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Frostfable terms involve the Disclosure and Terms of Service.
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Currently, Frostfable is serving as a Blog or Journal or Magazine, publishing online in the soft copy format only. You’re visiting Frostfable occasionally or you’re a permanent visitor, we embrace you with love saying, Welcome! to Frostfable.

While your stay here on Frostfable binds both of us with a little legal and ethical responsibility. This responsibility in the language of the law is called the TOS or Terms of Service.

This helps us to secure and you, to aware of the brutality of abuses. So, we will insist you set a time to read our TOS for better understanding the environment and instructions you must abide by when you’re with

Privacy policy

All the information we do collect, use, enforcement and modifications are set out in our Privacy Policy. 5w’s regarding your information like why, when, where, whom and what we do with the collected data are mentioned there.

You must acknowledge as we do practice as per and according to the law and government orders.

Publishing Policy

We believe in truth and originality and thought to provide you primitive, quality oriented and plagiarism purged content by the best performers in the respective field.

Every material on the Frostfable is first passed through a process in which it is reviewed to examine the facts and figures and additional quality checks before publishing on the web.

Although we make sure to credit the creator for the outsources and practice not to present any item of the content in such a way that, it looks as reproduced or illegally published but after all efforts if any of the stated material found/reported, will be replaced with no time and the author will be inquired about it with no mercy.

In the guest posting, if any of the writers fulfills our policies, he/she is welcome with the core of our heart, besides, overall decisions are taken by the chief editor.

To make our system spam proof we are having the copyright @Frostfable 2013-2016 which reserved all the rights and stuff as the intellectual property of


The terms concerning your actions or moves during your stay are grouped under general terms. For disclosure purpose you must read and follow:

  • We are not responsible for any source we did report on and it found in any fraudulent activity afterward.
  • If we recommend or suggest any service or product to you to buy or have, then it is assumed that the seller or services provider will give you the best of it or in case he may refuse to do or deny to offer all the listed facilities then we are not responsible for compensating in place of that vendor but yes in some cases our CEO may found in his better judgement. We will advise you to purchase anything fully relying on you, with your own intelligence, at your own risk and which you can afford.
  • Forex trading as most of you may be known of, is risky up to breath-taking level. Read any article, watch any video or take part in any activity with the intention that these are all for you to take better judgment, not to be a night millionaire. If you get across in any trouble due to any of your child action after reading one or a few articles we may not help you in this matter (but yes in a justified way, a good advice for troubleshooting), be careful.
  • Our site also publishes articles on monetary programs, how people are making money, how much they are making, how you can and how much you can. Remember, our reporting in most of the cases is an approximate figure, which never means to misguide you or to make you ambitious. If you do not get desired results then you should take a look into the matter causing you, rather than playing a blame game.
  • Do not copy, reproduce, transmit, send or try to make the duplicate material on this website.
  • Do not, install any kind of script or software which may harm or liable to disturb the third party contract.
  • The material on this site is just for the information purpose, if you’re having any misconception, please contact us or let it clear, our objectives are not to misguide you which may or thereby be a result in raise of any legal responsibility, in the sense of financial investment or in terms of money.
  • You have questions? We do love to answer you. Feel comfortable to write us by filling the Contact form or write us back at:
    we do feel great when you write us and to leave you a concise and quick response by any of our responsible person (most likely Chief Editor) is part of our services policy. Don’t feel reluctant.
  • Frostfable is run and maintained by a sole author for the time being. Let it disclose that, when he uses the words, stuff like, “We” instead of “I” this never means he is spreading wrong news, but the purpose of plural words is just for the sake of dignity as is used in many of the literature of the world. Please note it down, when we are saying to provide you services of the best performers, is never mean they are the part of our team but yes in a sense, as we do try to make Frostfable environment the best, even though we do outsource for that by inviting the Authors or writers to our blog. We want to give ever best experience to our esteemed audience.