online payment systems with 137 million active accounts in 193 markets and 26 currencies around the world.

Paypal offers two type of accounts. One is personal which is free to join. One can simply sign up and start purchasing online instantly. Other is business account for the merchandisers to send and receive money. Business account has three subscriptions Standard, advanced and pro for $0, $5 and $30/month simultaneously.

Paypal - image

2. Google Wallet

This is very cool payment system online by google. You can send or receive money instantly, free, fast and easily from your google wallet or bank account linked with google wallet. Google wallet app is also available for android or iPhone users to make it more convenient for the US residents.

Like, google’s other services this one is also very secured and trusted. You can use it trustfully.

Google wallet - image


3. Dwolla

If you want to transfer low funds then Dwolla must be one of your first options available online. Dwolla charges a very little price on each transaction which is just $0.25/ transaction for the amount of more than $10 and below $10 it is totally free.


4. Skrill

More than 36 million active account holders are using skrill formerly known for Moneybookers. Skrill has its business in 200 countries for 40 currencies worldwide.

Skrill also offers both, the Personal and the Business accounts.

Skrill - Pay and get paid globally

5. Amazon Payments

Amazon payments is own by Amazon.com They offer Personal, business and developers account for the different charms entertain for the each account.

It is one of the best online payment systems comes to mind after Paypal.

amazon payments

6. 2Check out

Unlike other online payment systems they entertain only merchant account, which can be created free of cost. 2chek out enhance its functionality by making their affiliation with a credit card, PayPal and debit cards. 2Check out

7. Square Inc

Square is a mobile payments company. They charge comparatively high rates than the above stated online payment systems.

Square Inc. - Image

These are the online money processors who are known for their best services. Some of them would be your favorite too and maybe you don’t like someone for some reason.

You might also have your best list of online payment system. Do share with me or if you know some good payment processor, wanted to see in this list, do tell me. I will definitely add it after reviewing.