Park Your Domain not Your Car And Earn While Sleeping

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To park the domain and earn money is one of the lesser known ways of earning money online. The reason for this is, perhaps the low prevailing information and schooling or the insufficient research in this division.

However, the people who are familiar with its imperceptibility are seen making handsome money from domain parking by both black hat and white hat methods.

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What is Domain Parking?

Park domain or Domain parking was a common practice, introduced to protect a domain name against United States’ federal law Cybersquatting, passed in 90’s. For this, every domain name which was registered by the registrar but having no work done, with the intention of later use was headed over to a domain parking company. Where the company showed her sponsors’ ads in such a way that are useful for the users. (Looked like the actual contents of the domain)

We can understand this by the help of an example. Like in real life, a Person buys a plot with a view of constructing a building on it but somehow he runs out of money and plans for a later time construction. Will the plot remain empty until then?

Then he thought to give his plot to someone on rent. In this way not only his plot will remain safe but also, he will be able to earn some revenue from it.

Same is in the case of domain parking business. You can buy more and more domain names and then parked them to earn money.

How to Park domain for profit?

Although domain parking was for those who own some registered domains and was not using these domains for services (like emails, websites, apps, etc.) but others can use this trick and park domain for profit too.

Here are the easy steps you can take into and make profit by parking domains:

Buy Domain(s):
Buy as many domains as you want to put into the domain parking business from a credible registrar. Be sure to choose those domain names that seem to get the more type in traffic.

Park Domain(s):
The next step is to find a good domain parking company. There are many domain parking companies like Fabulous, Sedo, Namedrive, smartname, etc. You should try and see which works best for you.

I would suggest you to start from Sedo. It is a good place I found for the beginners.

After parking the domain formally you have finished your part of work. Now you can go and have a melodious sleep while you are earning. But for smart and more earning a lot of things are yet to do.

Monetization refers to the system where you choose a template for your parked domain. Decide the keyword to target and manage the ads that will be shown on your parked domain. This is all about your doing to increase the revenue from your parked domains.

Earnings from a domain park business

When you park a domain name with domain parking companies, they offer you pay per click (PPC) advertising. Each time when a visitor comes and clicks on the ads you got paid.

If we talk about how much one can earn? Well, a lot more in a sense and nothing on the other. Earning money online is all about experimenting as far I had discovered. If you fail in one way, you may rise to the heights of another way.

If you are interested in this subject you would definitely like to chase us for the upcoming articles, tips, and tricks about Domain Parking. Alright, You got some ideas or questions? Lets’ discuss in comments.