06 Things That Make a Relationship Work or Fail

Boy n Girl Standing Together

Being in a relationship, our certain actions broadcast certain messages to our partner. Sometimes in the form of suspicious intelligence reports, sometimes a nasty news bulletin or unavoidable scandals.

On occasion, these pieces of information convey a very bad signal to your good partner and misdirect your healthy relationship. Below are some key things to set up between you and your partner to avoid misconceptions and deepen your relationship.

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These are the essential elements to strengthen or weaken your chemistry with your partner. Let’s get it right away.


6. Revitalizing your Love

Love needs to revitalize after equal intervals. No matter how old it already is, no matter how deepen it already gone. That’s the nature of love that it demands to revitalize, it want to be spoken again & again. It still needs the expression of words.

You love your partner a lot, your actions depict your affection but still this love necessitate to pronounce, “You love me”. Say, “You love me”.


5. Establishing a proper communication

Effective communication in a relationship occurs, when both of you and your partner react to a situation in a seemingly same way.

It is much similar to merge two different souls together to make a pure natural one. Like to merge two different curves to make it single. Naturally, women have a slightly different attitude towards solving a problem than the men. To reduce the level of risk, an established communication approach must be there to armor.


4. Understanding the love language

To understand your partner, you need to learn her love language. Like if you want to learn computer, you need to learn the languages computer speaks.

When you are able to speak your partner’s love language, you are almost able to learn her, understand her & ultimately respond her with a better position than anyone else who don’t understand her partner’s love language.

When you don’t know or speak the love language of your partner, you are probably less able to know what, when or how your partner wants or at least you are less likely to know what, when or how to respond your partner in a particular situation.


3. Learning to trust each other

Distrust is the sickness for a happy healthy relationship. You have to start learning to trust your partner.

Tough decisions are to be made sometimes without proper discussing with the partner but once made, it’s made. You have to trust on your partner’s decisions. Or you have to take her in trust to make any amendment.

Another dimension of this rule is to learn to trust your partner in every situation. Sometimes it happens that you partner have to perform on a narrow curve where misunderstandings can emerge by viewing in a different manner but you have to sort it out by showing your trust. In fact, all the severe matters can be sorted out by just viewing from the lenses of your trust.

It is also regarded as the fundamental principle of a deep relationship along with space. ‘Trust & Space’ is the secret, for those who want to know.


2. Trying to forgive one another

Mistakes happen, are inevitable perhaps. It is possible to be angry, to commit the sin is also possible. So what’s the best thing to do then?

Yes, you are thinking right. Just forgive one another for seeing committing any negligence. If errors and omissions are negligible in writing a book then why not in writing a life?

Remember, we have to accept the worst truth, no one is perfect. No human, no nothing. So the beautiful thing to do is to accept your partner with her weaknesses, forgive her for finding them in actions, recall yours and forgive your partner truly & happily.


1. Keeping acceptable level of Spacing

To maintain a happy healthy relationship, an acceptable level of spacing is very important. This is a kind of leverage you want to give it to your partner.

Spacing is to let your partner feel the freedom in the connection between you and her. Nope, this is not what dirty minds can expect to extract, but this is what your partner really need.

Imagine that you feel to be loved when your partner hug you tightly. And if she keeps hugging more tightly, you probably will feel to be hurt rather than to be loved right? This is the kind of spacing what I mean.

You need a closeness with your partner to have a deeper affection, to express the perfect intimacy but with a proper level of spacing. It is necessary for the smoothness of a good relationship.