Please take a time to read the story of your rights, our responsibilities, and our rights, your responsibilities.

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You with Frostfable

Frostfable privacy policy set out your relation with us. We consider your esteemed relationship with Frostfable, very honourable. This binds us with the charms and off course some legislations. It is important for you to know the salient outlines of our privacy policy to know how you are safe while visiting As we believe to secure your privacy and on-line presence, significantly important.

Collection of information

When you visit we treat your information carefully and protect your privacy. The information we collect from the resources and ways is here as under:

Log file data

A Log file is having the information written by the computers about their activities. So, while you’re surfing the we automatically collect some information and store it for the later use. This information may refer to;

Your IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Your browsers type, date, and time, and the resources that were loaded with your stay and number of clicks you did during the time, etc.

Cookies & Pixel Technologies

As everyone knows Cookies and other like technologies are used now a day to protect and to deliver the services efficiently. Cookies are small applications that websites transfer to your hard drive that allow them to recognize you and to provide you with a customized environment. You may aware of these technologies and that how they are used.

According to our privacy policy, these technologies are used as a tool to help us understand who you are, so we consider the demographic factors too. For us, the purpose of these technologies is the Authentication, Security, Site integrity, Analysis & Research, Localization, Advertising, to improve the features and performance, to work with ‘you’ Attitude and to take the appropriate Action.

Usage of information

We collect all the information which we received from all the sources to protect, to improve, to maintain, to develop and to provide better services to all of our users.

We figure out the basic stuff like, what are you studying or what your area of interest is. As well as the complex aspects of your behaviour, like which ads you’ll find most useful and the people who matter you the most online.

You’re Choice

Apart from the purposes in which we need your information to make the environment a progressive and clean we may require your consent to use any of your information or privacy for other purposes i.e. we need to share information with other companies, organizations or any individual outside the

If you do not want us to use cookies, you can easily disable them. Just go to your browser’s toolbar and click on the help button, follow the instructions. By doing this, you are asking your browser to prevent from accepting the cookies. On the other hand, you have the option to visit the site anonymously with the help of utilities offering by many private companies.

In case you need any further information you can write us at

Enforcement and Modifications

As an innovative and brand new entry on the World Wide Web, we cohere to a catholic privacy policy for the shielding of our network and our conformity with the assorted laws and principles. To making this fool proof, our team is working very hard all the time.

We not only regularly view but also have a self-regulatory framework for compliance with our policies. Our privacy may change from time to time and we assure we will not reduce your rights.