11 Signs That You Are Mentally Retarded

Crazy Girl pulling her hair

Do you mostly happen to commit the odd moments in the public? Congratulations! You are a mentally retarded person. And you don’t even need a medical certificate.

Moreover, if you are still doubted that you may or may not fall into that category of mentally retarded persons, read the list.

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And please don’t be shy, share your percentage of being retarded at the end of the article in the comments section. Am awaiting your delicious replays. BTW this is not only for retarders, non-retarders or anyone who knows a retarder can also reply. I can manage to bear you guys! Whoops!!

11. Use abusive language often

It is not you, who wants but it is your heart that wants to utter each single defamatory word about someone you are hating at the time.

You obey your heart like an awful lover and use a tremendous offensive approach to insult your opposition. And never feel fear in passing the scathing remarks.

This is usually happening in front of public or people but not on the face of the concerned person. Because you don’t want to be rude to him/her.

10. Talk to the air

Talking to the air not because you are alone and you have no one else to talk. But you talk to the air just in those moments when you have somebody around you.

This is to convey a signal that you have gone your senses and someone should care about you. Someone should always around you to talk-shawk. Or sometimes for a very bad gesture that your partner is incapable of keeping you normal. Your expecting phrase must be, “Look at him, how poor his partner is that he/she is behaving like abnormal.”

09. Repeat the words

Another horrific indication that is conveyed by that type is repeating the words. Often during a smooth fluid conversation. The repetition is not to put the focus on the words or outcomes of the discussion. It is to focus on him. How a bad game is this.

08. Feel to have a phobia

People having a phobia or more in actual are normally shy about exposing their secret. As this is not a guilty pleasure to express publically.

And you will still find some people exposing their phobias like a charm. You can figure out the truth by how they are telling. You will find them talking about the dark phobia to death-phobias, etc.

07. Forget the things

Difficulty level increases at this step. Forgetting the things is very common in the normal people. This happens normally when your brain is engaged in several things. And you are thinking all of the same while trying to perform something else.

Be careful and see if you are doing something little odd what the normal people do, you will be find yourself exposed.

06. Panic from the loneliness

Loneliness is dreadful but not a death cause in any way. People always find the way to remove the loneliness by making their projection a companion, beautiful memories, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

I mean this is how the normal people manage to survive. But if you feel like to dead when you have to be alone somewhere for some time for a reason. Who are you?

05. Shows unparallel attachment

I assure, you have never listened to this from anyone else before. But if you still think that you had, please comment. I’d love to hear you.

Showing a nonparallel attachment with someone verbally is never ever a doing of normal people. I am not saying that normal people don’t have the need, but this is generally done for a purpose. Like to wound an individual psychologically.

So if you are already doing this but you don’t name it, cheers! You are also a retarded.

04. Imperative sex sensations

Oh my God! Yes. If you feel this, this isn’t mean that you are young now but you are a damn ass retarded. Some school of thoughts consider sex a need but none of them allow to exceed the limits. By any means, if you feel sex sensations anyone available to you, you are a retarded baby.

03. Out of control syndrome

I call this Out Of Control Syndrome when you suddenly get out of control for a reason or no reason at all.

If you hang around and try to find out the logical reasoning, you will come up with nothing. Science named this as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Doctors also don’t know the reasons, but they say it is of no worries or fewer worries. In fact, no one knows about it yet.

02. Take meanings of choice

Extracting wrong meanings of words or events is also something near the normal humans.

If you do this for good, I mean like to have check & balance, be worry you are normal. And if you do this just because you don’t know why you doing, don’t worry you are exposed.

01. You think you are ill

I meet a couple of those types who were desperately looking for someone (either a doctor or relative, any known person) who could call them that they are ill. I am not sure, but probably it was their attempt to get the sympathies of people and then to use them for some other purpose.

Co-incidentally the above-stated syndrome attacked to my close uncle, I ran a little research on him (Trust me am not a doctor or scientist) and I still found some terrible indications typically attained by him after this happening.

Now if you have read this, please don’t go and tell about this article to my uncle. I won’t forgive you if he somehow gets to my blog to read this.