Selling the Words is Easy if You Have Nothing to Make Money

Girl writing on the diary

Suppose if I give you the choice to find a thing or more that are not for sale. Could you? Point out a few of them if your answer is yes.

Unfortunately, materialism has made almost everything saleable. Where Moon can sell, everything can be sold there. The things you need for this are the tricks and special guts that can turn any commodity to vendible object.

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Here I’m going to share with you a step by step guide to winning the game. let’s get started.

Step-1: Choose the topic

The very first step is to decide, what will you write?

Think clearly about the topic, for what you are going to utter your words about. It could be anything you’re passionate about or the subject you have a lot of stories to tell.

Keep in mind, to identify your interests in public concerns, will be your key to success in selling your words business.

Step-2: Choose your mode

The second step is to decide, in what way will you write?

After choosing the topic, spend an adequate time in choosing the right mode. The Mode is the manner to personify the words you will create.

The question is what will you write? A book of 500-600 pages? A story, Letter or a report? Something else? Well, some more developed ways are there to write and speak your words conveniently. Review your expertise or other commitments and make the right selection.

Grab the list of some in-vogue ways, you can adopt to move on.

  • E-books Writing
    Write an e-book or convert you already written unique material in digital form and sell them on e-marketplace like Amazon, Click bank, etc.
  • Vlogging
    Turn your words into a video and make money by submitting it to a video library like Youtube.
  • Pod-casting
    Build an audience around you and spread your words via pod-casting. You can work for yourself or join some of the pod-casting networks. Like Podtrac, etc.
  • Inforgraphics
    Give your words a shape with info-graphics and make money by selling or promoting.
  • Presentations
    Slideshare is very popular to create the slides now a day. On the other hand, Powerpoint can be used to create powerful presentations and slides.
  • Reports
    It is a most overlooked way where one can generate the revenue by creating and promoting the small reports or blueprints.
  • Webinars
    You have got the talent? It is the effective way to turn your words into money. There are many ways to make money by just conducting webinars. The magic is still your words.
  • Freelance Writing
    Find a client and finish her work. Go for Elance or Odesk, etc. It is the quick way to make money from your words.
  • Writing Newsletters
    Some pundits regard their newsletter list as their wallets. Aim for it if you should.
  • Blogging
    Blogging is all about content creation. Essentially you can group all above into one place, blogging.

Step-3: Choose your platform

The third step is to decide, where will you display what you have written?

Your platform is locus, where you will put your words on, to showcase them. For this purpose, you need to create your own website or blog with your own domain name.

Alternatively, you can also utilize some free services currently available. Here is the list of top blogging platforms you can have them for you:

1. CMS
Content Management system or CMS for short is the most popular way of creating the blogs easily. You can add magic to hundreds of on-click install themes and plugins. This is slightly a cost effective way.

2. Blogging sites
Some websites give you the freedom to create your own free blogs with them. This is comparatively a cheap (mostly free) and easy way to get a start.

3. Social sites
If you feel ease with the social style writing, then go ahead and win your audience on social networking sites with their cool blogging features. This is really an uncommon but smart way to put into practice.

Step 4: Plan the strategy

The fourth step is to decide, How will you deliver?

All the above-stated steps were the choosing and selecting. Hopefully, you will now have chosen your mode, topic, and platform so far. Well done!

Now make a strategic plan that how will you deliver the words. How often will you do that and how will you collect the revenue. Mainly Affiliateship, Sponsorship and drived from Advertisements.

This is the vital step of your future progress. Think carefully and plan wisely.

Step 5: Execute and make money

The fifth step is the implementation step.

Execute what you all have learnt from step-1 to step-4. Keep formulating the winning content strategy again and again. Don’t rush for earning at starting but focus on your work. Money will came as you deliver the best.