15 Super Amazing Maps For Crazy Art Lovers


Art never limits itself. And it never ever been in the boundaries if we talk about its past. It’s been knack from canvas to the canvas and from artist to artist.

There was a time when it glared our eyes in the form of Mona Lisa which been a source of attraction for many years. And now this (art) is surprising us every day with each of its new guises.

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In back, it was looked to craft on canvases like neat paper or cloth. And now every piece of paper, a piece of nature and the piece that existed is the canvas for the artists. Just for the sake of illustration, you can imagine the very famous Tattoos art, and the Wall Street art, etc.

You may hardly find a place or situation where it’s been not applied or even tried to. Here I’m going to show you some amazing, which I would rather say, super amazing maps derived by the artist to convert a simple piece of paper (map) into a fascinating masterpiece.

Some of these maps are Bic-Biro designs on vintage maps that make it rare in the field and others, you will just find them inspiring.

And after leering this amazing artwork on the maps, you will definitely muse my words with no other way.

1. Great Britain & Ireland by Fernando Vicente

Great Britain and Ireland Map painting

2. Map of Asia by Fernando Vicente

Map of Asia paintings map

3. Innsbruck, Austria by Paula Scher

Map paintings

4. Map of GTB by Ingrid Dabringer

GTB map paintings

5. The United States by John Robertson

Quarterback Football painting

6. Atlantis by Ingrid Dabringer

Atlantis map art

7. Garland by Jackie Bassett

Garland map painting

8. Manitoulin by Ingrid Dabringer

Manitoulinc map art

9. Malvo by Matthew Cusick

Malvo map painting

10. Dream by Sian Robertson

The dream map paintings

11. Ireland and U.K by Ingrid Dabringer

Ireland and Uk image painting

12. Charlie’s Angles by Matthew Cusick

Charlier's Angles image paintings

13. Map of Colorado by Paul Sacher

Map of Colorado painting

14. Map of London by Mark Powell

Map of london painting

15. Quebec, Canada by Jackie Bassett

Map art by jackie massette