13 Tastes Making Sin a More Wonderful Recipe

An evil boy eating evil food

It is a common perception that sin is more tempting than virtue and evil is more powerful than goodness. To some extent, this seems to be correct.

What is real what is none or what is good what wrong, this is something everyone knows who is doing. If you are thinking to revoke my statement then you must understand that, on the stage, every actor knows what role he is playing.

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So in my opinion (might be wrong), we know why we are here in this world. Anyway, apart from the discussion, let’s head into the following list of tastes making sin a more appealing recipe.


13. Sin has no boundaries

Ever had to play street cricket? Remember what boundaries mean there? You know what happens when the ball hits the certain limit? You are gone. If the ball gets into some house, you are gone. And you yourself have to fetch the ball back or buy a new if it is non-recoverable.

Imagine that, in almost any rational philosophy, the definition of sin starts where the boundaries end.


12. No Marcy to anyone

Sympathies suicide when sin is intended. It has the specialty that you won’t need to care about someone while sinning. You are sinning, why would you feel sorry if someone hurts?Why would you need to?

Sin is normally intended for two situations: One, you are doing to get out of what you don’t deserve. Second, to get fast, what you deserve. Consequently, you are the one most deserving candidate for what you are fighting, why care for anything else then.


11. More leverage

Sin gives you a leverage to do a little more and then turn back before your life ends. If you are a sinner, do more sins and turns back. God will forgive you and society will accept you.

But if you are a vestal and after performing more virtues, you try to attempt a little non-vestal deed, no one will space you. (Perhaps even the God Himself.)


10. Sin is more glamorous

There is an environment of allure, romance, and excitement in the path of sinning. Our gadget (heart) that controls the transmission, is smarter in catching the glamorous signals than others.

That’s why if there are two meanings of a thing you will always perceive the wrong meaning first then the other. Say it’s probably a natural phenomenon.


9. Sin is more addictive

That’s the thing about the sin that once done successfully, you will always feel the need to do it again. The only thing that stops you from doing is the thought of punishment.

But it is only effective until you have never tasted its flavor (Just like narcotics.) And if tried, you need to undergo special treatments, mostly prison or religious, some other blah blah blah.


8. Little struggle to get done

If telling a lie is the sinning, how much time would it take to let it done? If rapping is the sinning, how much effort you’d need if both parties are interested to rape each other? It is easy to get it done when everyone is on the same mission as you.

Another example would be, if avoiding the virtue is the sinning, how much sweat you’d need to pour doing so? In an ideological environment, there is rarely need to struggle with the sin to get it done. The consequences, however, could be different like so many other things, no matter how virtuous or vicious they are.


7. Sin is simply more interesting

Sin is to deviate from the divine law. Curiosity is in to go through the paths that are mapped prohibited. You know, an own kind of inquisitiveness to go through the no-go tracks? It’s awesome, its interesting in every meaning.

But leave it if you are a coated soul, you couldn’t understand. But trust me, its truth why am saying for you to have an idea.


6. Sin is less stressful

Less stressful in a sense, like you never have to wait for good results after doing virtuous deeds. Or you can better understand this way that, you never need to undergo the stressful moments after doing the sin rather bear any offense on you, hoping to make your God happy.


5. Sin Looks awesome

Imagine if someone says, how will it feel to have a sex with an air hostess you never know, during an air-travel at a height of 4o, 000 meters above the earth?

It’s awesome! You must answer this way right? Are you convinced Or do I need to give you a couple more awesome shocks to dip you in awesomeness?


4. Sin seems to be casual

Casual in a way that you never need to mark the special occasion to be a sinner. You never need to be all same to the whole time. Whereas when you see to perform some virtues, a sense stick to the mind that this is what you have to perform all the time to all the people.

This thought will fuck you up. Am sure, this will.


3. Sin is less challenging

There are many ways to prove this. The most important logic to sense is that once committed, you never need to fight with your inner being. Whereas the virtue is continues effort with you and yourself to keep motivated & on the track.


2. Sin can have U-Turn trackback

In most of the cases, the sinner is aware of its estrangement from the good. To have a good reason of keep doing this, his mind made him think that, he can leave sinning at any time and rejoice in God. God can forgive him anytime, he can repentance.


1. Sin is Vindictive

Sin has a vindictive nature. A flavor that is more powerful than the revenge. When you are sinning chances are you are doing because:

  1. You are taking vengeance
  2. You are taking satisfaction

And both meet the argument of vindictiveness. First, you are taking vengeance all right all clears, no question. Second, you are taking satisfaction, OK you probably spending money or some other investment, why would you care, no questions.