03 Typical Signs That You’re Rich But not Sober by Soul

Gentleman wearing a coat and opening the button

Mistakes, regression, and perceptions are a part of the life, but you will meet some person in your lifetime who always feel the same.

The react to a situation always in a same typical manner they used to react every time. You will find them unchanged.

Wait a second if you are thinking about the good type of people who are always good for you. Am not talking about those people here. You are wrong, here am talking about the mindset who always have terribly bad feelings.

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They repeat the same kind of mistakes on each occasion and never regret on them. They are unabashed, they are shameless. I call them morally intoxicated or the people not sober by the soul.

Below are the three significant signs to recognize that kind of intelligence. Be sure to match your tastes first before any other.


03. If you feel lewd in good environment

There is a very good environment around. Everything is happening in a quiet good and smooth manner. Suddenly he enters in from somewhere and shamefully upsets the environment.

The motto is to perform activities out of the law in a dishonorable manner to solely nourish the own soul, which isn’t sober at all.

Another good identification of that soul would be that it will feel reluctant in the educational environment, reluctant but yes shameless at the same. No matter how more or less this soul has achieved in its academic career, it will always feel uncomfortable. By hook or crook, it will try to change the theme of the environment to something it wants.

Ultimately one of the two things will happen. One that the soul will be left. Or the theme will be changed to something that matches to the soul.

And if the council is of sophisticates, the soul will not stop to join and corrupt it either one way or the other. With an entry of a little angry gesture, it will be the one found most uncomfortable during all session.


02. If you feel yelling in calm environment

The surrounding is absolutely calm, but the soul can be compared to the fish with less water.

If you will question “Carrot”, the answer will be “Radish”. Pretending to be a sober the soul will explode with a jerk. Such as the mountain filled with lava, finding some exit hole.

So if you ever feel yelling to someone, most probably the weaker person than you, or sometimes to the kids, remember that you aren’t sober by your soul. Take a meditation immediately.


01. If you feel mean in any environment

Meanness is one of an essential element used in the erection of that type of soul. This is the last and important identification mark used to recognize and expose a person who isn’t sober by the soul.

Meanness mean is to cheat. Cheat to each and everything from top to bottom & from left to right. The soul will like to cheat everyone. Sometimes the things and people are with an intention of sincerity, the soul will attempt to cheat them.

And sometimes the things, even the people are with the attention to cheating the soul, this time again, the soul will be on a try to cheat them too.